[ADMN] JBInGameFileExplorer v1.00 - Browse and edit files in-game! [1337]

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  1. Find this plugin on BukkitDev: http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/jb-ingame-file-explorer/
    If you don't want to read very usefull information, scroll down for the download.

    Have you ever been away from your hosting computer and wanted to edit config files of your minecraft server? No? Well I have, and it might happen to you too! :)

    * Edit a text file (server configuration files) in-game without the need of any client-side mods
    * Advanced permissions system supporting PermissionsBukkit
    * Ops don't magically get permissions to mess up everything

    The only real command is /explorer, which means entering explorer mode. The rest of the commands are explained in-game. Also, the instructions for editing a file are in-game. Try it to see how it works :)

    Permission nodes
    This plugin only supports PermissionsBukkit. Also, not even ops can use it without having the required permission nodes.

    Permission nodes:
    <font color="rgb(20,20,20)">explorer.explorer allows: </font>Use the /explorer command
    <font color="rgb(20,20,20)">explorer.dir </font>allows: Use the dir command
    <font color="rgb(20,20,20)">explorer.cd </font>allows: Use the cd command
    <font color="rgb(20,20,20)">explorer.viewfile </font>allows: Use the viewfile command
    explorer.editfile allows: Use the editfile command
    explorer.mkfile allows: Use the mkfile command
    <font color="rgb(20,20,20)">explorer.rmfile </font>allows: Use the rmfile command
    <font color="rgb(20,20,20)">explorer.mkdir </font>allows: Use the mkdir command
    <font color="rgb(20,20,20)">explorer.rmdir </font>allows: Use the rmdir command
    explorer.outside allows: Allows people to use the cd command to go outside the server directory.

    Parent nodes:
    explorer.view allows: explorer.explorer + explorer.dir + explorer.cd + explorer.viewfile
    explorer.edit allows: explorer.view + explorer.editfile
    explorer.server allows: explorer.edit + explorer.mkfile + explorer.rmfile + explorer.mkdir + explorer.rmdir
    explorer.all allows: Allows people to use every part of this plugin

    First version released

    And finally, a download link: <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>
    And if you prefer, DropBox: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/36795927/JBInGameFileExplorer.jar

    Some words of advice
    - Only give the explorer permissions to yourself. Admins don't need it. Besides, corrupt admins could mess all your configurations up.

    Bug reports - wrong way
    Bug reports - right way
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    dude wtf this isnt working for me fix it srsly :p
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    Looks interesting, although I have questions about the ability to edit or view a file in minecraft due to the limited chat area, it seems like it might be a better way to give a command to change a specific option.

    I'll have to try it and see what its like though. I'll do that a bit later :p

    Oh, also, is it linux and windows compatible?
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    Awesome plugin!
    Dont forget the CB Build in the title so it would be like this
    [ADMN] JBInGameFileExplorer v1.00 - Browse and edit files in-game! [1337]

    Otherwise it wont get accepted

  5. Added it! Glad you like it =]
    Yes, it's for Windows and Linux, it checks which operating system it's running on and uses the / for Linux and the \ for Windows. My knowledge about Mac is 0 so idk what to do with it :eek:
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    Why don't use File.separator for the path separator in plugin... I think it's will use a proper slash for them automatically...;)
    PS. Sorry if I say anything wrong :oops:

    I'm a Mac! :D lol
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    Why a MediaFire download link?
    Get dropbox ;)
  8. Lol, this is actually the first thing I made with Java (apart from some Hello Worlds)
    But anyways thanks for the tip, I'll put that in =]
    I don't really get how to make a public share with dropbox. Doesn't this link work?
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    You need to put it in your "public" folder, then get the URL from that.

    Also, could you please update the thread body to meet with our guidelines? Otherwise we cannot move it into releases.
    You are missing a change log.

    Once this has been done, please quote this post so I can get notified.
  10. Ok, added a changelog and went through all the guidelines, and added the DropBox.
    Btw, I dont get how to edit the text on pages on BukkitDev?
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    It's on right-hand side of the screen called "Project Management"
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    Add spoilers for the changelog, permissions etc.

    Show Spoiler
  13. Spoilers seem to be bugged, I've messed with them for ages and they seem to duplicate themseleves randomly.
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    It's fine not to have spoilers, but for looking good, I recommend sticking them in QUOTE or CODE tags.

    I've also moved this to releases and awarded you the plugin developer tag
  15. Yay, tyvm! :D
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    Omg, Totally AWESOME, I <3 YOU!

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    Nice Plugin ! [diamond]

    What about making a Download function?
    Then Operators could Update Plugins or make new without the Admin!
    That would be great!

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    When I use editfile server.properties and I Change some Text I cant use the /save or /exit command. If I type /save in the Chat the plugin write "/save" into the server.properties. Do I something wrong? Pleas help me.

  19. Yes, you're doing something wrong. For the sake of typing slashes in files the save command uses a backslash. So type: \save and \exit
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    oh ok thank you ;D

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