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    Why use milkAdmin?

    There are a lot of alternatives out there that seem to have more features. Well for a start, milkAdmin is very easy to install and requires almost no technical knowledge whatsoever to install and run. Not to mention that the server uses only java so configuring a complex webserver is not required as most gamers that play minecraft are gamers and not professional server administrators.

    A list of reasons why to use milkAdmin:
    • Very easy to install and use.
    • Does not use an external webserver.
    • Does not require technical server knowledge.
    • Does not require configuration.
    • Open Source. If you like fork on github. :p
    • It uses a relatively small amount of memory.
    • Works on all popular browsers.
    • It's cross platform (will work like a charm on Linux, MAC OS X and Windows).
    • Access restriction with SHA-512 authentication.
    • Server statistics (Users online, Free/Used/Max Memory, Server Version).
    • Multilingual support.
    • Console view.
    • Command prompt.
    • Chat without use /say.
    • Plugin list and administration (enable/disable)
    • Complete User Manager (teleport, kill, kick, ban, change name)
    • Good ban system with editable messages.
    • Backups (Only with milkAdminRTK in the future) (not recommended to use)
    • Restarting/Reloading/Killing server (Only with milkAdminRTK)
    • Starting and Stopping Server (Only with milkAdminRTK)
    • Updates alert.
    Languages supported at the moment (excluding English):
    Languages (open)

    You can provide a translation in your language?

    Plase enter here: and translate to your language, or fix a tranlation.​

    How do I install the plugin?
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    To install de plugin:
    • Copy the milkAdmin.jar in "{server root}/plugins/"
    • Copy the milkAdmin Folder in "{server root}/plugins/"
    • Change the settings in "{server root}/plugins/milkAdmin/setting.yml"
    • Enter to "http://{server ip}:{milkAdmin port}/"
    • Login with user: "admin" pass: "admin" and create your own account. (admin account autodelete)
    • Remember that each update also should update the folder "html" located in the folder "milkAdmin". This is very important!!
    • If you install the module for RemoteToolkit too, reads below for instructions!

    Click image to Download
    Version: 1.3.1-07.03
    • Remember that each update also should update the folder "html" located in the folder "milkAdmin". This is very important!!
    • Alternate download link
    Source Code:



    milkAdminRTK (open)

    What is milkAdminRTK?

    milkAdminRTK is a module for Minecraft Remote Toolkit that allows you to restart, reload, stop, start and backup the server remotely.

    Where do I download and get support for Minecraft Remote Toolkit?

    From here:[admin]-Minecraft-Remote-Toolkit.674/

    How do I install the module?
    • Copy the module plugin milkAdminRTK.jar in "{server root}/toolkit/modules/"
    • Write the same USER and PASS you use in the .BAT/.SSH to run the Wrapper to the settings file in "{server root}/milkAdmin/settings.yml"
    • Open the server with the Wrapper.
    Source Code:



    Images of milkAdmin working:
    Images (open)


    Having problems with the plugin?
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    If you have problem with the plugin please give me as much information as you can about it. A "help the plugin don't work" doesn't help.
    This information is very usefull:
    Version of craftbukkit:
    Version of plugin:
    Version of Minecraft Remote Toolkit:
    When you have the problem?:
    Link in! of the error log:
    OS version:
    Java version:
    Browser and version:



