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    Measurement Tools| Version 3.0

    Measurement Tools allow you to measure areas. It gives you the length in x, y and z and it determines the center. It is possible to personalize all text outputs and the material of the center mark.

    • Find the center of a selected area.
    • Mark the center of an area
    • Get the length of the 3 directions (x,y,z)
    More Information and Download


    [​IMG] Download Recommended Build

    [​IMG] SourceCode on Github

    [​IMG] Measurement Tools Introduction (please activate subtitles)

    Details to Measurement Tools
    - 11.04.2012: Removed NULL bug at /length command (v1.0)​
    - 12.04.2012: Added PluginMetrics for voluntarily (v1.1)​
    - 21.04.2012: Changed /mt command to /mm for better compatibility (v1.2)​
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    Please read the submission guidelines and format your plugin as outlined there.
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    Better, approved.
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    This is really useful. Thank you very much.[tnt]YOU DA BOMB![tnt]
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    Great but awkward for me as I have MagicTorches which uses /mt as well...
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    If you want I can make one with an other command. Is /mmt okay?

    Because the /mt shouldn't be the problem.
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    I would change it to /mm for measurement.
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    I'm not shire I would use this... I don't understand why you have to tell it the centre if it's job is telling you the center?
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    You don't have to tell the plugin where the center is. You hust have to select the two opposite corners and then you can type in /center to get a mark in the center or you type in /length <axis> to get the length in x , y, z!

    So you don't have to enter any length manually.
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    by "Mark" what do u mean
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    To mark a corner use the Wooden Axe. The first corner with rightclick the second with leftclick or the other way around. It is like WorldEdit. When you click the block in the center will be used as vertex.
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    Thanks a lot and thanks for the fast answer too!
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    sorry that this has nothing to do with this plugin, but does anyone know of a plugin that you can teleport offline player??? so the next time that offline player logs on he will be in a certain area? Please reply to this message if you have heard of one of these plugins... Im going to try to post this message on a few popular plugins so i can get this plugin... i need this plugin desparately so please reply to this message and give me a link to the plugin if you find one! Thank you so much for spending the time to read this :p Thanks!​
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    Thank u

    Hmmm no

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    Downloaded current ver. and it return bad values from /center and /length x/y/z. No other world edit plugins.
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    How do you markt the area?
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    Hit first block with wooden axe, then 2nd too. Then /length commands. And instead of 5 block i recieve 83 or sth like thad.

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