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    MobDrops - Change what mobs drop
    Version: V2.5

    The MobDrops plugin allows you to change what drops mobs give you, it was made intended for servers who use items like gold bars as their currency, and want mobs like skeletons to drop a gold bar on death. It can, however, be used for other purposes. The plugin allows you to set whether the mobs will keep their original drop in addition to your custom set drop. You can now also award iConomy money for killing a mob! (but not required) You can also set whether mobs only drop custom drops if killed by a player. Commands can be run from the server console, or in-game by an op.

    ([] means optional, anything in <> is compulsory for that command)

    mobdrops add <Mob name> <Item id> [Drop Count = 1 [Chance of drop out of one thousand = 1000]] - adds the item to the list of drops for that mob.

    mobdrops remove <Mob name> <Item id> [Drop Count = any [Chance of drop out of one thousand = any [Limit = none]]] - removes all items from the list of drops for that mob that match those conditions.

    mobdrops get [Mob name] - Displays the drop information for the specified mob, or all mobs.

    mobdrops clear <Mob name> - Resets the drops for the specified mob to the default drops.

    mobdrops normal <Mob name> [on/off] - sets/gets whether the specified mob will drop the default drop, along with any custom drops.

    mobdrops money <Mob name> [amount] [amountupperboundary] [moneychanceoutof1000] - sets/gets how much is awarded for killing a certain mob. If the upper boundary is specified it will drop between the lower and upper boundaries, else it will just drop 'amount', if moneychanceoutof1000 is set, that's the chance of it dropping out of 1000.

    /mobdrops money creeper 5 8 500 (will make creepers drop between 5 and 8 of your currency 50% of the time)
    mobdrops playeronly <Mob name> [on/off] - sets/gets whether the specified mob will only drop custom drops upon being killed by a player.

    mobdrops moneymessage [message] - sets the message given to a player when they get a reward for killing a mob to the set message, (if no message is specified then the player will get no message), the message replaces %a% with the amount rewarded and %m% with the name of the mob killed. For example:
    /mobdrops moneymessage You killed a %m% and got %a% dollars!
    might result in
    You killed a creeper and got 2.43 dollars!
    Item ID's can be found here.

    Feedback is always appreciated. :D

    Example usage (open)

    If you wanted the creeper to have a 5% chance of dropping a diamond sword, and to always drop two gold ingots, but never to drop it's sulphur, you would use the following:

    > mobdrops add creeper 276 1 50
    19:06:21 [INFO] Added drop successfully!
    > mobdrops normal creeper off
    19:06:29 [INFO] Turned normal drops for 'creeper' off.
    > mobdrops add creeper 266 2 1000
    19:07:03 [INFO] Added drop successfully!
    > mobdrops get creeper
    19:07:09 [INFO] Mob 'creeper':
    19:07:09 [INFO] Normal drops: off
    19:07:10 [INFO] Drop: DIAMOND_SWORD, count: 1, chance: 5.0%
    19:07:10 [INFO] Drop: GOLD_INGOT, count: 2, chance: 100.0%
    Here are some more ideas to get you thinking:

    Carrier Creeper (creepers have a 5% chance of showering their killer in TNT)
    > mobdrops add creeper 46 64 50
    > mobdrops normal creeper off
    Skeletons bows (Skeletons have a 40% chance of dropping their bow)
    > mobdrops add skeleton 261 1 400
    Slimy zombies (Zombies drop slimeballs instead of feathers)
    > mobdrops add zombie 341 2
    > mobdrops add zombie 341 4 100
    > mobdrops add zombie 341 3 100
    > mobdrops add zombie 341 2 100
    > mobdrops add zombie 341 1 100
    > mobdrops normal zombie off
    Sweet ghasts (Ghasts drop two cakes on death)
    > mobdrops add ghast 354 2
    If you find a combination particuarly good, post it and I'll include it in this list!

    Known Bugs
    • The help menu is far too long to be displayed on a players chat, but can be viewed fine from the console. It also displays the "Invalid command" message after displaying the help.

    Latest Version (Version 2.5, tested and works on RBs up to 1337, may work on other versions.)

    Version History / Changelog
    Version 2.5 (tested on builds up to 1337):
    • Fixed bug with awarded money being rounded down.
    • Added /mobdrop as an alias.
    • Changed default file to /plugins/MobDrops/ (but still uses the old file if not found)
    Version 2.4 (tested on build 860):
    • Added chances for the /mobdrops money command.
    • Added the /mobdrops moneymessage command.
    Version 2.3 (tested on build 860):
    • Added optional range for the /mobdrops money command.
    Older Versions (open)

    Version 2.2 (tested on build 860):
    • Added /mobdrops playeronly command.
    Version 2.1 (tested on build 860):
    • Added iConomy support
    • Added /mobdrops money command.
    Version 2 (tested on build 860):
    • Made stacks of items come out of the mob separately.
    Version 1 (tested on build 818 + 860):
    • Initial Release for bukkit
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    changelog has to be at the end
    I would suggest moving those exxamples into a SPOILER tag and putting it after commands

    also please add a header to the post
    name - description
    Version: ...
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    Thanks, changed.
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    is there any way we could determine if its killed by a player as opposed to a mob grinder?
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    Yes, but what functionality would you want involving this?
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    If i change the drop of a mob, will it still drop it's normal drop?
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    I have been looking for a Mob Drop mod that works like yours for a while now. Any chance it could have Multiworld?
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    add iconomy and this would be an amazing plugin just sayin.
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    don't work
    if i'm write /mobdrops Zombie 268 1
    Invalid Command. Use "mobdrops help" for help...
    and /mobdrops normal Zombie off
    no mob of name 'Zombie' found
    help ? !!!
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    Just tried the plugin on my server. Everything was working fine, until I actually used the plugin. Right after I adjusted a Zombie to have a 75% drop of Smooth stone to test it, I started getting server can't keep up messages on the server and My client crashed. Disabled all plugins and loaded up the server and the same thing happened. The moment I connected the Server started having Can not keep up errors and My client crashed.