    Version 1.4-08.04 [Plugin & RTK]
    • Improve web style.
    • Improve web server and handle files.
    • Added whitelist configuration
    • Added configurable URL for images, scripts and styles. May be local.
    • Added descriptions of configs.
    • Fixed teleport to X-Y-Z to prevent crash for bad teleports. Eg: y=0
    • Fixed banlist to deny access before the player enter the worlds. Fix compatibility issues.
    • Added disk space data.
    • Fixed backup sections. Possibilities to backup plugins folder and multiworlds.
      • Need more tests. If you have a problem contact me. Or post here.
    • Added alerts and configurations for RemoteToolkit.
    • Added view distance config.
    • Added allow nether config.
    • Added hold message config to MCSODRTK module.
    • Added more debugs messages.
    • Fixed reads of requests in the socket.
    • Added errors codes to requests (404 Not Found, 403 Access Denied)
    • Fixed wait page and header data.
    • Fixed double login. (I think :D)
    • Fixed error in data when using a custom Craftbukkit build.
    Version 1.3.1-07.03[/URL][/B][URL=''][B] [/B][/URL][B][URL=''][RTK][/URL][/B] [LIST] [*]Fixed compatibility with IE8, IE9 and Opera. [*]Fixed Content-Type and Charset to pages. [*]Fixed Default Port. [*]Fixed lock scroll in console tab. [/LIST] [spoiler=Old Changelog] [B]Version [COLOR=rgb(255, 0, 0)]1.3-07.02[/COLOR] [URL=''][COLOR=rgb(16, 97, 179)][Plugin][/COLOR][/URL][/B][URL=''][COLOR=rgb(16, 97, 179)][B] [/B][/COLOR][/URL][B][URL=''][COLOR=rgb(16, 97, 179)][RTK][/COLOR][/URL][/B] [LIST] [*]Best handle of default data. [*]Successfully disable of sockets and threads. [*]Editable BanList directory. [*]Add fireball shoot. (function by @[URL=''][COLOR=rgb(16, 97, 179)]Matthew Uecker[/COLOR][/URL]) [*]Editable IP. [*]Change language WebUI. [*]Add amount of shoots in Player Management. [*]Update RTK API to v6 (Fixed mixed passwords) [/LIST] [B]Version [COLOR=rgb(255, 0, 0)]1.2b-06.20[/COLOR] [URL=''][Plugin][/URL][/B] [LIST] [*]Fix Ban. [*]Fix Ip/Port. [/LIST] [B]Version [COLOR=rgb(255, 0, 0)]1.2-06.16[/COLOR] [URL=''][Plugin][/URL] [URL=''][RTK][/URL][/B] [LIST] [*]Best handle of folders and default data. [*]Best handle of errors. [*]Move the milkAdmin folder to Plugins folder. [*]Proper socket handling. [*]Compatibility with getLocazation to manage the translations. [/LIST] [B]Version [COLOR=rgb(255, 0, 0)]1.1.1-05.28[/COLOR] [URL=''][Plugin][/URL] [URL=''][RTK][/URL][/B] [LIST] [*]Fixed a json bug. [skeleton] [/LIST] [B]Version [COLOR=rgb(255, 0, 0)]1.1-05.27[/COLOR] [URL=''][Plugin][/URL] [URL=''][RTK][/URL][/B] [LIST] [*]Fixed alert when login or create accounts. [*]Fixed error when create first account. [*]Add welcome and errors alert for login and register. [*]Fixed bug when unban a player or ip. (No take effect until server restart) [*]Add "Allow flight", "Level Seed", "Whitelist", "Server IP" options in server panel. [*]Show properties values in server panel. [*]Best handle of urls and params. [*]Remove show password from debug. [*]Relocation of the menu. [*]New version alert. [/LIST] [B]Version [COLOR=rgb(255, 0, 0)]1.0-05.14[/COLOR] [URL=''][Plugin][/URL] [URL=''][RTK][/URL][/B] [LIST] [*]First official release of Sharkiller version. [/LIST] [/spoiler] [SIZE=5][B][COLOR=rgb(51, 153, 102)]Browsers tested and working at the moment:[/COLOR][/B][/SIZE] [LIST] [*][IMG][/IMG] Firefox >3.6 [*][IMG][/IMG] Google Chrome >11 [*][IMG][/IMG] Safari >5 [*][IMG][/IMG] Internet Explorer >8 [*][IMG][/IMG] Opera >11 [/LIST] [SIZE=5][COLOR=rgb(51, 153, 102)][B]TODO:[/B][/COLOR][/SIZE] [LIST] [*][S]Improve web style[/S]. [B][COLOR=rgb(128, 128, 0)](finished, in next version)[/COLOR][/B] [*]Inventory panel for user manager. [*]Improve milkAdmin panel. [*]Log admin activity. [*]Permission configuration. [*][S]White list configuration.[/S][B][COLOR=rgb(128, 128, 0)] [/COLOR][/B][B][COLOR=rgb(128, 128, 0)](finished, in next version)[/COLOR][/B] [*][COLOR=rgb(255, 0, 0)][COLOR=rgb(20, 20, 20)][S]Editable image dir, timeout and refresh time of data/console.[/S][/COLOR][B][COLOR=rgb(20, 20, 20)][B][COLOR=rgb(128, 128, 0)][B] (finished, in next version)[/B][/COLOR][/B][/COLOR][/B][/COLOR] [*][S]Descriptions of data/configs.[/S][B][COLOR=rgb(128, 128, 0)][B] (finished, in next version)[/B][/COLOR][/B] [*][S]Disk space data.[/S][COLOR=rgb(128, 128, 0)][B] (finished, in next version)[/B][/COLOR] [*][S]Editable banlist path. [/S][COLOR=rgb(51, 153, 102)][B](implemented)[/B][/COLOR] [*][S]Backup section.[/S] [COLOR=rgb(128, 128, 0)][B](finished, in next version)[/B][/COLOR] [LIST] [*][S]Backup plugins folder. [/S][COLOR=rgb(128, 128, 0)][B](finished, in next version)[/B][/COLOR] [*][S]Fix backup of map.[/S] [COLOR=rgb(128, 128, 0)][B](finished, in next version)[/B][/COLOR] [/LIST] [/LIST] [SIZE=5][B][COLOR=rgb(0, 128, 0)][cake][/COLOR][/B][/SIZE][SIZE=5][B][COLOR=rgb(0, 128, 0)]DONORS[cake]:[COLOR=rgb(255, 102, 0)] (These people help keep the project alive)[/COLOR][/COLOR][/B][/SIZE] [LIST] [*][B]Thierry Pon [COLOR=rgb(136, 136, 136)](I don't known the forum user)[/COLOR] [diamond][/B] [*][B]Olivier @[URL='']oli_14[/URL] [diamond] [diamond][/B] [*][B]@[URL='']efstajas[/URL] [diamond][/B] [/LIST] [COLOR=rgb(0, 128, 0)][SIZE=5][B][tnt]DONATE[tnt]:[/B][/SIZE][/COLOR] [COLOR=rgb(255, 102, 0)][B]I do this in my free time, so if you like my work, I'd be completely grateful for any donation you can send me. With this I pay the server where store my files and project. These donations motivate me to continue adding features and keep it free for all. [/B][/COLOR] [URL=''][IMG][/IMG][/URL]/
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    question, will this work if we already have a web-server running on our computer?
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    Derp? thanks lol

