[ADMN] MultiBan v1.7 - A mutual blacklist for ALL servers [1000]

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    I'm here ton introduce you a plugin of a mutual blacklist for ALL servers. Everybody can acces to the blacklist, but only some serves can modify this list. The servers who can are chosen by the Multiban's team. The plugin create a link (Socket) between your server and a central server situated on Whomine's server (Where the blacklist is), then, it extracts the mutual blacklist and wait to add another player on blacklist.

    Because we don't want that everybody can modify the blacklist (It will be such a disorder), only server (aka Trusted server) with a key (gived by the Multiban's staff) can use special commands to add a player or remove a player from the list. But the plugin can be used without a key, you'll just see the blacklist and be averted when a black-player join your server.

    You can find us on the Website of the project. (French)

    Actually, Jasvecht is the leader of the English-side of Multiban, I manage the French-side and I developped the plugin and expand the project. If you want any informations, don't hesitate, we don't beat. :D

    [​IMG] Installation :
    Download this .zip and move it into /plugins folder.
    MultiBan v1.7
    Sources are in the .jar file.
    Edit MultiBan/options.yml isn't necessary, the first-config is good. :)

    [​IMG] Configuration :
    Open options.yml :
    "Ip" is the central server's ip: (English Server, thanks to Contritio) (French Server, thanks to WhoMine)
    "Key" is the authenticate key, if Multiban's team gave you one, put it, otherwise, let it blank.
    "Mode" is the plugin's behavior. Here is possible mode :
    • kick: This mode will kick every black-listed player when they try to join your server. (This mode is never used, actually)
    • avert: When a black-player join your server, staff will be averted with a message in chat. (Staff = players who have "multiban.use" permission)
    • nothing: Nothing. :p
    [​IMG] Commands :
    Commands for all :
    • /mcheck [Player]: Check if a player is in the blacklist.
    • /mhelp: Display all the commands.
    Command for trusted servers (Only for players who have "multiban.use" permission) :
    • /mban [Player] [Reason]: Add a player in the blacklist
    • /mremove [Player]: Remove a player in the blacklist
    • /mch: Send a message in the inter-server chat
    • /mmute: Active the muted mode. (Don't display the message from chat. Still show alerts)
    • /mlist: Show the connected trusted servers.
    [​IMG] Changelog :
    • 1.7: Kick mode fixed.
    • 1.6.2: Again
    Changelog (open)

    • 1.6.1: Fixed /mhelp command
    • 1.6: Fixed some bugs.
    • 1.5: You can modify the sentences in the plugin in Multiban/lang.properties.
    • 1.4: So many changes, we changed commands, add new, optimized the plugin. Trusted servers can add a reason to blacklisted player.
    • 1.3: Added a new command, /list.
    • 1.2: Chat inter-server, correct some other bugs.
    • 1.1: Correct some bugs, some servers added to Trusted Servers.
    • 1.0: First build of the plugin

    [​IMG] French ?
    Si vous êtes Français, vous pouvez téléchargez cette traduction à placez dans /plugins/MultiBan/lang.properties en supprimant celui qui est là. :)
    Lang.properties Français

    [​IMG] Trusted servers :
    Trusted servers are servers who have a key to modify the blacklist. To keep the blacklist safe, servers are chosen by Multiban's team. Here is the list :
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    We monitor the lists pretty well.
    And even if abused, the damage done is just minor and can easily be fixed. Unlike certain other ban plugins, we don't force the servers using it to refuse anyone.

    It'd be easier to develop a specific plugin for that probably. A central MySQL database would do the trick.

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