[ADMN/MISC] LogEverything v.1.0.0 - Log every event to the console. [953]

Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by Jaker232, Jul 3, 2011.

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    LogEverything - Log every damn event to the console*
    Version v.1.0.0


    Welcome to my first plugin in development, I do plan on having ten/fifteen events then releasing it to public.
    • Logs Creeper Power ups and Pig zaps from thunder, so you know what dangers out there!
    • Logs who enters a bed.
    • More to come
    • Permission support. View Wiki for more.
    Download Link: None (mirror)
    (Source code will come out when achieved page 10)

    ChangeLog (open)

    • Official Release

    Notes (open)

    * = Not including spamming events like BLOCK_PLACE or BLOCK_DESTROY to prevent Console Spam, I try to keep the Console less spam because of this plugin.
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    I love how many people responded, but this is a good idea, for some hidden commands the people can do! Would you need any help with this plugin? I'm willing to help if you need it.
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    I've been getting errors lately, and I need EntityListener so bad.. and make the config.java so if you can do it, I'll include your name for "Collaborator" for credits.

    I think I've already made EntityListener, so make a config.java and follow it at this format:
    # To de-active a event log, change "true" to false.
    LOG_PIG_ZAP: true
    (I'll update as the plugin develops.)
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    Don't you mean a config.yml?
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    I think what he means is, he wants the codings for the config file to work.
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    That's what I want.
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    Due to the lack of my attention to this plugin, the release date will have to be postponed.
    I will need to do the following stuff:
    • Create the configuration file and make the server check to see if the event is true or false in the config, when folder returns false, it cancels it.
    • The disable command is a real struggle, since I'm trying to work things out.
    • Adding more events is the above-good priority, but I still have lacked to code up some event logs.
    If you feel like helping me, send me a Message and I will get you set up.
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