    When will you be updating to 818 and 860?

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    @Poachedguppy work in 818 and 860 :)

    why you dont read? are you kidding me?

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    Awesome! Thanks a bunch, works on my server like a treat!
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    I'm just getting the html source code if I visit my serverip:25000 :/ any help?
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    Very nice plugin :)
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    I really like this plugins and have been using it for 1-2 weeks, so this morning i decided to help it.
    It is now translated to danish :)
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    Updated Dutch translation to make more sense grammar-wise :)

    Also, the milkAdminRTK is only if I want to be able to do the stuff that plugin is for, correct?

    I assume I can access the panel from everywhere, provided I have the address/user/pass
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    i am setting up a server for me and a few friends and i have installed this plugin and it works great apart from the fact i cannot seem to find a place to change ip from localhost to computers ip and i cannot connect on a different computer i tried from a computer on my local network as well as over the internet nothing seems to be working(i have forwarded ports) pls help
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    Try putting the server in DMZ mode on your router. If that allows you to connect to the admin panel from a different computer, you haven't set up port forwarding correctly
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    not working, i put the files and run the server, go this site
    and its give me white clean page with nothing
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    That's because you probably didn't configure your settings.yml in plugins/milkAdmin to listen on port 25565. I believe it's port 25000 by default
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    This seems interesting! I have a very noob question what does this do? Does this improve server performance? Or does it just improve management? I need an answer quick cause this is very interesting! This is definitely going to my bookmark!
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    @DragonSupremacy RTK is for stop, restart and start the server remotely. and yes, work everywhere with this.

    @HenryNZ the server listen to the port! no need to change nothing than port, if you cant connect a program block the conection.

    @Th3Controller improve the management.
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    Nice job for this plugin kit !

    Just a problem with the last version, a new problem, because i don't got this error with the version before this one !

