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    PermsCreative - Automatically be set to the creative gamemode when joining
    Version: v0.1

    PermsCreative will automatically set players with the required permission to creative mode when they join the server.

    As requested by @EmanuxJade
    • Automatically set players to creative mode
    • Config file to enable/disable the plugin
    • Configurable message when setting the player to creative



    Download here.
    Source included in the jar file.


    Version 0.1
    • Initial release.
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    This is Extra lol;
    For what there is :
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    Well, apparently the gamemode doesn't always stay set to creative! So this will set the player to creative automatically if they have the permission. Useful if there are no admins online.
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    wait what? if you have a creative server you have survival players?
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    feildmaster Retired Staff

    I don't think he's seen the "gamemode = 0/1" option in server.properties. ;)
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    Yeah, you can set the gamemode "globally" or for individual players.
    I assume this works both ways, e.g creative mode with survival players, but I haven't tested that.

    But apparently sometimes when a player is set to creative mode it doesn't always stick when they log out. So this will always set them to creative when they log in.

    Also, by setting the gamemode to 1/0 in the server.properties, it will be for all players. This is just for individual players.

    The command (if your op) is /gamemode [player] 1/0
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    how? I thought the server mode itself is the global setting and OPs can use individual setting. there's a third one?
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    feildmaster Retired Staff

    hook into the gamemode command and store the variables in a hashmap (storing player name), and apply the variables on login. :p

    That's what he's talking about plague, either use server mode or let op's use individual settings.

    But this plugin... I can't tell how it works. or it's purpose.

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    You can set it in server.properties so that everyone is in the same gamemode. You can also set the gamemode for individual players, using the command. I think I might be causing some confusion..

    The plugin checks a player for the permission when they join the server. If they have it, then their gamemode is set to creative for that player.

    The reason for making the plugin is because it was requested due to the fact that players wouldn't always join the server in creative mode, despite being set to creative when they left. This will guarantee that the player will be in creative.

    EDIT: Source is included in the jar file.
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    feildmaster Retired Staff

    You should do it the way I said. Much more efficient. :D

    and then, add a command to get out of creative mode. Maybe toggle-able with permissions.
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    I might just do that. I haven't done much with hashmaps and it would be good to learn!
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    *-* tyvm

    don't work for me, i use Permissions (Yeti) 3.1.6 and no error in console.

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    Who wants to OP everyone? not ME.
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    works fine for me....freakly better then your new plugin :/
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    @ Jack_Miller
    Not sure I understand what you mean.
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    sry I got you confused with another plugin creator^^ but it works nice :)
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    Does this work per world?
    So if a playet transports to my creative world gets assigned into the default group there (citizen) and I give that group the -permscreative.creative permission he has permission there. but if he gets back to another world he gets back to being survival?
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    Wondering the same thing, so I could allow creative mode for VIPs only in the creative world. Instant block breaking and access to infinite lava, TNT, etc. is a powerful tool for griefers that I want to avoid them getting.
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    It does not work for me, no group can use the Creative mode, only OP's :(
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    Just a note...
    If you're using the Multiverse plugin, you can edit the config.yml file and set enforcegamemodes: false, that does the trick: game mode will remain unchanged, when the player logs in or when he enters another world.
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    If your server is hosted by ServerCraft, there is no way to set it to creative, so this plugin helps a lot :D
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    Could you add support for world based swapping, ie, join PvP world no creative, teleport to Creative world, get put in creative.
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    support for multiworld?
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    download link ist broken!!!!!! i need this!
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