[ADMN/INFO] PistonAlert v3.1 -Warns players and admins, if placing a piston! +Database![1060]

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    Version: v3.1

    PistonAlert is a simple and lightweight plugin which is still very handy. The only thing this plugin basically does is message a player when he places a piston. Everyone knows pistons still are a bit buggy like crashing the server when using too much of them. But reminding a player will help controlling his behaviour.
    Also the plug-in will send every admin online a message by using the BukkitPermissions plugin and writing the amounts in to a file, this can be received by commands.

    Installing is very easy, just add the PistonAlert.jar to the server plugin folder, and reload the server.
    A file folder, to store config.yml and Data.yml will be created automatically!
    You will need BukkitPermissions though.


    Config colors:

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    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>
    v3.1 [No known bugs]

    * Message a player when he places a piston. (Or sticky with different message)
    * Messages all admins with 'PistonAlert.info: true' permission that the 'player' placed a piston.
    * Database which stores amounts of pistons placed by a certain player.
    * Editing the chat colors is possible, (config.yml)
    * Commands to receive the amounts placed by a player. ("/pa help")
    * Gives the server log a message, when a player places a Piston.


    Version 3.1
    * Added a message to the Server log.
    * Made a direct download link, instead of mediafire.

    Version 3.0
    * Added a database for storing amounts.
    * Removed permissions 3.1.6 support, added BukkitPermissions.
    * Added a OP fallback.
    * Added commands to requests amounts placed by a player.
    * Created a config file to edit the chat colors.

    Version 2.2
    * Added a log file, no need to make a file folder etc. This goes automatically.
    * Plugin now differ's Sticky pistons, and Pistons. (e.g. 'Player' has placed a sticky piston!)
    * Edited the text a little bit, (Removed excessive spaces)

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    Version 2.1
    * Added permissions support (3.1.6) -'PistonAlert.info'

    Version 2.0
    * Plugin released.

    Todo list:
    * Add a database, where amounts of a specific player will be stored.(Done v3.0)
    * Add commands to request the amounts placed of a certain player.(Done v3.0)
    * Add a OP fallback, in case Permissions isnt detected.(Done v3.0)
    * Create a config file for editing chat colors.(Done v3.0)
    * Add spout support, for multiple things! [I need help :3]

    Formatted the text a bit better :)

    Please tell me what i can improve on the plug-in, and if you like the idea or not.
    I hope to add a log soon, so you can see how muchpistons are placed by a certain person.
    But i never worked with that before.. (Done v2.2)

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    @MuisYa good plugin for a beginner, but piston's arnt buggy now.
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    What he said ^
    1000 is the RB for 1.7.3, which fixed the piston dupe.
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    @CainFoool Thanks! Its my first :3
    I know, i still decided to release it. Maybe someone just needs it..
    Im adding a database right now wich is registering how much pistons are placed by 'player'.
    After that ill add a limiter and stuff. Also @Redyugi

    Also, pistons are not 100% glitch free.
    When using to much in multiplayer, with pressure plates i expierienced some crashes..
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    I thought this was for people using the piston dupe, but I reread your OP, and you said 'warn the player' so... I understand now. =P
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    @Redyugi Ah oke :3

    Added permissions support in version 2.1
    Please add -'PistonAlert.info' as permission node.

    Please ignore the database created, not finished yet!
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    changelog has to show at least two versions without a spoiler
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    @Plague Sorry, ill fix it!

    EDIT: Fixed,
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    Nice plugin,
    some idea's:
    maybe you can make a config where with you can add blocks to the warner,
    or something like that.
    if you fix the colors that would be awesome,
    good plugin for a beginner.
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    Added a log file, no need to create a file folder etc this goes automatically. (v2.2)
    Hope you like it :)
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    Does it say if the piston is sticky or normal?
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    Nope, it will only give a message ''Has placed a piston'' not if it is a sticky one or not,
    If you like i could add it though?

    EDIT: The newest version (v2.2) supports differing pistons!
    Hope you like it.

    Gimme ideas, and please post if you like it guys!
    And i need someone to help me with printing out in a other format.
    If you have alot of experience with it, please leave a reaction!

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    50 downloads, :3

    When i am back from vacation i will upload the new version 2.5
    - Added a database for storing amounts of a player. eg "muisya: 15"
    - Added a function when you break a piston, the database will do youre current amount -1
    - And i hope to fix commands, but im not sure yet.

    Also OP fallback would be nice. Can someone help me with that :D

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    Hello Guys, i got this problem that all the players get spammed, cant you do like its only Op's
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    @Tobytheminer At the moment the warnings are for players with the permission 'PistonAlert.info'
    If you give every player this permission, all players will get spammed. If you set the permissions for only admins, only youre admins will get a message.
    At the to-do list is a OP fallback incase youre server ain't using permissions. For permissions click this.

    Hope i helped you. Feel free to ask more questions.
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    Thanks Muisya it helped. Your plugin is awesome
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    Made a mistake, version 3.1 was still called 3.0
    Reuploaded, sorry!
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    I need help with Spout! Can someone please help me a bit :3
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    I don't believe pistons are buggy... BUT!! Sticky Pistons had a way of Bypassing Ownblocks if you placed a block, you had the ability to steal that block!! I haven't tried this out, but this would be great if it said something about sticky pistons or blocked them or something. But I believe they already may have plugins similar to that. Would be nice if it warned about other things, such as bucket of water. Either way, great idea :)
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    Pistons are not very glitchy anymore, but still when using to much at the same time they will crash the server.
    I will look into that, but there are already enough plugins which do that i think...
    If you want me to add a config option to block sticky pistons, just tell me ill add it :3
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    can still dupe sand and gravel
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    Fixed the download link, sorry :3
    Thanks to @jeroende2e for mentioning me :D
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    No problem! now we can enjoy this usefull plugin again :D

    kiding ;p
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    @jeroende2e Hahaha, i know. Just keeping it up to date in case someone out here needs it?
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    Hey just a suggestion, you should make it to where I can customize the warning message. Ex: Pistons are illegal and you will be banned! Or something.

    Also it would be great if you added permissionsEx support, I hate running a bunch of different permissions plugins.
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    @Jackoo Eehm, this plugin is inactive and im not supporting it anymore...
    Are you still using it?
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    Yeah I am. Pistons are illegal on my server because players are making console spam machines. And this is the only way I could find to possibly control pistons.

    And unless i'm mistaken, inactive plugins should have [Inactive] in the title?
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    @Jackoo Hmm, well the plugin is still working thats why i didn't put [Inactive] in the header yet.
    THe permissions support can't be done. Bukkit made its own permissions and everyone needs to use that, so im not gonna add support for something else...
    The custom message can be done, ill try to download the plugin and decompile it xD
    And than add it...

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