Inactive [ADMN] MineBackup v0.4.8.1 - Auto backup worlds ! [1060]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by ThisIsAreku, Jun 24, 2011.

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    ok thx, @ me in Germany its now 00:36 :)
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    Hi Alex,

    1) Is it possible that your plugin make backups only when they're people in-game ? ('cause it's useless to backup when nobody is building)

    2) I see you're a french developer, could you give me the name of your server ? I'm curious
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    Thank you for the clarification.

    One more request.
    Additional config:
    If players = 0; pause backup timer.
  4. @Goliathe Sure, this is my server address : (not always online, since it's my personal computer too..)

    the plugin will be ready soon
  5. I want Dropbox integration !!!!!! :D

    Feature Suggestions:
    - FTP Intregrations
    - SSH Intregrations
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    I've got the latest version (o.4.5) and got this error:
    13:49:20 [SEVERE] [MineBackup] ---------------------------------------
    13:49:20 [SEVERE] [MineBackup] --- an unexpected error has occured ---
    13:49:20 [SEVERE] [MineBackup] -- please send line below to the dev --
    13:49:20 [SEVERE] [MineBackup] java.lang.NullPointerException : null
    13:49:20 [SEVERE] [MineBackup]  alexoft.Minebackup.Backups.copyWorld(Backups.jav
    13:49:20 [SEVERE] [MineBackup]  alexoft.Minebackup.Backups.MakeBackup(Backups.ja
    13:49:20 [SEVERE] [MineBackup]  alexoft.Minebackup.Backups.backupRun(Backups.jav
    13:49:20 [SEVERE] [MineBackup]
    13:49:20 [SEVERE] [MineBackup]  org.bukkit.craftbukkit.scheduler.CraftScheduler.
    13:49:20 [SEVERE] [MineBackup]  net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.h(Minecraft
    13:49:20 [SEVERE] [MineBackup]
    13:49:20 [SEVERE] [MineBackup]
    13:49:20 [SEVERE] [MineBackup] ---------------------------------------
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    Works for me now, do not know what was wrong but anyway nice plugin!
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    mbck doesn't seem to work from the console.
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    Heyho, Plugins works great.
    But it doesn't delete my old backups.... (deleted 24gb manually ;) )
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    In your config example, it states that the backup directory is relative to the minecraft root directory
    backup-dir: minebackup #relative to server's root
    But, I would like to store the backups on a different hard drive in the computer instead.
    Can I just do something like:
    backup-dir: E:\Minebackup

    or does backup-dir absolutely have to be relative to the minecraft root directory?

  11. Really, I don't know. why not try yourself?
  12. Any way to make it not start up everytime there's a reboot?
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    My computer, there running the server minecraft, was often hang(get all system memory) after installing this plugin.
    If I erase plugin - all ok.
    Tested 3 days.
    I think the plugin has a memory leak
    And can you add option for backup world without zip, only in folder?
  14. Yes, zip compression is hard for the cpu.. Okay, I'll add an option to set up zip compression level, and disable it

    As mentioned in previous post, if you set the 'delay' value as the same as 'interval' value, the backup will occur later
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    Try: ../../../Yourdirectory/
    or ..\..\ on windows.

    My backups won't be deleted, why? Time is standard, 2 days.
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    Same here. Set to 1 day without anything getting deleted.
  17. is there anything in the log file ?
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    Looks awesome. I'm gonna try this out. Thankyou for putting work into this.
    That really sucks! How did that happen? Did you end up getting another computer?
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    No, sorry I don't see anything relevant in the log.
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    i'm having an issue. i set it to the default of 10 days to keep backups, but it keeps deleting the last backup.

    It also doesn't seem to be reliably auto-backing-up. Im likely doing something wrong.
    interval: 3600
    backup-plugins: false
    pause-when-no-players: false
    days-to-keep: 0
    backup-dir: minebackup
    - spawnworld
    - Colour_World
    - Colour_World_nether
    - valde_adventum
    - creare
    - bespin
    delay: 3600
        enabled: true
        level: BEST_COMPRESSION
        mode: DEFLATED
        backup-ended: §a[MineBackup] Backup ended
        backup-started: §a[MineBackup] Backup started
        backup-started-user: §a[MineBackup] Backup started by %player%
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    Hi. I have some problems with backups made by this plugin. World is on RAMdisk and after my serwer crashed i use latest backup, and after start server, some players have other player inventory. completly mixed.

