[ADMN/MECH] EnderGuard v1.1a - Don't Be A Victim [1185]

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    EnderGuard: DeadlyScone
    Version: 1.1a

    EnderGuard: Jar, Source


    • Disable Specified Monsters.
    • Allow/Disable Enderman Block Pickup.
    • Allow/Disable Enderman Block Place.
    • Allow/Disable Vine Spread.

    this plugin can do all the features i listed above. You can choose what you want Enabled or Disabled in the Config.yml file. (True:False).

    Known Bugs:
    - Vine Spread still spreads no matter if true or false.

    Future Ideas:
    - Maybe a few. :)

    Just put the plugin in your plugins folder, that's it.

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    Nice ! Multiworld support planned ?
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    don´t work...
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    what doesn't work?, you need to be specific and not just say "it doesn't work"

    what is your:
    CraftBukkit Build:
    Error(if any):

    sure. i could add that.

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    Looking forward to it, will try it as soon as it's multiworld (one on the worlds is unplayable due to client lag if monsters are on :/)
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    i was looking through the code and it seems to me that this should work on multiple worlds. if you want you want you can test it for me and see.
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    The config file allow to deactivate all mobs in one world and only few others in another one ? If so, testing it tonight !
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    like what kind of mobs in the other world? and is it a non-nether world?
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    Currently I use NoSpawn, to configure mobs per world in addition with eMob, to disable Endermens.

    I'd love to be able to disable Endermen picking blocks, disable some mob (creepers on one world, squids on another, etc) and be able to do so per world (Nether or not). With only one plugin.

    How I think the config file to do so :

    Hope this can help :)
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    never worked with multiple worlds before, but ill will give it my best try for you.
    ill try coding later on today when i get some sleep :O
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    Ah, a competitor! :cool:

    I didn't know that disabling more than half the mobs affected performance sharply, ofcourse unless it was a very large map. I guess theres really no way that we can fix that huh...
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    yee, i got a couple more ideas up my sleeve for this, although my brain is kinda fried from making 3 plugins at once and updating a couple more... ya i saw your plugin like an hour or so i think after i posted mine. i was like hmm, this will be a fun little game of who could build the bigger castle :D
    nice work on eMob though.
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    Thanks! Digging the vine feature in yours. As for the castle contest, you've one. I prefer plugins nice and simple, so I'll just improve what it has.

    As for plugins.... I'm working on 6 + 1 collab atm >.>
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    ya, to bad the stop vine spread is not working :/ iam working on that right now though.

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    The EnderGuard plugin is in ".zip" format, shouldn't it be in ".jar" format? Maybe that's what Bukkit's complaining about... xD
    Keep up the good work!
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    the plugin is in a JAR format, the source is in a ZIP.
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    Okey, well when I'm downloading the "jar" file, I start downloading a file named "EnderGuard.zip" shall I extract it or something? And if I click download source a .zip file starts to download also. :eek:
  18. Bukkit: 1185

    don't work, Enderman spawning, griefing and placing ....
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    did you set the selected variables to false in the settings.yml? by default i have them set to true.
    i use this on my server and it works just fine. so you must be doing something wrong.
  20. sure i set the variables to false, im not a 12 years old script-kiddie with server god-complex :)

    i have reload the server, i have restart the server

    with which version version works your server?
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    Great job, works and it's a very helpful too. :)
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    late comment..
    the current RB. and the enderman works on all worlds too... not sure about stopping the spawn.
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    it works perfectly on my server! Thank you for this plugin!
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