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    BukkitDev (download here)

    As of the fact i recoded the whole datastructure of the plugin, all configfiles before 3.0 are NOT compatible with newer versions!

    A simple plugin to control the weather or time with buttons. Your servervisitors can switch the weather and time for free or for items (Vault economy is supported too). You can use Buttons or Pressure Plates. I´ll include new things too, simple write it in the comments.

    • Control weather or time using buttons
    • Control weather or time can cost something
    • You can use (Stone) Pressure Plates too
    • All messages can be modified
    • Vault economy support
    • MultiWorld
    • BukkitPermissions support
    • Cooldown
    How to set buttons:

    The command depends on wheather Vault is installed or not.
    With Vault (open)

    1.type (buttoncontrol.set Permission needed)
    "/buttoncontrol <sunny/rain/thunder/day/night> <Money> <Receiver>"
    "/bc <sunny/rain/thunder/day/night> <Money> <Receiver>"

    <Receiver> is the person who gets the money whenever some uses the button/pressureplate

    Without Vault (open)

    1.type (buttoncontrol.set Permission needed)
    "/buttoncontrol [sunny/rain/thunder/day/night] <amount> <item>"
    "/bc [sunny/rain/thunder/day/night] <amount> <item>"

    2.You´ll get a message "Press a button!"
    3.Do what the message says.
    Press the button/pressure plate which should become the rain/thunder/stop/day/night button.
    4.If you get an other message, the creation was succesfull

    How to remove buttons:
    Destroy them ingame and they´r gone. (if you have permission to do so)

    How to use buttons:
    1(only without Vault).Take the required items in your inventory.
    2.Click the button./Walk on the pressure plate.
    3.You get a message and your "money" was take away
    4.Look at the sky -> the weather/time changed

    To set Buttons: buttoncontrol.set
    To destroy Buttons : buttoncontrol.destroy
    To use buttons:
    -day: buttoncontrol.time.day
    -night: buttoncontrol.time.night
    -sunny: buttoncontrol.weather.sunny
    -rain: buttoncontrol.weather.rain
    -thunder: buttoncontrol.weather.thunder

    Default conig file:
    Cooldown: 0 //time in sec you have to wait befor an button can be pressed again
    Buttons: []          //DO NOT CHANGE ANYTHING HERE (exept you know what you do)
    Duration:              //how long the changed weather MUST be in secounds(if not changed again)
        thunder: 10
        rain: 10
        sun: 10
    messages:  //a lot of configurable messages

    • Add iConomy support(Vault)
    • Add permissions support
    • Add Essentials support(Vault)
    • Add MultiWorld support
    • Search bugs
    • Fix bugs
    • Add BOSEconomy support(Vault)
    • You can set the money for every button different
    • add an account that earns money when a player pushs an button
    • add an cooldown

    v 3.0:
    • Recoded the inner data structure of the plugin
    • Updated to new Listener API
    • Updated to BukkitPermissions
    • Added Vault support instead of only iConomy
    v 2.3:
    • Added an Cooldown
    • Added an account that earns money if an player pushs an button
    • fixed "No Permissions" message
    Older Changes (open)

    v 2.2:
    • Addded Permissions support (thx to flames)
    • Fixed: If a button is free , now you can hold anything in your hand
    • Fixed: All the time MultiWorld didn´t work
    v 2.1.1:
    • Fixed Bug: iConomy takes one prize even if the buttons have all different
    v 2.1:
    • All buttons can cost different
    v 2.0:
    • Renamed the plugin from "ButtonWeather" to "ButtonControl"
    • Added: control time by buttons/pressure plates
    • fixed one very little bug
    v 1.5.2:
    • fixed bug again: changed messages didn´t load from the config
    v 1.5.1:
    • fixed bug: changed messages didn´t load from the config
    v 1.5:
    • fixed bug: if you hold the exact amount of money it won´t disapear
    • added Pressure Plates support
    • fixed bug: if you break an button and anyone (without he´s OP) place it again, the button works
    v 1.4:
    • all messages can be changed in the config now
    v 1.3:
    • now you haven´t to take the EXACT amount of money in your hand
    v 1.2.3:
    • fixed error if klick in the air
    v 1.2.2:
    • fixed an bug in the savesystem that saved the count of the stop/thunder buttons wrong
    v 1.2.1:
    • fixed an bug on the stormbutton
    • fixed an bug in the savesystem
    v 1.2:
    • added MultiWorld support
    • fix a lot of bugs
    • now unlimited buttons can be set
    • changed weather is now longer (configurable)
    v 1.1:
    • added iConomy support
    v 1.0:
    • Main plugin
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    you´re right. i try to find the problem.
    EDIT: it´s difficult because after restarting the server all runs correct
    can you post your config /plugin version / bukkit build /console output (only if there is something special) / iConomy version please?

    when does it reset? did you anything special befor it resets? plugin version? bukkit build? have you multiworld? runs the server on your PC or somewhere else?

