Inactive [ADMN] MultiCommand v2.1.2 - Execute many commands with one command and shortcuts [1.4.2-R0.2]

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  1. Maybe this page is outdated. Please see Bukkit Dev.

    Hello together!

    This is a plugin that executes many commands with one simple command that can be configured. You can add parameters and define shortcuts like /t can execute /time.
    Uses Metrics for sending completly anonomous data to for usage tracking. See and GitHub for more info.

    1. Copy MultiCommand.jar into /plugins/
    2. Restart/Reload your server.
    1. Creating a new command list:
    2. Type /muco create <name>
    3. Then add your commands with /muco add <name> <command>
      • Important:
      • Type your first command for executation first.
      • Don't forget the /
    4. Now type /muco <name> and the commands will be executed one after one.
    • Executing commands
      • Type /muco <name> - Requires MultiCommand.use.<name>
    • List all lists of commands
      • Type /muco list - Requires MultiCommand.list
    • List all commands in a list
      • Type /muco show <name> - Requires<name>
    • Remove a command from a list of commands
      • Type /muco remove <name> <command with /> - Requires MultiCommand.remove.<name>
    • Delete a list of commands
      • Type /muco delete <name> - Requires MultiCommand.delete.<name>
    • Reload the config
      • Type /muco reload - Requires MultiCommand.reload
    Parameters and variables:
    One simple example:
    1. Type /muco create exampleList - Requires MultiCommand.create.exampleList
    2. Then: /muco add exampleList /time set $1
    3. Maybe: /muco add exampleList /command dothis $1 $2
    4. Executation: /muco exampleList <$1> <$2>
    You can add $1, $2, $3, $4, $5 as variables for default. If you change the value for 'maxvariables' in the config.yml, you can define more than 5 variables.

    Optional parameters:

    You can define parameters as optional. Have a look at the following examples:
    • /muco add exampleList /command $1 [$2]
      • $1 is required, $2 is optional
    • /muco add exampleList /command [$1] [$2]
      • $1 and $2 are optional
    • /muco add exampleList /command $1 [$2] $3 This doesn't work!
      • This doesn't work. It will print out an error.
    • /muco add exampleList /command $1 [$3] $2
      • $1 and $2 are required, $3 is optional
      • If you want to execute this you have to type:
        • /muco exampleList $1 $2 [$3]
    I hope this understandable ;)

    Predefined Variables (player/server variables):
    • $playername : The name of the player that executes the command
      • You can change the behaviour of $playername in the config:
        • playerDisplayName: true -> Includes all formatting options (e. g. Essentials)
        • playerDisplayName: false -> Only the login name without formattings
    • $playerworld : The current world of the player that executes the command
    • $serveronlineplayers : Players, as a number, that are online
    • $servermaxplayers: Slots of the server
    You can add delays to commands in a list
    • Just put "[time in seconds]" in front of a command (without "")
    • Example:
      1. /muco create testlist
      2. /muco add testlist /say 3
      3. /muco add testlist [1]/say 2
      4. /muco add testlist [1]/say 1
      5. /muco add testlist [1]/stop
    • The output will be a countdown from 3 to 1 and after it the server will stop
    Executing commands as console:
    • You can explicitly executing a command as console
    • Just put "[$c]" in front of the command (in front of the delay, too) and the command will be executed as console
    • Examples:
      • [$c]/say I'm the console.
      • [$c][2]/say I'm the console and I knew this message 2 secs before you saw it.
    Disabling commands:

    You can prevent commands from being execute outside of mucos. But you can use it for disabling commands in general, too.
    • Disable a command: /muco disable disable <command with slash> - Requires MultiCommand.disable.disable
    • Reenable a command: /muco disable enable <command with slash> - Requires MultiCommand.disable.enable
    • List all disabled commands: /muco disable list - Requires MultiCommand.disable.list
    If you disable /say the commands /say hey, /say omg etc. will be disabled, too.
    If you disable /say hey the command /say hey you, /say hey all etc. will be disabled, too, but not /say hi.
    Allright? ;)

