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    Version: 1.0
    What is PasswordSafe?
    - A plugin that requires people with permission or OP to log in after connection to a server.​
    - A plugin that helps you from hacked admin accounts.​
    - A plugin that you can use for servers with online-mode: false.​
    How to set up?
    Download the plugin, put it into the plugins folder and set up the config (MySQL required).​
    When you log in you will see the rest :)
    Enjoy! ;D​
    - SetPassword [Sets your password: /setpassword <Password>] Alias: /setpw​
    - Login [Logs you in: /login <Password>] Alias: /logmein​
    - SetOtherPassword [Set's someone elses password: /setotherpw<Playername> <Password>​
    - GetPassword [Check a players password: /getpassword <Playername>] Alias: /getpw <Player>​
    Configure them in the config.​
    NOTE: I don't work on this plugin anymore, but the plugin was fixed by a nice guy on the forums here :).
    Download fixed version [ by kl6fr]
    Change log:
    Version 1.0:​
    Released the plugin!​
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    Well, there is alot of plugins like that but this is really cool and the feature to add permission is cool so that we put people at a rank that they do not need to login then torture them :3
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    Explain a bit more, I might add it.

    md_5 Can you please take a look at it? :)


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    The best thing you could do is a multi-protection plugin where there is that plugin with anti-grief, anti-spam ect cause now similar plugins already exists
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    The thing with this plugin is to get hacked admins-accounts not may play, cuz the real admin sets a password, then the hacker don't know the password, simple as THAT!
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    Does this hash passwords? Just wondering.
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    Nope, can add it if someone suggests it tho.
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    Great plugin, Cxdur! It seems to work perfectly, and don't see any problems with it.
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    Bump for the mods.
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  10. Please why do you need mysql? Because my server is an "official" one...
    Because i get an error when i start reload or start my server with your plugin.
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    Man, i've aleredy created a Database on Workbench MySql, and edited the file like this:
    # PasswordSafe config, please fill this out before enabling the plugin for real:
    Host: 3306
    DatabaseName: PasswordSafe
    Username: root
    Password: ********
    NeedPW: passwordsafe.needspassword
    SetPW: passwordsafe.setpassword
    SetPWOthers: passwordsafe.setpasswordothers
    Login: passwordsafe.login
    GetPassword: passwordsafe.getpassword
    OPHasPermission: true
    But this wont work, how to assossiate my database on plugin? help me pls D:
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    Hi, something with the database was wrong is the source code. I fixed it. It's working on my 1.3.1 minecraft server.
    There is the plugin: Download
    and there the sourcecode:

    I patched it to add a standalone feature (no need MySQL server anymore). Just put the plugin in plugins folder and it works out-of-the-box!

    I don't know if I have to create a new thread.
    By default the hostname in the config file is "sqlite" and the database will be stored in a file under the plugin directory. If you need to use a MySQL database, change the hostname as before (localhost or

    There is the new plugin: Download
    and there the sourcecode:

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    Thanks for the modification. I found two bugs though for each hostname type though...If you use mysql it won't make the tables if there not there...

    And if you use sqlite it doesn't show last ip ingame + throws messages that the database cannot be made due to it already existing in the server console.
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    Love your user pic XD
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  16. Hello

    I am new with MYSQL and i just can't figure out how to work with it.
    Can someone please give me a toturial on:
    - were to safe download
    - how to install (I know how to install a program but i mean for strange questions when installing)
    - how to use it with this plugin

    I would really appreciate some help,

    ps: Sorry for my bad English, English isn't my default language.

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