Inactive [ADMN/INFO] ModReq---Moderator/Admin support tickets made easy---[1.2.5R5.0/ 1.3.1]

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    I will upload a new file today
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    *Looks at Donate Button*
    I bet you $5 you won't do it before Monday.
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    i keep getting the error
    Could not load 'plugins\modreq.jar' in folder 'plugins'
    i really need this plugin it seems really nice
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    UPDATED TO 0.3

    give me the $5 :p

    It took a little longer because of some fails

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    ok nice ill see if the new update fixes my problem i will tell you if it does
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    I would if it loaded, but it still doesn't. Can you re upload .1 that version actually started.

    Its the same file though
    Just downloaded:

    Downloads] $ md5sum modreq.jar
    046f430848825a0dbd4c9c8321291a5b modreq.jar

    Backup (since I learned from the .1 to .2 upgrade)

    Backup] $ md5sum modreq.jar
    046f430848825a0dbd4c9c8321291a5b modreq.jar

    Maybe its a google issue because it says 9.3KB but gives a 3.7KB file and the SHA1 doesn't match

    Downloads] $ sha1sum modreq.jar
    652b1fa5842935bbf1a735af0a03de4e0d6823d3 modreq.jar

    What google says:
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    I will take a look today. I will upload today or tomorrow due to school.

    WTF, I download the same file and it is working for me!! what build are you using?

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    I am using 1.2.5
    However when I download the version off the page I get the same file today as I got last week.

    I am not sure why

    wget now gives me a different file. I will try when I get home. I tried 3 different browsers so I was fairly sure it wan't my browser cache giving me the old file.

    ok new issue now it clashes with commandbook.

    *ding* I owe you that.

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    Thx for the €5,00 donation. if you PM me the error code I will take a look

    And it is true that google gives you the same file (it has the same name and same link)
    I am moving my project to bukkitDev soon. I will implement the auto version get system as well.

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    What about full utf-8 support? There is only a blank message if it's ticketed in other language.
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    Could you explain a little bit more??
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    We just use MOD(server side and client side) to support Chinese characters in multigame communication. So I think the plugin got only "???" instead of the right characters when someone used /modreq xxx. 'xxx' is typed in Chinese.
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    If you get give me a link to the mod I can give it a try
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    Here is the link: dropbox
    It includes the mod and source code.[sheep]
    Thank you.

    Now I konw there is another input mod and that problem was caused by it.
    I'll look for anoher way to fix it. Thank you any way.
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    YESSS. IT WORKS NOW. NO ERRORS thank you now ill try it ingame :)

    Ok i just tried it ingame and it works fine. Just what i need thank you

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    thx for the response
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    no problem
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    i have 1 thing to say, if you are using that link with the ad, i know it gets you $$$ and all of that, BUT Bukkit's staff duse NOT ALLOW THAT! they have there reasons. Just saying and warning you.
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    im sorry if this post where added twice. But it would be nice if you added some custom messages in the next update.
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    Referring to THEIR article:

    ", unfriendly download experience
    We no longer allow the use of links within Plugin Release threads due to them resulting in an extremely unpleasant download experience for our community. Though much of our community is fine with this, we've opted to ban the use of the service as new users having to deal with the unfriendly download experience is unacceptable.

    As well as banning services like, we also strongly recommend against using URL shorteners as there is no way for people to figure out where a URL shortener is going to without clicking, for the most part. We may or may not end up out-right banning the use of URL shorteners, however, for the time being, they are merely discouraged. For more information on these two decisions, please see this announcement."

    it doesn't disallow me to use Only are not allowed.

    Sgt_Tailor (Someone who knows the rules :p)
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    1.2.5R2.0 already supports chinese ect. No need for the mod anymore.
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    I like the plugin, it is very useful!

    However, it would be nice if you could change a few things:
    - Change ticked to ticket.
    - Allow players to file more than one modreq at a time.
    - Change "You have not typed any message..." to
    - Allow staff to read the entire request with a command such as /read <id>
    - Allow staff to make comments on the requests with /mr comment <id> <comment>

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    If you add mysql support I'll write a web panel for it
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    works great =]
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    Thank you for telling me about that. But after a short test, I find there are still some problems with such as contents on wallsign.[creeper]OK. I have patience to wait for Mojang to make Chinese enct input supported.
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    Could you add a config, possibly making it so that you can set a time limit on a ticket. If a person logs out, their ticket will expire in x minutes.

    expire: 10m
    online: false (10 minutes after the ticket is submitted or 10 minutes after the ticket submitter logs out)
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    Nice idea, will look into it
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    what texture pack in 2nd picture?
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    Dude, this plugin doesnt work for me either. Find ReportRTS. google it it does the same exact thing
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    ya, i know....... been here some time, warning ModReq, and it's creator.

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