    Removed Mobdrops completely from the server and restored the world from a backup and everything is running fine now. Not sure if its Mobloot by itself or if its having a compatibility issue with other plugins. I am not running any other plugins that modify drop rates at all.
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    :/ I can't think of anything right off that could cause that. If someone else reports the same thing, I'll investigate more closely.

    It's "/mobdrops add Zombie 268 1", remember the "add"

    and "/mobdrops normal" can only be used if that mob has a custom drop already... I'll fix that next release.
    EDIT: done! :D

    Maybe, when I released this on hey0's mod I got the same suggestion :p
    EDIT: done! :D

    Yes, unless you use /mobdrops normal mobname off

    done :D, it was a lot easier than I thought. :)

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    Yeah, id just like to deter people from collecting stuff from a grinder... afking and collecting alot of loot. so is there a way we can just have it drop stuff only if its killed by a player, as opposed to it dropping from drowning?
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    Updated, you can now use the /mobdrops playeronly <MobName> [on/off] command.
    /mobdrops playeronly skeleton on
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    nice, I'm impressed :] and thank you you saved me the trouble of getting a plugin i didn't want :D now people in my server can get money in a stable way without me getting jobs(the plugin i didn't want to get >.>)

    but one more thing could you add a range and a chance? like mobdrops money <Mob name> [amount] [chance] ex: /mobdrops money creeper 0.01-1.00 4
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    Done, the command is
    /mobdrops money creeper 0.01 1.00
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    well damn i think i love you xDDDD

    i just tested it and everything works wonderfully! :D
    thank you so much for making this plugin and adding things i suggested...and i kinda feel bad for asking this but one more thing xD can you have it tell the player when they earned money for killing and how much? like if i killed a spider can it say %monster dropped %amountofmoneygained (where %monster is the monsters variable and %amountofmoneygained is respectably the variable for amount of money you gained for that kill. of course those probably are not the actual variables but you understand right?)

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    Done, added that and the money chance, the command might be: "/mobdrops moneymessage %m% dropped %a%"

    And thanks for all the helpful feedback :)
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    :D thank you once again and i will let you know how things worked :]

    also could you give me an example of /mobdrops money with chance added in? i dont know where im supposed to add it.

    nvm xD you added that as i was commenting :3

    i think there might be a mishap, ex: "mob 'spider' normal drops:eek:n player only drops: on money 0.01-0.06/chance:100%" but it is not 100% dropping.

    but the message is working :D

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    The money is transferred under the same condition that the message appears... :/

    Did you use 100 as the chance or 1000? the chances are out of 1000.
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    yea i did /mobdrops money creeper 0.01 0.07 1000 and when i kill a creeper i get no money and the message says that i got 0.0, can i not use hundredth place decimals?
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    Um, you should be able to... But I gtg right now, sorry. I'll look into it tomorrow.

    Edit: Fixed since version 2.5.
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    Please place the data file in its own directory, like other plugins. EG: Mobdrops/
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    one suggestion would be config file formatted for each mob type in tables like ex:
    normal drop: true/false
    Add.drop: item|amountof|%of drop| and maybe a way to have the amount of said item be random between the range
    normaldrop: true/false
    add.drop: item|amount|%

    i only suggest this cause its less repetitive to edit your drop list from a filel ike this and im not sure but this might make multi-world support a little easier if you had the config stored in /plugins/mobdrops/<world> you could load world specific. so far this is the best loot list editor i have found with the best features. thank you for your work.

    also a /mobdrop help or help menu when you type just /mobdrop with the syntax layout would be helpful for us burnouts trying to remember all the commands for all the plugins :D
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    "/mobdrops help" gives you the commands. I may add "/mobdrop" as an alias...

    Also, the config file would be a good idea, and be easier to manage, but it wouldn't be easy for me to make :/

    I decided that as it was a single file it wouldn't matter too much, but I guess some people like their stuff more organised. Sorry. I'll make it use either the Mobdrops/ file or the file, with the former default if neither found.
    Edit: it now does this, but you will have to move your data file to /plugins/MobDrops/ for it to use the file in that location.
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    i must have missed the spacebar or somecrap when i was trying thanks for the info, and as i said before good work.
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    What's the name of a zombie pigman(/pigman)? I tried zombiepigman, but nothing happens.
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    zombie_pigman every time you are coding or doing anything that a system reads never put spaces and if you have to than use a _ to replace it, ergo zombie_pigman
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    does this have permission? please put permission :D
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    Okay, planned for next release. :)
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    Thank you!

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