[ADMN/MECH] SimpleArmor 1.4 - gives Armor repairs Armor [1337]

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    SimpleArmor - Get armor by command.
    Version: 1.4

    Features: Gives and repairs your armor by command.

    • /darmor: Gives diamond armor.
    • /garmor: Gives gold armor.
    • /iarmor: Gives iron armor.
    • /carmor: Gives chain armor (iron tools).
    • /larmor: Gives you leather armor (wood tools).
    • /repair: Repairs the tool in your hand.
    • /arepair: Repairs your armor.
    Download: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/23196879/SimpleArmor.jar

    Source: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/23196879/src.rar

    • simplearmor.diamond
    • simplearmor.chain
    • simplearmor.iron
    • simplearmor.gold
    • simplearmor.leather
    • simplearmor.repair
    • simplearmor.arepair

    • 1.4 - Added /arepair to repair armor.
    • 1.3 - Added server-log messages; added leather/wood armor
    • 1.2 - Added /repair (thanks to Daninator1); added Permissions-Support;
    • 1.1 - Changed command for diamond armor to /darmor; added gold armor, chain armor and iron armor, added messages
    • 1.0 - First release

    • Nothing
    • Suggestions please.
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    stop bumping and fix your title, categories are uppercase
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    Sorry. I just fixed the title :) Could you approve me now please?
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    Kinda simple, I must say. I know this is your first plugin, but it seems like a plugin from a tutorial. Maybe add custom materials; ie '/armor iron' or something?

    I hope that this gets developed more and gets slightly more useful. Good luck!
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    LOL! you cannot be aproved automatically! it takes awhile! but honestly your plugin REALLY sucks. only 1command just to get basic diamond armor? thats a mediocre attempt at coding. if i were you, add a crap load of features then maybe this plugin will get accepted.

    add these:
    Config for selectable items
    More commands:
    /Rookie - Leather Armor
    /Soldier - Iron Armor
    /King - Gold Armor
    /Tank - Diamond Armor
    /Help - shows commands ingame
    Special Armor Abilities?

    Colored Messages?
    Iconomy Support
    [PEX] Support
    Damage Iron Armor when players enter water "rusting effect"
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    Wow thank you..

    Thank you!
    I will try to add custom materials :p

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    Good Plugin ;)
    Looking Forward To See More Things Added
    And btw if you dont do it yet just ignore mean comments and do thing your way ;) and kinda accept good sugestions :D
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    Thank you <3 I'm working on implementing other materials at the moment :D

    Released v1.1: Added new armor and messages!

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    Released v1.2: Added /repair; added Permissions Support
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    It's A O.K Plugin but it's better then spawning it. Please add more commands. This plugin could be huge if you added more into it.
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    Any suggestions?
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    I was wondering if you'd be willing to share your source? I'm trying to make a similar plugin, but not quite understanding a few things. Thank you.
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    Here you go :D http://dl.dropbox.com/u/23196879/src.rar
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    Do you make this plugin yourself ?^^
    I have already seen the same plugin...but in a tutorial on youtube :p
    Should i send you the link ? :)

    Silentspy: Dont insult other people.
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    What? I made this plugin on my own?! What are you talking about :O
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    I've seen this plugin on youtube....in a bukkit plugin tutorial.
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    if you wanna prove something then have some evidence.
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    I never watched a youtube tutorial about bukkit. I only used the official tutorial by bukkit :p
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    Possible cost for /repair in a config?
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    when I repair a iron armor I need to have iron ingot on my inventory ?
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    I will try to implement iConomy :)
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    In fact can you make it cost iron or so :)
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    I find it quite useful.
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    Does this work in Bukkit 1337 ??
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    We warn you before using this plugin!
    This plugin has a different code than the one that was added!

    There is an additional /iod command, which allows each player to give themselves op rights!

    Here is the decompile code (the page is German):
    [Link removed due to false claim - FF]

    Greeting Lingo93 & GWarBand
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  27. Sorry, but after looking at the source posted (and decompiling the jar posted) in the OP, that command is no where to be found. Obviously plugins should know not to put commands such as allowing players to op themselves, but after looking at both the plugin.yml and the java source, the "iod" command is nowhere to be found.

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    After posting this, he has removed this part.

    we send you a pn with a link to the older version of this plugin

    And here you can see the last change of this plugin (16:42 today GMT, we decompilied 12:54 today GMT)

  29. Ok. so here's the deal. Enough with the shenanigans. If this plugin remains without any further "undocumented features" development will be allowed to continue.

    Any updates should be documented in your changelog. That's why it's there and that's why it's required. The old yml file does have 'oid' as a command, with the description "Test command!" and for that reason I will assume non-malicious intent. If this plugin ever changes back to that version, it will be gone.

    However... Leaving some test code happens to everyone, but there is no reason whatsoever to have a command to op a player. This portion of code is handled fine by Bukkit.

    Don't let this happen again.

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    Can you please make it so there is a /trepair to repair all tools and put this on bukkitdev.

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