[ADMN/MECH] TweakedCycle v1.1 - weather- and time-control! (multi-world!, permissions!) [1060]

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    Support for this plugin has been discontinued. If you wish to take over, please contact me.



    Downloads, v1.1, tested against 953

    Download (Dropbox)
    Download (Github)
    Source (Github)

    Supported plugins (not a requirement)


    This plugin sets one of five modes for a world (of your choice, obviously) - normal, day and night, dusk, dawn or you can create your own schedule! Normal doesn't affect the time, day resets the time to just before 14:00 every now and then, while night does the same with 02:00 and dusk and dawn.. well, you get the idea. You'll be also able to create your own cycle.
    • Weather-control! (see how to create a schedule)
    • Sync to real-time time!
    • Make your own cycle! (see how to create a schedule)
    • Creative-servers where you always want it to be day!
    • Survival-servers (or worlds on survival servers, for instance: questing) where you want it to be night all the time and have monsters pop up, or make the surface more of a "safe-zone" by having day all the time.
    • Keep the nether dark till we get the proper red fog (better than nothing ;))! Not needed anymore! Good job, Bukkit-team!
    Command reference (requires op or permissions)
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    All commands start with /tc or /tweakedcycle - run without a parameter to get help ingame, () denote aliases
    • (l)ist - show available worlds (defaults to i=0 if called without the parameter)
    • (r)eload - reloads worlds
    • (s)et worldname mode - sets a mode, either normal/0, day/1, night/2, dusk/3, dawn/4, real/5 OR your own schedule name, you may use + as space in the worldname. Worldname can be multiple worlds separated by spaces, don't use quotes!
    • Cycle-creation:
      • (l)ist(s)chedules [#] - lists avilable schedules
      • (d)elete(s)chedule name - deletes a schedule
      • (n)ew(s)chedule name sched - creates a new schedule (read how to create a schedule)
      • (s)ched(r)es [#] - modifies time-resolution or shows the current one (default 15)
      • (b)road(c)ast - modifies whether the server broadcasts impending day-changes (approx. 15, 30 and 60 secs before the actual change happens)

    How to create a schedule
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    The schedule-formating is as follows:
    timeofday is either 1,2,3,4 - day - 1, night- 2, dusk - 3, dawn - 4, you may use either words or numbers to describe time of day.
    Length is the number of schedule-ticks you want the cycle to last. If you set it to 2, it'll last two cycles, if you don't provide any number, it'll last 1 cycle, if you provide 4r, then the time of day will be reset to timeofday per schedule-tick.

    2:2r,1:2 - will give two night-ticks where the position of the moon is reset per tick and then two day-ticks where the sun isn't reset.
    1,2:2,3:3,4:4r - will give one day-tick, two night-ticks, 3 dusk-ticks and 4 resetting dawn-ticks.

    add "-[modes]" to timeofday. Available modes are s/d, t/c. s = storm, d = drought, t = thunder, c = calm. Remember: you can't have thunder without storm ;)
    Weather is relative, meaning if you do -st and then nothing, you'll have st for the next timeofday as well.

    Example usage:
    /tc ns myschedule 1-st:2,3:3,4-sc:5,2-t - this will give two ticks of day and thunderstorm, 3 ticks of dusk with the thunderstorm still going on and then 5 ticks of of rain and dawn and the at last, a tick of night with thunderstorm (inherited from the phase before).

    Fun things you can try:
    Create a raveparty!
    First: /tc sr 1
    Then: /tc ns rave 1,2,3,4
    Finally: /tc s world rave

    • v1.1
      • Individual schedule-resolutions
      • Real-mode (syncs to local time) + shifttime so that you can change time-zones.
      • Fixed having to reload this plugin after starting or reloading the server.
    • v1.0.2
      • Redstone and fluid-fix (thanks to @maveok who was kind enough to point out my mistake :) ) - please send me a message if this doesn't work.
    • v1.0.1
      • Fixed spaces and pluses in names
    Previous changes (open)

    • v1.0
      • Improved reliability
      • Fixed weird message-spam
      • Fixed "Using an invalid schedule-string may cause an exception."
    • v0.4.1
      • Removed empty weather-change messages (" in 15 seconds")
    • v0.4
      • Weather-control!
    • v0.3.2
      • + as space in worldname
    • v0.3.1
      • Added some nice utility to newschedule.
    • v0.3
      • Create your own cycle!
    • v0.2
      • Permissions-support.
    • v0.1:
      • Plugin released.