    My others plugins:

    LagMeter : 0.3
    Essentials : 2.4.2
    OwnBlocks : 10.0
    MultiHome : 0.9.7
    iConomyChestShop : 2.75
    DeathControl : 1.12
    MagicCarpet : 1.5.6
    AutoAnnouncer : 1.3-06.25
    MinecraftViewer : 1.0c
    SpyerFun : 1.3_3 stable
    KiwiAdmin : 2.1
    FoundDiamonds : 1.666
    MyWarp : 2.0
    WorldGuard : 5.2.2
    NSCommand : 0.2
    Minequery : 1.5
    HeroChat : 4.10.3
    EssentialsGeoIP : 2.4.2
    CommandBook : 1.5.2-customized
    XcraftGate : 0.7.2
    PermissionsEx : 1.12
    PetitionPlugin : 1.34
    iConomy : 5.01
    SpyerAdminCommands : 1.4 stable
    obuShutTheHellUp : 0.3
    Permissions : 2.7.7
    OpenInv : 1.3.3
    WorldEdit : 4.6
    Whitelist : 2.7
    RemoteToolkitPlugin: 0.45b
    LWC : 3.3
    SpyerAdmin : 1.4 stable
    NoRegen : 1.1

    Any solutions?
  22. @Worlther
    I think the plugin is not compatible with ramdisks... Since I no longer have linux to test, I cannot make it compatible. But I'm going to search..

    Oh, I see. I don't know why, but my function to compare dates has suddenly passed out :D

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    So sad :( For now I'm using CRON. But i'm try to fix this.
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    Just updated to and... Epic Fail :D

     [MineBackup] 30.07.2011 : 721565 days ?
    23:28:32 [INFO] [MineBackup]  + deleting 30.07.2011 due to age limitation (721565 day(s))
    23:28:32 [INFO] [MyHome] 19 homes loaded
    23:28:32 [INFO] [MyHome] Permissions enabled using: Permissions v3.1.6
    23:28:32 [INFO] [MyHome] Help plugin support enabled.
    23:28:32 [INFO] [MyHome] MyHome 2.0 enabled
    23:28:33 [INFO] [Jail] Loaded 1 jail zones.
    23:28:33 [INFO] [Jail] Loaded 0 prisoners.
    23:28:33 [INFO] [Jail] Loaded 6 cells.
    23:28:33 [INFO] [Glowstone Lanterns] Loading Glowstone Lanterns...
    23:28:33 [INFO] [Glowstone Lanterns] Glowstone Lanterns loaded
    23:28:33 [INFO] [Glowstone Lanterns] Permissions enabled
    23:28:33 [INFO] [Glowstone Lanterns] Glowstone Lanterns V0.3 Started
    23:28:33 [INFO] [MineBackup] 27.07.2011 : 722661 days ?
    23:28:33 [INFO] [MineBackup]  + deleting 27.07.2011 due to age limitation (722661 day(s))
    23:28:34 [INFO] [Minecart Mania] Debug mode switched to NORMAL
    23:28:34 [INFO] [MineBackup] 28.07.2011 : 722295 days ?
    23:28:34 [INFO] [MineBackup]  + deleting 28.07.2011 due to age limitation (722295 day(s))
    23:28:35 [INFO] [Minecart Mania] MinecartManiaCore version 1.2.8 is enabled!
    23:28:35 [INFO] [MultiVerse] Permissions Found
    23:28:35 [INFO] [MultiVerse] - Version 1.7.2 Enabled
    23:28:35 [INFO] [MultiVerse] Loading World & Settings - 'LCLands' - NORMAL
    23:28:35 [INFO] [MultiVerse] Loading World & Settings - 'LCNether' - NETHER
    23:28:35 [INFO] [MineBackup]  + 4 backup(s) deleted
    I think there is a bug somewhere.. Technically I set it to keep my backups 72H... and now they are all deleted.

    Anyway thanks for this plugin ! Il est vraiment parfait :)

    EDIT : Trouvé !! It's the name of the folders each day, before it was for exemple 29.07.2011 and now it's 2011.07.30, so (2011-28)*365 = 723 785 days ! I'm right ?
  25. Yes, I've changed the format..
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    You, sir, are a genius.
    Consider yourself thoroughly thanked.

    I was diggin' down to the world's core... and i FINALLY found some diamonds and red powder... I get ambushed by slimes and they push me in the lava. I had EVERY SINGLE good item I owned on my person. Including the diamonds haha

    Luckily, I had your plugin, and the last backup was about an hour prior to this happening. Ive got an hour's worth of work to do again, but its better than losing all my good stuff haha

    Thanks. I officially love this plugin.
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    Hope you can help me out here. I run my server on a ramdrive (e:), and I want to save the backups to the c: drive. Every time it goes to do a backup it errors out because it's using the ramdrive for it's temp files and run's out of space. So is there any way you can make it so the temp files are placed on the same drive that the backup files will be put on?
  28. For the moment, this plugins is NOT compatible with ramdisk.
    Technically, i have no way to get the absolute path of wolrd. I just can get the name, and assume that he's in the same folder than server's jar.
    I'll try to found a way, but I'm not sure. Come back for version 0.5.5

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