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Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by MaMaxi, Dec 12, 2011.

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    Really like this plugin. Old concept from many other games. May I request a feature to disable the requested user's notification of the screen shot?

    Other thoughts/suggestions from the server staff on my server.
    Could it be possible to just have one folder for all the pics, and keep pictures up to a certain life time. Along with a timer to take one player's screen every X seconds/minutes/ticks?

    This idea mostly came from the America's Army 2 (maybe 3) screen shot system. The server would take random screen shots of everyone every so often for a period of time. A webhost could link to the folder and everyone can check the screen shots themselves to see if someone is cheating.
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    Really like this plugin so far, but i have a few suggestions, Make the time configurable every few mins it takes a screenshot. and also you can like press F2(or another button) to bring up a GUI where you enter the name of the player.
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    I already added the permission node screenshot.notifyshot to notify a player by a text message when his screen was captured. The achievement however is controlled by the client and therefore I can't bypass it. Hopefully it will be removed.

    I like these ideas. Will probably implement that. There is also going to be a admin interface to actually show the screenshots ingame.

    Maybe I will make the screenshots folder customizable to make it easier for servers also running a http service.
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    Great to hear, that all these features are going to get implemented. Just hope it get's implemented!
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    Well heck, if you set a permission node, most likely you will I presume, we can just throw away the idea of the HTTP folder and leave the permission node for members of the server and up to see the pics? lol

    Just a random thought, either way will work great! Looking forward to any releases!
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    I had the same exact idea when Spout was first released on the bukkit forums :p
    Good to see someone finally wrote a plugin for it.
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    Please add friendly download link and latest rb.
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    Finally a new version with RB and a couple of new features is out.

    I also want to inform you that I'll be inactive from mon-fri next week because of an excursion so there won't be any updates.

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    Well its approved.
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    Why should people, there use Xray install the spout client in minecraft?
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    You could install a plugin that kicks every non-Spoutcraft user. The problem is that any player could still use a xray texture pack which you can verify with this.
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    I'm going to assume this requires players to be using the SpoutCraft client, correct?
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    Of course this only works with Spoutcraft players.
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    This. Is. Awesome.

    Guy, I just tested your plugin and it worked perfectly, it's an awesome idea for fight XRAY !

    But please, pleaaaaaaaaase, add a way in the config.yml to remove this nasty popup "HEY, you just been screenshoted ! I hope for you that you're not an Xrayer !" x)
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    Why it doesnt work? It doesnt makes a new folder, and when i type /ss nick it says unknown command, help meh?
    Using 1.0.1-R1 bukkit, recommended build.
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    Well, you can check if the plugin is enabled with the /plugins command. If it is red, something went wrong. Please make sure you have the latest Spout Plugin installed. You will also need the Spoutcraft client, as the minecraft client doesnt support sending screenshots.
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    Is there possibility to run it with offlinemode server? Can i take test on players that have offline mode game?
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    This is not supposed to operate with offline mode servers, it should work however.
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    Can i run it without spout?
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    Nope. And it can't take screenshots from vanilla minecraft users.
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    Do the players have to have Spoutcraft to have their screenshot taken? If they do, i think mabey that could be changed :/
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    Mr_fuman its not possible without spoutcraft
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    Darn when I first came here I was hoping for some kind screenshot / server upload feature hehe
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    Please remove all the messages that they could know they are being screenshot.
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    Screenshot alerts are done in Spoutcraft, and at this time can not be disabled. MaMaxi has no control over that. It is completely possible, but the Spout devs need to implement it. They're who you should ask for it.

    I haven't seen them say anything about hiding notifications, has anyone else?
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    Ah, thank you. Ethical issues in minecraft, who'd have thunk?
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    Maybe you could add so when someone breaks a diamond ore or something it will take a screenshot and alert an admin!
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    I have not tryed it yet but i bet it will work. One think. Why now? I was told 7 months ago that this was not possible.
    Well you can count on me for using this. Thanks

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