Inactive [ADMN/MECH]HellsEdit - Easy Sign edit[1.2.5-R1.2]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Helfull, Apr 11, 2012.

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    First post snipe :p but good plugin is workin on my server atm :D
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    "Unknown Command"
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    i dont know what command you tried so i cant fix it. give me pls some hints :)
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    jycs is right. When typing /he it says "Unknow Command"
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    Nice :)
    Can you add editing via a right-click?
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    you mean like, when u place a sign?
    If yes then no because bukkit dont support something like that, but i am working on something like attaching sign-text to a stick to copy it to another one.
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    There have a problem with hawkEye, can you change the command "he" to a another command ? thanks !
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    i go and change it, thnks for the hint.

    thnx for the hint, i l fix it in next version

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    I really like this plugin, good job. Not sure if its just me but placing text with multiple spaces is kind of goofy though , it seems to lose a letter after each space (except the last word). An easy work around is to add an extra letter /hedit edit 1 'This iis mmy text' to get it to read This is my text on the sign.
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    i'll go and fix it in next update
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    a lot of sign editing plugins are able to edit text on right click (unfortunately they are all out of date, which is why i'm here). You right click on a sign with another sign, and it places another one on the block you'd expect, and it has the text of the one you clicked. When you finish editing, the sign you clicked on takes the text of the editing sign. I'd really appreciate this feature!
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    if u have a look at dev.bukkit u will see i go to add this feature but not yet

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