Inactive [ADMN] MineBackup v5.9.4 - Automatically save and backup your server [1.4.5-R0.2]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by ltguide, Oct 25, 2011.

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    I've taken the reins of ThisIsAreku's MineBackup. This is not a simple fork and fix to make it work for the latest recommended builds. This is a completely re-imagined and rewritten plugin. The only thing untouched and unchanged is the name itself.

    See BukkitDev for information.
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    Nice ty :D
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    I love it, thank you so much.
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    I cant backup another world.
    like for example.
    I cant back up Parkour arena while i can back up World One
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    Sorry, I didn't notice your message. Do you get any output in the console or are any folders made for the world under /minebackup?
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    I unzipped the world save I need into a directory, but it backs up to a date more than 2 months ago! HELP!
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    When i want to Update my Plugins, im getting this Error, rest is working fine! : )

    Nice Plugin! Keep on Working Please! c( :


    2012-01-23 15:25:58 [INFO] [MineBackup] \ failed
    2012-01-23 15:25:58 [SEVERE] [MineBackup] ---------------------------------------
    2012-01-23 15:25:58 [SEVERE] [MineBackup] # copy: .\plugins -> .\minebackup\plugins\2012-01-23_15-25-57
    2012-01-23 15:25:58 [SEVERE] [MineBackup] Der Prozess kann nicht auf die Datei zugreifen, da ein anderer Prozess einen Teil der Datei gesperrt hat
    2012-01-23 15:25:58 [SEVERE] [MineBackup] Method)
    2012-01-23 15:25:58 [SEVERE] [MineBackup] Source)
    2012-01-23 15:25:58 [SEVERE] [MineBackup] ltguide.base.utils.DirUtils.copyFile(
    2012-01-23 15:25:58 [SEVERE] [MineBackup] ltguide.base.utils.DirUtils.copyDir(
    2012-01-23 15:25:58 [SEVERE] [MineBackup] ltguide.base.utils.DirUtils.copyDir(
    2012-01-23 15:25:58 [SEVERE] [MineBackup] ltguide.base.utils.DirUtils.copyDir(
    2012-01-23 15:25:58 [SEVERE] [MineBackup] ltguide.minebackup.TaskProcess.process(
    2012-01-23 15:25:58 [SEVERE] [MineBackup] ltguide.minebackup.TaskProcess.runQuick(
    2012-01-23 15:25:58 [SEVERE] [MineBackup]
    2012-01-23 15:25:58 [SEVERE] [MineBackup]
    2012-01-23 15:25:58 [SEVERE] [MineBackup] Source)
    2012-01-23 15:25:58 [SEVERE] [MineBackup] ---------------------------------------

    Please Help, backup Plugins will be AMAZING! : )

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    It'll be fixed in the next release :)

    In the mean time, you will have to turn off plugin backups to silence it.
  10. got an issue

    where the hell is it backing up my worlds too? i cant find them anywhere
    iv not touched the config
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    it is possible to make
    copy: 10:00, 15:00, ..etc ? I want set copy to like 4 times per day.. but in my custom time, not every x hours.
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    Don Redhorse

    it should be in minebackup in the folder where craftbukkit is
  13. there is no folder, only minebackup folder iv got is the default one with config and persist.dat
    no extra files or anything, no backups yet the command console does say its doing the backups and sucsessfully
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    Don Redhorse

    not in the plugin folder... one level up / down, where the craftbukkit.jar is
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    i have problem with that plugin becouse:
    My config looks like:
      save: true
      copy: false
      compress: true
      cleanup: true
      dropbox: false
      save: 1h
      copy: 1h
      compress: 1h
      compression_level: 9
      cleanup: '0'
      dropbox: '3:00'
      keep: 30
        save: true
        compress: true
        copy: false
        dropbox: false
        save: true
        compress: true
        copy: false
        dropbox: false
        save: false
        compress: false
        copy: false
        dropbox: false
        save: true
        compress: true
        copy: false
        dropbox: false
        save: true
        compress: true
        copy: false
        dropbox: false
        save: true
        compress: true
        copy: false
        dropbox: false
        save: true
        compress: true
        copy: false
        dropbox: false
        save: true
        copy: false
        compress: true
        dropbox: false
        - tiles
        - jar
        - lck
      worlds: .
      others: .
      destination: ./mcbackup
      format: '%D-%M-%Y_%H-%m'
      prepend-world: false
      prefix: '&e[MineBackup]&f'
      busy: An action is currently in progress. Try again in a few seconds.
      syntax: '&6Syntax: &f%s &6--&e %s'
      permission: '&cYou do not have permission.'
      status: '&6%s: &f%s (&edirty: &f%s) %s'
      status_action: '&6%s: &f%s (&e%s&f)&6; '
      status_time_under: waiting %s
      status_time_over: soon (%s over)
      status_time_none: not scheduled
      status_note: New actions will be scheduled once a minute.
      backup_now: All backup actions will start momentarily. (%s)
      backup_soon: All backup actions added to the queue. (%s)
      backup_next: The next backup action has been started early. (%s)
      backup_done: All backup actions have completed.
      reload: '&aReloaded configuration. (%s)'
      dropbox: Dropbox authentication completed. (%s)
        description: Display the scheduled time and interval for each action in the queue.
        description: Expire all action times and trigger them NOW.
        broadcast: users
        description: Expire all action times so that they will trigger on the following queue checks.
        broadcast: admins
        description: Trigger the next action in the queue. If no time is expired then nothing will happen.
        broadcast: admins
        description: Reload configuration and reset queue to configured intervals.
        broadcast: false
        description: Add Dropbox authentication tokens. Visit for values.
        broadcast: false
    debug: false
    version-nomodify: 0.5.5
    And it didnt works fine for all words.
    I uploaded that plugin to my server 8 hours ago and the results are:
    - 9 backups from farmy [OK]
    - 3 backups from fun_world [WHY?]
    - 9 backups from minerals_word [OK]
    - 7 backups from plugins [WHY?]
    - 2 backups from port_royal [WHY?]
    - 9 backups from world [OK]
    - 2 backups from nether [WHY?]
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    Don Redhorse

