[ADMN/INFO] SimpleServerStatus V1.3 - View Server Info [818]

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    SimpleServerStatus - [818]
    Download OP Version - here
    Download Permissions Version - here


    The following 4 commands, show ram usage and Cpu info.
    The following 2 commands, show Filesystem information and usage.


    Type any of the commands above to see info about your server :p
    All of the information is Realtime!
    Simples. Hmm?!

    Permissions Nodes

    Planned Features
    • Permissions Support (low) - ADDED
    • v1.3
    • Added Permissions
    • v1.2
    • Added separate OP version
    • v1.1
    • Added separate command for filesystem
    • v1.0
    • Release
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    Is this OP only? If so could you create an "Op only" version? Thanks :)
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    Im doing it now :p

    EDIT - done :p
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    Awesome! Thanks lol.
    If I find anything wrong I will post it.
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    what for informations?
    CPU and RAM used too?
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    It says in the thread...
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    lol, just looked at the features...thx
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    Added permissions :3
    you might have problems, because something in permissions has changed..
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    Great plugin :)

    Hmm, odd. I have 6 gig of RAM however the plugin reports Max Memory as 1820mb - is this just the memory available to the java process? Was hoping to see total machine memory usage as a percentage as it can cause issues when this gets too high. Not sure what "total memory" is (as we already have max memory).

    Was also hoping to see processor usage as a percentage - is this doable?

    A config file for defining what's shown on typing the command would be great. I'd like something like:
    CPU Usage: %cpuload (%cores cores)
    Memory: %memoryusage (%memoryused/%memorymax)
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    I will work on CPU usage, and 'hopefully' get it in the next release. Max memory, is what is useable or being used by Java VM
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    screenie pl0x
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    Sure :3 I'm working on something really big right now! As soon as it's done.. ill get one up so y'all can see :p
  13. Says my server has 77mb (MB surely?) free RAM when in reality its just under 5GB.

    Server is running under linux if thats any help.
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    I am not the Dev on the MineDev team that runs this plugin, but I believe that 77 mb is the amount of free RAM that alloted to the java process. @iPhysX is the dev in charge of this plugin so I might be wrong, :D.

    Hope that helps,
  15. Even so, java is started with parameters allowing it 7 out of 8GB ram, 1GB goes to the ramdisk. Me seeing the free ram of current allocated buffer or some such is not very interesting as it will just allocate more when that runs out.
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    i have the same...it just tells me something with "free memory = 100" where "used memory = 900"
    then i changed -Xmx1024M to -Xmx2048M and it just tells me the same...free = 100, used = 1900
    maybe its transposed? 'free' = 'used', 'used' = 'free' ?

    and what is "total memory"?
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    i got serveral times the "[WARNING] Can't keep up! Did the system time change, or is the server overloaded?" and it lagged.
    using /ss these times it tell me it have more free Ram than at times the Server doesnt lag! Yes, it is transposed!

    I hope you get the CPU usage soon, cuz the times it laggs i have much RAM left, so the CPU must be the reason
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    i know what the problem is..
    ill look at it
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    Ok guys i have just reviewed this here :

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    the links are dead... :(
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    links are dead, could you please reupload.


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