    1. Open the config.yml in /plugins/MultiCommand
    2. Edit the properties in Shortcuts
    3. One Example:
        t: time
        kill: ban
    • If you now type /t set 13000, the command /time set 13000 will be executed
    • That means everything you type after /t will be added behind /time
    • Note: This can override existing commands!
    • Permissions will be checked by the plugin that provides the command!
    Other Permissions:
    • All Permissions: MultiCommand.all
    • Create all: MultiCommand.create.all
    • Delete all: MultiCommand.delete.all
    • Show all:
    • All major permission systems supported
    • Nothing​

    • v2.1.2:
      • Added permission to ignore special disabled commands
      • Added permission to ignore all disabled commands
    Show Spoiler

    • v2.1.1:
      • The $playername variable will not be replaced with Console when executing a command as console ([$c])
    • v2.1:
      • Added execute as console option ([$c])
      • Changed updater (no more laggs while reloading)
    • v2.0:
      • Added command disabler
      • Added command specific delays
      • Changed updater (new server)
      • Commands will be parsed in console executation without slash
    • v1.8:
      • Added option for more than 5 variables
    • v1.7.2:
      • Fixed reload bug
    • v1.7.1:
      • Added option for the $playername behaviour
      • Fixed bug: No error if you miss the command name
      • Fixed bug in create method
    • v1.7:
      • Added reload command
      • Added show command
      • Added shortcut support for the console
      • Fixed spelling mistakes
      • Reduced code
    • v1.6:
      • Added update reminder
      • Fixed bugs with config.yml
      • Fixed permission bugs
    • v1.5:
      • Shortcuts are case-insensitive
      • Now sending anonymous usage data via Metrics to
    • v1.4.2:
      • Fixed bug when creating new config.yml
      • Update only required when you want to recreate the config.yml
    • v1.4.1:
      • Fixed permission bug
    • v1.4:
      • Added console support
      • Reintroduced /muco remove ... command
    • v1.3:
      • No more Commands directory
      • All commands are transfered to the config.yml
      • Fixed bug
      • Added predefined variables
    • v1.2:
      • Added optional parameters
      • Added verbooseMode setting to config.yml (default: false)
    • v1.1.1:
      • Ready for Minecraft 1.2 and Bukkit 1.1-R5
      • Added PermissionsEx support
    • v1.1:
      • Shortcuts added
    • v1.0:
      • Parameters and variables added
      • Many bug fixes
    • v0.9 Beta:
      • First release

    Have fun!

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    Perfect plugin, Awesomeness. :p Although, may I add one more suggestion? How about creating muco signs that can activate the muco via click and do not require Permissions for the user to use those commands on that muco. I'm saying this because, this would allow admins on servers to host events and provide an anticheat method.

    Heres an Example, Lets say I'm hosting "Ghosttown" A pvp looting arena that we have set in place, where people can PVP and receieve rewards from player drops of players that they kill. It encourages PVP and makes their experience more enjoyable on the server. Now, my point is, when people play there, some tend to, Cheat, or abuse. Such as using Godmode when staff aren't watching the arena, or /Back and /Tp to secretly TP back to the arena behind someone's back and gain an unfair advantage.

    Now, with signs, we(the staff) are able to control permissions by using signs as a way to execute commands automatically and safely to remove certain permissions when they enter Ghosttown, (IE: /back /tp or /god). When they want to leave, they can simply click another Muco sign that returns their permissions and warps them out.