    as posted in the other thread... it only backups worlds which have a player online..
  17. [quote uid=9043 name="Don Redhorse" post=945686]not in the plugin folder... one level up / down, where the craftbukkit.jar is[/quote]

    nope no backups or other folders, the plugins made no other folders. the only folders iv got where my craftbukkit.jar is:

    take a look, my server folder
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    Don Redhorse

    well in this case please post your config via or similar and perhaps part of your server log file..
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    Don Redhorse


    well save is save to disk... not the backup.. that is triggered by copy (to backup location) and / or compress (not shure here though.)
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    where the hell is it saved :mad:

    can I get a copy of the orifinal minebackup:
    MineBackup v0.4.8.1

    I now how that work thats maybe the reason I have problems now :/ since I have had it some days but It got fucked up and your version off it dosen't save at the same place so I don't now where they are :(
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    I am having a problem with backups. I can't seem to restore a full backup from a certain file.

    (.zip file) I try using world edit to restore a backup with /snapshot. But if I select an area or not it does nothing with the world.

    (copy only) If I copy over file saved file and delete the current one, nothing happens.

    Now I do need to add one side note... I am using multiverse and I suspect there might be an issue where every reset the world also resets. This would likely mean that using the (copy only) method is effected by this first. Since I have to reset the server to implement the new map. (Thus wiping the new maps from the archive out.)

    I know this sounds confusing but maybe you can assist me with the backup processes and maybe the world resetting issue.

    Thanks!!! :)
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    Im getting this error

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    RiotShield, that's because it hasn't been updated to R5+ with the new changes. ltguide needs to fix his code

    Edit: Seeing as ltguide hasn't been online for 20 days, it might take a while or forever for an update to come around.
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    Since the github repository where the new version was hosted is dead, could it be that this plugin dead too?
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    i shut down server and it said

    14:16:08 [SEVERE] [MineBackup] ---------------------------------------
    14:16:08 [SEVERE] [MineBackup] java.lang.InterruptedException
    14:16:08 [SEVERE] [MineBackup]  java.lang.Object.wait(Native Method)
    14:16:08 [SEVERE] [MineBackup]  org.bukkit.craftbukkit.scheduler.CraftFuture.get(
    14:16:08 [SEVERE] [MineBackup]  org.bukkit.craftbukkit.scheduler.CraftFuture.get(
    14:16:08 [SEVERE] [MineBackup]  ltguide.minebackup.configuration.Persist.isDirty(
    14:16:08 [SEVERE] [MineBackup]  ltguide.minebackup.configuration.Persist.isDirty(
    14:16:08 [SEVERE] [MineBackup]  ltguide.minebackup.threads.TaskProcess.runOnce(
    14:16:08 [SEVERE] [MineBackup]
    14:16:08 [SEVERE] [MineBackup]
    14:16:08 [SEVERE] [MineBackup] Source)
    14:16:08 [SEVERE] [MineBackup] ---------------------------------------
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    Apparently I wasn't 'watching' this thread :/

    I added some quick setup info to the top of the default config.yml, so hopefully it'll help some first time users out.

    • fix 'start_covered_in_dirt' setting being ignored
    • silence InterruptedException
    • split strings off from config.yml
    • a copy of configuration is made when invalid or migrated
    • 'upload' command added
    • add warning when queue gets too big from low interval settings
    • added broadcast setting (sends backup action message to users)
    You can enable the 'broadcast' setting globally or per-world like other default settings. The message is sent to every player regardless of their current world since any lag or such would affect everyone.

    If you don't care about the Done! message, set 'action_done' to '' in strings.yml and it will not be sent.
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    Would it be possible to have a reload command?
    Having to reload the server after changing something is a pain.
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    i just upgraded MineBackup to the latest verstion but its not working
    16:58:55 [INFO] [MineBackup] Loading MineBackup v5.9.
    16:58:55 [SEVERE] Error occurred while enabling MineBackup v5.9 (Is it up to dat
    e?): ltguide.base.Base.getName()Ljava/lang/String;
    java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: ltguide.base.Base.getName()Ljava/lang/String;
            at ltguide.base.configuration.StringsConfiguration.reload(
            at ltguide.minebackup.configuration.Strings.<init>(
            at ltguide.minebackup.MineBackup.onEnable(
            at org.bukkit.plugin.SimplePluginManager.enablePlugin(
            at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.CraftServer.loadPlugin(
            at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.CraftServer.enablePlugins(
            at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.t(
            at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.a(
            at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.init(
    also does anyone know how to configure this darn thing to backup all of the worlds?
    thanks for any help

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