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    Hello guys,this is my first real plugin: SimpleSpawn v0.3!
    As its name shows its a very simple plugin,which is enable OPs to spawn any creatures they want to their location.
    Forgot to write in,plugin doesnt work if creatures/mobs/monsters disabled in server config!
    Thanks @Grower for that info!
    If you want to know what's changed in the new version read changelog!
    Actually the plugin know these commands:

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    /spawn -List the spawn commands of the plugin.
    /spawn-pig -Spawns a pig at your location.[pig]
    /spawn-cow -Spawns a cow at your location.
    /spawn-chicken -Spawns a chicken at your location.
    /spawn-sheep -Spawns a sheep at your location.[sheep]
    /spawn-wolf -Spawns a wolf at your location.
    /spawn-squid -Spawns a squid at your location.
    /spawn-zombie -Spawns a zombie at your location.[zombie]
    /spawn-creeper -Spawns a creeper at your location.[creeper]
    /spawn-spider -Spawns a spider at your location.[spider]
    /spawn-skeleton -Spawns a skeleton at your location.[skeleton]
    /spawn-slime -Spawns a slime at your location.
    /spawn-giant -Spawns a giant(zombie) at your location.[zombie][zombie][zombie]
    /spawn-pigzombie -Spawns a pigzombie(ZombiePigman) at your location.[pig][zombie]
    /spawn-ghast -Spawns a ghast at your location.
    /spawn-monster -Spawns a creature,which is exactly looks like a player but its attacking.

    /remotespawn -List the remotespawn commands of the plugin.
    /remotespawn-pig -Spawns a pig where you aim.[pig]
    /remotespawn-cow -Spawns a cow where you aim..
    /remotespawn-chicken -Spawns a chicken where you aim..
    /remotespawn-sheep -Spawns a sheep where you aim.[sheep]
    /remotespawn-wolf -Spawns a wolf where you aim.
    /remotespawn-squid -Spawns a squid where you aim.
    /remotespawn-zombie -Spawns a zombie where you aim.[zombie]
    /remotespawn-creeper -Spawns a creeper where you aim.[creeper]
    /remotespawn-spider -Spawns a spider where you aim.[spider]
    /remotespawn-skeleton -Spawns a skeleton where you aim.[skeleton]
    /remotespawn-slime -Spawns a slime where you aim.
    /remotespawn-giant -Spawns a giant(zombie) where you aim.[zombie][zombie][zombie]
    /remotespawn-pigzombie -Spawns a pigzombie(ZombiePigman) where you aim.[pig][zombie]
    /remotespawn-ghast -Spawns a ghast where you aim.
    /remotespawn-monster -Spawns a creature where u aim,which is exactly looks like a player but its attacking.

    New features ("spawnto") will coming!

    Please guys if you found any type of bugs in the plugin report me!

    Mediafire[v0.3]: <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>
    Megaupload[v.03]: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=A4X55U7S
    Source[v.03]: <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>
    Mediafire[v0.2]: <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>
    Megaupload[v0.2]: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=48MJKUJ8
    Source[v0.2]: <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>
    Mediafire[v0.1]: <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>
    Megaupload[v0.1]: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=67BJI4DY


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    Release of the plugin.

    Have fun guys!

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    Nice one :p
    It's a good plugin for a first time!
    Keep it up.
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    Thanks! :)
    With v0.2 today all creatures get in the plugin and later you able to select where you want to spawn the creature :D
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    fregaPT I steal plugins as my own

    Hey there!
    Is it possible to post the source ?
    Very cool plugin!
    If you want I'll add Permissions support and iConomy (for some reason) :D
    Do you ?
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    Hi @fregaPT !
    I just posted v0.2 and the source in this moment!
    Have fun! :cool:
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    Plugin doesn't work when mob's are disallowed in serwer config.
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    Thats true,forgot to write in the first comment.
    Thanks for report! :)
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    No problem, i was looking for plugin like that :)
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    Here we go with version 0.3!
    Have fun while playing with the new remotespawn feature! :cool:
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    changelog has to show two latest versions without a spoiler
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    Thanks for the information @Plague
    I corrected it ;)
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    I was wondering if you were planning on adding arguments such as the amount of mobs to spawn?
    Or instead of a million commands just /spawnmob Pig
    If you don't know how to implement this I can show you, because I think that is what this plugin really needs :)
    *Edit* Also, the /spawn command for checking the available mob types is a bad idea, considering many plugins' use of the command to teleport the player back to the spawn.
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    Hello @captainawesome7 !
    Yep,i didnt splitted up the commands because i didnt really knowed how to :D
    But if you send me a PM and explain it,i surely fix up the thousand command :)
    To set the amount of the creatures you want to spawn is a pretty good idea but also i have no idea how to do it :)
    And sir you get a [cake] for reporting me the /spawn thing.
    After i get home i fix it quickly (in v0.4). ;)
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    Add a possibility to spawn mobs via server console, to spawn near players...
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    I'm just getting into hosting with bukkit, can you please tell me how to install the plugin, or redirect me to the proper page.
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    How I can add players as "admin"?. I tryed to /spawn, but it gived error " you need to be admin to use this". I got .* in permissions = can use every cmd. I know how to use permissions.
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    Nice plugin...keep it up!
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    @inot15 : Actually there's no support for permissions,you need to add the player to ops.txt and then the player can use it.
    @chrome_cro : Thanks! :)
    Permissions support is ready and easier command use but i need to test it.
    Sorry for the slow upgrading but there's still schooltime and i wrote a lots of tests :)
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    Oh. Thanks a lot.
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    I did every thing alright but when I saw you can't use /spawn I wanted to delete it but filezila tells me "550 delete operation fail" Any ideas?

    + even if I try to rename it it says "550 [My operation] fail"
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    My server is using ICM Creatures with ItemCraft, and I can't seem to find a way to spawn creatures from Mo Creatures this way. They appear naturally on our server, but none of the mob spawning plugins seem to support these entities. Is there a way I can add this in myself or at least a place to start looking?
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    Hm, that's odd. I downloaded this plugin and it works fine, but the "remotespawn-pig" or "remotespawn-chicken" doesn't seem to be working, at all. Oh well, still good with the regular spawning :)

    Erm, sorry. I'm being stupid again and I got the 0.2 version :p
    I have a suggestion, though: add spawning multiple creatures, like "/spawn-pig 4" to spawn four pigs.
    Thanks! :)

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    Its one of my pretty old projects,i actually working on other ones,and i learning php,jsp and mysql :/
    But when i have some time i surely do this. ;)
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    That's cool, thanks!
    Would this plugin, by chance, react poorly with any other creature spawning plugins? I prefer yours, but i'm using an old one as well until yours can do multiple mobs at a time :)
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    Hey could you switch the command of /spawn to a different name? I have a plugin for the /spawn command and I worry that this may interfere with it.
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    make so you can spawn more then one a time
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    does this work with 860?
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    Hey is there a way to spawn more than one mob at a time plz tell me! :D love the plugin btw
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    Thanks. helped alot, i like spawning creatures :D
  30. Enderdragon??? :( Maybe with the next stable release? I am using every build as they release and it is hard to find working plugins. It would be great if this could be made to work with 1.0.0 and Enderdragons.

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