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    most of the time when u reload or restart - no i just type rl in the console or restart it - V1.3 - 818 - i had multiworld -PC
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    1.Upgrade to 1.4
    2.I'll search and hopefull find the mistake
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    hey Dude I can't download your plugin... i tried but when i click the button Download just a popup is displaying and nothing happends... please could you put it on an other webhosting service ? thank you !

    I'm really impatient to try your plugin ! xD

    (Ok it works but not with firefox)
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    V: 1.4
    Bukkit: 818
    Console Output: no errors
    iConomy: Essentials Eco Bridge (works for everything else though)

    Just says I don't have enough money
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    think it´s because the Essential Eco Bridge. Your Config is correct, but you set the same butten 3 times (but that doesn´t metter). This Plugin works with iConomy 5 so you should use the EssentialsiConomyBridge5. but I´ll add esssentials support soon, so it will work without EssentialsiConomyBridge5.
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    I tried the essentials ico bridge, but it comes up with errors (assuming they come from the fact that the addon says DO NOT USE, FUNCTIONALITY INCLUDED IN ESSENTIALS ALREADY). Thought it was a tad odd that that everything else works though, I'd assume the nodes were the same
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    i´ve added an other link for firefoxuser now
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    thank's and just an idea but can you add pressure plate using also ? (cause I need it...)
    Great job !
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    think i´ll do that with the next version. But it´ll take some time, because i haven´t much time. think i can´t do this before tomorrow.
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    okay I understand ;) I will wait ^^
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    now you can use pressureplates. simple rightclick the Pressure Plate or walk over it after you taped "/buttonstop" or sth else.
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  15. Woohoo Update 1.5 most importand fact for my server is

    v 1.5:
    fixed bug: if you break an button and anyone (without he´s OP) place it again, the button works
    awsome :)
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    can u add a buttuons to make its time or day?
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    Thank you ! I'll try this evening ;)
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    I appreciate this plugin very much. It is a fantastic addition to my server and will ensure that our ingot-based economy thrives! People hate rain! :p

    Your plugin isn't using my custom phrases, however. It still says "the sun comes out" and "let it rain", despite my changes to the config.
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    feature request: add time buttons (time day and time night).

    thanks for this plugin.
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    oh i wonder i haven´t noticed this. now it loads the messages from the config. (simple forgot that in the last versions)

    i´ve already did this:
    but i think i´ll make one plugin for both (this) and call it ButtonControl or so.

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    Thanks for being quick, but it's still not working.
    The file is definitely different (12k instead of 1.9), but it's still using the default messages!

    To be fair, I'm running CB 821 instead of 818 for the sake of safe teleports... But I don't think that should matter.
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    this is more or less what i thought of :)
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    i didn´t test it because i hadn´t time. will test it now and correct it

    now it should work

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    Jonathan Thorpe

    Nice work! I currently control the weather by using a mix of the MotherNature plugin and TriggerCmds, but this plugin does something similar in one, makes it attractive for some admins.
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    strange, i crated a button set, they work for me (op), but nobody else can use them (non-ops). works, sorry.
    is the sourcecode available soon on github (found your empty repo :p)? i can help you adding permissions support and convert it to a maven project.
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    it says i dont have enough money whilst i have around 20000000 ...and im using iconomy
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    would be nice if you help me with github, because i didn´t understand how to use it.

    is iConomy activeted in the config (default not)?
    PS: http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/request-saying-its-broke-doesnt-help-solve-the-issue.839/

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    Great Plugin! Had a bug few minutes ago, wanted to post it now, but went back on, tried it again and it works :p
    So, no complaints from me. :D Thanks alot for making this ;D
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    My only problem is the config file resetting. I turn the server off to change the config off, restart it, and the changes are undone. Instead of having it autogenerate config, have it ship as a compressed file, with the config folder attached, and remove the autogen feature. That should fix it.
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    befor i do this, i have a few questions:
    1.If you set a button and restart the server, is the button there or must you set it again?
    4.don´t know if it metters but: with what programm did you edit the config (Maybe there are tabs in the config)

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