[ADMN] InstaMode v1.0.1 - Permissions-ified gamemodes [1.2.5-R1.0]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Kaikz, Sep 16, 2011.

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    so basicly, i can make server with this: create a nice town with creative mod, then turn it to survival?
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    No, this lets your users change their own mode, given they have the correct permissions. You can do that in your server.properties as far as I know.
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    Just fyi: When changing the gamemode in the server.properties, all players that had joined when it was creative, will still be set to creative mode. The change only affects new players. So you need to delete the player.dat of those that had joined during creative mode.
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    Ah, I see.
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    what this does allow, is to have a server set to survival, while you as admin has access to the creative benefits (flying, all blocks etc.).

    what would be nice as additional feature is a command that allows you to change the mode of another player.
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    You already can. As an OP, you can do /gamemode usernamehere 0/1, 0 and 1 equaling Survival and Creative. This plugin lets the user choose their own mode themselves, without the ability to change everyone elses.
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    With permissions set as instamode.* (PEX), i type /mode creative, or /mode survival, i just get a response "/mode <mode>" I opped myself, and still could not /mode :-(
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    Does he state anywhere that there is a instamode.* permission node? ;)
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    What happens if I have multiple worlds running, but only want people to be able to use creative in one of them.
    Does it disable creative on a player if he joins a world where he doesn't have the flag?
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    Please make this per-world! It should be really great and i will be really happy, it's really important for me! :)

    Ive same problem like @heavy1metal

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    You need to give whatever group both permissions. SuperPerms/PEX doesn't support pluginname.* nodes yet. I found this out too. :/
    MultiVerse or any other multiworld plugin should be able to do that. Just don't give them InstaMode permissions in whatever world.

    I don't see why you need multiworld support for this plugin, hell, I don't even understand how you'd want it implemented. It just seems too much for a simple plugin like this, and should be handled by the multiworld plugins.
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    Allows for users to change it themselves on one world.

    @XAM I think multiworld support would be better for a mod that instantly changes it on join, not one that allows them to change it themselves.
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    You can do that. Just give them the permissions in just that one world.

    I'll see what I can do with the join thing then.
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    Zaros is right. We want to make one world Creative and 2nd one Survival. I will try it how you described it.
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    Use MultiVerse for that. It recently got an update for it.
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    Dosent work.

    I just get /mode <mode> when I type /mode creative or /mode survival
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    when the right CB is stabilized, please tag me
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    As already stated, you need to give both permissions, not just instamode.*
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    I did give both permissions.

    instamode.creative and instamode.survival

    I still just get /mode <mode>

    I know ya neeed both! I do read :p xD
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    What permissions system are you using? I've only tested with PermissionsEx (But it's BukkitPerms supported)
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    plugin broken on 1140+
    just says /mode <mode>

    permissions 2.7.4 ( i know its old), waiting on herochat to su8pport superperms :(
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    It's not broken afaik. You need a SuperPerms implementing Permissions plugin like PermissionsEx or PermissionsBukkit. The Permissions 2.x/3.x plugin will obviously not work.
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    Yeh Kaikz is right. My Permissions were wrong and old so I switched to Perm Ex and havent looked back!

    Thanks for the awesome mod Kaikz!
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    What if I want only trusted players to use creative mode in the creative world?
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    If it's a creative world, MultiVerse should already force users to be creative. It does for me, regardless if I was set to survival in another.

    Per-world modes are kind of out the the scope of what I intended this plugin to be. MultiVerse already supports gamemodes in their latest Awesome Builds.
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    Yup, I meant to post back but I did exactly this and got it working. Using MuliInv + MultiVerse I can now have separate worlds with separate inventories and different starting modes. Thanks for a simple yet great plugin :)
    (It's nice to give mods/admins the ability to go into creative on the survival map to create spawn or fix things etc. etc. which is how I use this plugin)

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    This plugin works greatly, exactly what I needed. I made sure to delete all player.dat files before I started using it for my players. Might not have been needed, but I did it to make sure. Thanks Kaikz for a simple, "just works" plugin.
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    You didn't need to. It just worked for me.
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    Yea, I didn't want to chance it. Just goes to show that your plugin is even better than I thought. :D

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