    Everything is working fine, except one function :

    User management :

    IP: Bad Parameters | Port: Bad Parameters

    all others stuff works, but user managament cause problem.
    Running on bu;kkkit 860, permissions 2.7.4
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    he dont will go to the ONLINE server ( in jour web browser milkadmin)
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    so if my computer that hosts the server was off could i log onto milk admin and then host it on a different server
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    This is my new fav plugin EPIC keep up the good work, i don't have access to my console normally so yay i can finally see the debug messages :p
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    Not really a big deal, but would like to fix it if possible. Any idea why I get these unknown commands in the command prompt?

    Could it be because I have not port forwarded the 25561 port?
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    Hi again,
    Same problem for the usermanagement,
    I just try ban system, kick works, but ban don't work, maybe in relation with the Bad parameters.

    09:59:11 [INFO] testeur [/] logged in with entity id 4176 at ([ Monde] 388.5, 65.62000000476837, -322.5)
    09:59:38 [INFO] [milkAdmin] Writing listbans.
    09:59:38 [INFO] [milkAdmin] Banlist - Sending JSON lenght: 167
    10:00:00 [INFO] getParam: user - Value: testeur
    10:00:00 [INFO] getParam: cause - Value: test
    10:00:05 [INFO] testeur [/] logged in with entity id 5180 at ([ Monde] 392.4375, 63.0, -316.15625)
    10:00:33 [INFO] getParam: ip - Value:
    10:00:33 [INFO] getParam: cause - Value: TEST
    10:00:40 [INFO] Connection reset
    10:00:40 [INFO] testeur lost connection: disconnect.quitting
    10:00:42 [INFO] testeur [/] logged in with entity id 5303 at ([ Monde] 398.7161340669394, 64.0, -334.6645645628223)

    I have put a "ban" with name & ip
    192.168.0.xx is my local adress...

    here is my banlist in milkadmin:

    testeur test
    Koko test
    william257 ...
    jordan357 ...
    IP AddressCauseAction boulet TEST

    but no effect.
    Ban don't works, maybe incompatibilitie with commandbook ?
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    Gee, thanks! Surely ill take control over random invited people cause my server is private but you can invite people.
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    You should add this to the index.html, because without it, in languages with accents like spanish they aren't correcly displayed.

    <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8" />
    I'm also having a problem with MilkAdminRTK:

    First of all:

    Version of craftbukkit: 860
    Version of plugin: 1.2-06.16
    Version of Minecraft Remote Toolkit: Release 10, Alpha 10.21 [CB860]
    OS version: CentOS 5
    Java version: 1.6.0_23

    The problem ocurs when I issue a restart or stop from the MilkAdmin webpage.
    This is what the console tells me:

    [INFO] [milkAdmin] From RTK: RTK_TIMEOUT

    And nothings happens.

    I installed MinecraftRTK.
    I did the .useradd thing.
    I restarted the server.
    I copied milkadminRTK to the modules folder.
    I writted the same user and pass than in the .useradd command.
    I open the server with, which has the same user and pass that the .useradd command.

    It actually is on the correct folder.

    -rw-r--r-- 1 user group admins.ini
    -rw-r--r-- 1 user group banlistip.ini
    -rw-r--r-- 1 user group banlistname.ini
    -rw-r--r-- 1 user group _COPYING.txt
    drwxr-xr-x 5 user group html
    -rw-r--r-- 1 user group loggedin.ini
    -rw-r--r-- 1 user group settings.yml
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    Version of craftbukkit: 860
    Version of plugin:1.2-06.16
    Version of Minecraft Remote Toolkit: Release 10, Alpha 10.21 [CB860]
    OS version: Debian
    Java version: newest

    Got the same problem like deses12 :D with debian...

    [INFO] [milkAdmin] From RTK: RTK_TIMEOUT
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    Also is there anyway to stop the server from logging 2011-06-20 11:46:56 [INFO] Unknown console command. Type "help" for help.
    It seems when I run the rtoolkit.bat it starts 2 java processes. I will close the command prompt and only 1 java process will be left and while that one is still up it continually logs 2011-06-20 11:46:56 [INFO] Unknown console command. Type "help" for help. over and over into the server log. It only does this when I run the rtoolkit.bat

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