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    PeacefulCrafting! v0.8
    Massive collection of brand new recipes for your server!

    PeacefulCrafting adds about 42 new Recipes to your server, making the survival easyer and sometimes harder!
    It its my first plugin :D , tested EVERY recipe and the commands in my server and it works without any errors.

    BUKKITDEV for more information, pics, changelog and Download!

    Recipes and Features:

    It adds 42 brand new recipes for making gameplay even better!
    • The recipes are:
    • Blaze Rod
    • Ender Portal Frame
    • Ghast Tear
    • Ice
    • SlimeBall
    • EnderPearl
    • Circle Stone Bricks
    • Gunpowder
    • Grass Blocks
    • Sponge
    • String
    • RottenFlesh
    • CobWeb
    • Snow Block (slab)
    • Mycelium
    • Mossy Cobblestone
    • Mossy Stone Bricks
    • Cracked Stone Bricks
    • Flint
    • Bottle of Enchanting!
    It also adds all the avaible Spawn Eggs in the game!
    • Base Spawn Egg for the following recipes:
    • Creeper
    • Skeleton
    • Spider
    • Zombie
    • Slime
    • Ghast
    • Pigman
    • Enderman
    • Cavespider
    • Silverfish
    • Blaze
    • Magmacube
    • Pig
    • Sheep
    • Cow
    • Chicken
    • Squid
    • Wolf
    • Mooshroom
    • Ocelot
    • Villager
    • Endercrystal (Wut)
    (Hope you read the list)

    It also contains a huge help section with every single recipe explained with a CraftingTable-like chat thing.

    Commands & Usage:
    The main command its /pc, it tells you the name, version and what you can do next.
    The secondary command, its /pcrecipes and it makes show all the recipes in the plugin with exeption of the SpawnEggs. It has its own help ;)
    The third command, its /pcspawneggs, it will show EVERY egg that Creative mode knows about, and a random EnderDragonCrystal one that i added... bcuz i can.
    The new command, its a Config Manager :D /pcconfig for more info...

    Some Pics from 0.6 :
    Yay legit XP!!

    The menu that shows up after /pcrecipes

    How the Recipes are Shown.

    Crafting ice legitimatelly :D

    Me coding the alone and single Class in the entire Pugin with 728 963 lines.

    Console-friendly :D !

    Ill upload the source if its approved :p

    Any suggestions for what to do next in the recipes? I plan Music Discs.

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    Can you make it so we can configure our own recipies? instead of relying on you to do it for us?
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    Maybe .-.

    Edit: I was working on that.
    Give me some time and ill have it like that.

    Edit2: Hard...
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    instead of configure our own what about current recipys you add with a true/false config?
    iceblock: false

    the config would list every recipe you add and false simply turns that one recipe off.
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    Leavaris im working on that :)

    PS: Also there is a Config bug with .yml that will be fixed in 0.8.....
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    Permissions please?
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    But what if you want to change some recipes?

    Also, I was thinking nitoducci would I be able to get the source (i'm still learning to make plugins) and try and edit for my own recipies that I want?
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    Deserves Approval... NAO!
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    SPOILER: Long reply...

    Well, v0.8 its out and i fixed a huge huge massive lot of problems with 1.2.5-R1.0 and R-1.1 and R-1.2.

    Leavaris Done in v0.8.

    ZeusAllMighty11 Nu. (Reply me for a Why)

    JOPHESTUS No source until its approved, or maybe ill never will release the source....
    But message me if you want help with your Plugins, i was a good coder of LUA (kinda like Java) and i learned some Java, so when i started with the plugins i knew a lot.

    TheFluffey YESHHH!!!!!!!!! Lol...

    EDIT: Download new version guys :p, also it works fine with 1.2.5-R1.3.
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    excellent, ty
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    Your welcome.
    Also i will maybe do a little try with Permissions.... some day... maybe...
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    Why not? IF you have trouble, use the default permissions built in that supports superPerms, BPerms, etc
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    Nice, the XP bottle is a must for my server! :p
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    ZeusAllMighty11 Because i dont know how to make Permissions, also with the config its fine ;_;
    If you want permissions, send me a page of how to make it, or teach me how :p

    PS: I will try with the Plugin tutorial in BukkitWiki, but its kinda crappy.

    RazorFlint Yesh... DAT SIGNATURE.

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    Yay o3o
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    You are awesome!? :)

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