    I'm not a developer myself and I would not know the difficulity of this task, so if this is an chalange you are willing to take on, then I, would greatly appreciate it.
    Thanks in advance,
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    also if uses mess up command it does this in console could u fix that?
    11.07 09:00:15 [Server] INFO ... 12 more
    11.07 09:00:15 [Server] INFO at org.bukkit.command.PluginCommand.execute(
    11.07 09:00:15 [Server] INFO at de.HomerBond005.MultiCommand.MultiCommand.onCommand(
    11.07 09:00:15 [Server] INFO Caused by: java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 1
    11.07 09:00:15 [Server] INFO at
    11.07 09:00:15 [Server] INFO at
    11.07 09:00:15 [Server] INFO at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.w(
    11.07 09:00:15 [Server] INFO at net.minecraft.server.NetworkListenThread.a(
    11.07 09:00:15 [Server] INFO at net.minecraft.server.NetServerHandler.a(
    11.07 09:00:15 [Server] INFO at net.minecraft.server.NetworkManager.b(
    11.07 09:00:15 [Server] INFO at net.minecraft.server.Packet3Chat.handle(
    11.07 09:00:15 [Server] INFO at net.minecraft.server.NetServerHandler.a(
    11.07 09:00:15 [Server] INFO at
    11.07 09:00:15 [Server] INFO at net.minecraft.server.NetServerHandler.handleCommand(
    11.07 09:00:15 [Server] INFO at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.CraftServer.dispatchCommand(
    11.07 09:00:15 [Server] INFO at org.bukkit.command.SimpleCommandMap.dispatch(
    11.07 09:00:15 [Server] INFO at org.bukkit.command.PluginCommand.execute(
    11.07 09:00:15 [Server] INFO org.bukkit.command.CommandException: Unhandled exception executing command 'muco' in plugin MultiCommand v1.7
  4. Okay, I'll do it. Thanks
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    Please fix it not fetching the correct username.. i run essentials..
  6. Added option in config.yml. Please update to v1.7.1.
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    Does the player need the perms for the commands or just for the multi command one? Do the commands get run through console or through the player?
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    I have a list, /muco Hellet. The command is /pex user $playername group set hellet. Whn I run this, it adds the player $playername to the group hellet. Any help?
  9. Any console errors?

    The player that is executing the list needs MultiCommand.use.<name>. The commands are executed as player.

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    So the player would need the permission nodes for the commands that the multicommand has or just thr multicommand node?
  11. He needs both permissions.
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    Well, I got around that, but, whats wrong with this? When I run any of these commands, I get "unknown command" (and no, no console errors)
    My config:

    Permissions: true
    TheCommandYouExecute: TheCommandThatShouldBeExecuted
    lore hellet: einfo hellet
    lore caststill: einfo caststill
    lore origin: einfo origin
    playerDisplayName: false

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  14. Ensure that you have the lastest version. I can't explain myself why this happens because on my server it is running fine.
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    Wow, this could come in handy. Thanks!
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    How can I make /muco avalible for non-ops?
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    i like this plugin,i will translate it,another chinese translation!
  18. This plugin does not provide a language interface, it is English only. But you can translate the description if you want to.
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    sry homerbond, didn't saw that before, works awesome... :d
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    I'm still using this and loving it! Thank you for your work on it. :)

    I still have the same feature request though: ability to run commands at the console level. For example, something like

    /muco add exampleList $con:/command dothis $1 $2

    which would execute the command as Console instead of the player running the command. It would be helpful for administrative purposes, like toggling permissions on users, without granting staff full permissions access. A permission like MultiCommand.console could be added to allow people to make these types of macros. :D
  22. Yes, this seems good. I think I will include this. I favour Bukkit Dev, so please post your suggestions next time with a ticket at Bukkit Dev ;)
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    Thank you! I will do that in the future, but to be honest, the plugin is already near perfect :)
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    Oh noes! If you put things in the config like

    - '[$c]/broadcast I heard $playername is cool'

    It ends up as
    [Broadcast] I heard Console is cool

    Instead of
    [Broadcast] I heard the player who typed /muco lolol is cool

    The console ain't cool! Please change that...
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    Say I wanted to /manuadd someone to a group What command would i execute because when i type
    /manuadd $playername Human or /manuadd <player> Human it wont work What is the command??

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