    May require testing
    • Doesn't work with skylands in multiverse.
    Planned features/todo
    • [High] Snow once it gets supported by the API.
    • Add your suggestion.
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    Let's say I wanted a schedule identical to the default minecraft schedule, but in the TweakedCycle custom schedule format... What would it be? I just can't seem to figure out how to get this to work right.

    This also doesn't seem to prevent rain or snow from just happening randomly either. That would be a nice addition
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    Well, it stops rain at the ticks themselves - but I'm still kind of awaiting a proper controls for this/patch some stuff myself.

    This should work.
    /tc sr 60
    /tc ns mychedule 4,0:16
    /tc s world myschedule
    use 1-options:4,4-options:16 for weather (see the schedule-construction-guide).

    I'll patch the issues soon.
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    I'm trying to get 20 minute days and 10 minute nights and am having no luck. How would I go about this.

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    /tc sr 60
    /tc ns myschedule 1:20r,2:10r
    /tc s myschedule world
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    I did this. After about a minute the time just resets back to noon again. Constant day at noon.

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    Well, there is another way, but it will make the sun stop at some point and then continue moving. The thing is, you can't really directly influence the flow of time without seriously impacting the performance or making the sun jump visibly back and fourth.

    /tc sr 60
    /tc ns myschedule 4,0:5,1:2r,0:8,2:2r,0:2
    /tc s world myschedule
    Not sure if this will be 100% accurate.
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    Any way to make it night the entire time? Pause time in other words?
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    Uhm. This should work.
    /tc s world night
    I'll add pausing as well, but it won't be a real pause, but skipping back to a set time.
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    Haha awesome thanks a bunch bro, keep up the awesome work!
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    i'm not getting a config file or folder generated at all?
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    You get one once you start setting settings and making schedules through in-game commands (unless your permissions in your OS are insufficient to create a folder and a file that is).
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    Hey, I've been having issues getting the commands to work on my servercraft.co server: 'You do not have access to this command.'

    It uses MyMCAdmin to set group permissions, I've tried adding many iterations to the group permissions but to no avail, can anyone help?
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    Can you post your permissions-file?
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    I can't even access any server files using MCAdmin - It's restrictive, but a good server.
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    And you are sure you added the correct node?
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    Actually, don't worry about it. I've found a way to active the function I was after.

    Thanks for your concern :)
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    That does not work for me. Still rains in the world that I dont want it to as well as the world where I do want it to. I did make sure to select the correct world. I also have to clear the weather in my other world to make it stop in the world where I do not want rain.
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    Strange, I've got investigating how exactly the API behaves in this regard (strange methods, strange methods) on my todo-list. I'll get back to you when I actually get it done as I've got a lot of things in real life to deal with in real life.
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    Nag author 'TZer0' of 'TweakedCycle' about the following: This plugin is not properly shutting down its async taskes when it is being reloaded. This may cause conflicts with the newly loaded version of the plugin
    This happens when I do a reload without shutting the server down.
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    Oh. I'll fix that.

    Uhm, actually, versions please?

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    I'm running CB803, with the 740 build of TC. The plugin actually runs just fine, it's just apparently not shutting down properly (which from what I glean from that text, means that when the server reloads the plugin, it could or is causing a conflict between the 'old' TC and the 'new' TC). On a full server shutdown, I don't get this notice; it only happens when I type
    into the console.

    Also, I am experiencing this problem as well...but no other plugin seems to properly control weather anyway. I blame Notch :D

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    The thing is, when I try to do a reload over here, I don't get the message (latest CB, latest version of my plugin). Try re-downloading the plugin.

    I'm pretty sure that I'm cancelling my plugin's tasks since you would see a lot of weird side-effects if I didn't.
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    yeah, it doesn't seem to have any actual effect in-game, just the console notifies me. I plan on updating everything when Bukkit gets out a new stable build.
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    So you choose how long you want to keep it day and so on?
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    How can I make it day and not raining or snowing forever?
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    compatible with 818?
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    Uhm.. yes?
    Snow-controls are not available (bukkit doesn't support it right now).
    /tc s world 1-cd
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    Does it work with 860 ?

    And can you please give me the configuration for 20 minutes day and 8 minutes night? I tried everything you posted here but it does not work.

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    Yup. I'm running 860 and no problems here.
    /pd sr 60
    /pd ns mysched 1:20r,2:8r
    /pd s world mysched
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    Can you please give me the configuration for continuous nights? I am interested in using this for a survival server.

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