[ADMN] NoSwear [v6.0] [1.4.7-R1.0]

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Releases' started by A5H73Y, Apr 6, 2012.

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    Well it says
    Word1: 'WordHere'
    Word2: 'WordHere'
    So change it to
    Word1: 'lol'
    Word2: 'rofl'
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    Ah, thanks very much.
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    Can you do it so people can't swear in /me?
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    Ill look into this.
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    How do I set perms for who can swear and who cant?
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    Please read...
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    Very nice plugin! Downloading it right now!
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    cool plugin. :'''''''''''''''''''') ;)
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    so when will v4 come out?
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    Im still adding, testing things :)
    This week hopefully.
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    Oh great, im running a European server, so i would very much like to change the warn message to our own language… Also, can i add more swearwords to banish beside the first 5 in the config.yml…?

    I tried just adding "swearword 6 swearword 7" etc, but that didnt work...
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    I will add custom warn message now, thank you.
    With the custom swear words, this will unfortunately take a long while... I will work on it in v5 but I want to release v4 tonight. In v4 i will add 10 custom swears for now okay?
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    I think damn and ass are okay
    I just don't want them using F*&@
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    Do you think you could make it an option to instead of warning/kicking/banning, you could make it so it just stars out the words? like just a combo of !@#$%&*
    On my server, a friend of mine plays a lot with me, but he has a tendency to swear, and I dont want to warn/kick/ban him for it, I just dont want to read it.
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    This is not what i wanted the plugin to do, there is already a plugin that does that to my knowledge.
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    thanks for the update :)
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    I'm surprised I hadn't found this plugin before. I've spent several hours looking for an anti-swearing plugin for my server because I have a users on the server with a wide range of ages.
    When I saw this plugin in the list of recently updated plugins I was extatic! Hopefully this will do what I want. I'll give it a go later and, if I have time, let you know what I think.
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    I had looked before and had no luck, might you be able to point me in the right direction?
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    Great stuff, please tell me if you find any bugs or if you want me to add/change anything :)
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    I on'y get kicked for swearing, how do i ban for swear?
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    In the config.yml found in NoSwear folder, find OnSwear: then change ban to, Ban: true
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    great compact plugin for the job needed

    but i was wondering...
    can u consider maybe

    3x warning before kick?
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    k thanks mate.
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    Have you got V4?
    You can set the amount of warnings you want before the player gets kicked...
    Ill do a tutorial how to set it all up soon. :)
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    there is a bug. I added a word "Ass"
    it pickes up glass as a swear word coz it has ass in it.

    can this be stopped?
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    Unfortunately no, sorry.
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    Ummm, I guess I could make you a custom build?
    Slut is a slang swear word.
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    Thanks man. Been looking for a plugin to stop users from swearing. Thanks. :D
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    Thank you :)
    That would be good.
    Becuase 80% of the Players on my server are Swedish... So pretty much every one got warings from saying Slut... XD

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