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    HeroicRebuke - Warn Players and Track Warnings (v1.2.7)
    Download HeroicRebuke 1.2.7 [CraftBukkit 561+]
    Download HeroicRebuke 1.2.4 [CraftBukkit 560-]
    SQLite | MySQL

    Latest Jar Only

    COMPATIBILITY UPDATE: Due to recent changes in CraftBukkit version 561, all server admins upgrading to this version of CraftBukkit or higher will need to download HeroicRebuke 1.0.5 or higher. Server admins running CraftBukkit 560 and below should download HeroicRebuke 1.0.4, thank you for your understanding.

    HeroicRebuke allows the server admin and his designated moderators to Warn players for misbehaving and persistently track the warnings issued. This project was originally developed for the HeroCraft SMP server based on demand for a port of the "Warn" hey0 plugin by bootswithdefer. HeroicRebuke is an original creation extending that design with optional (but emphatically recommended) support for a lightweight SQLite database.

    • Warn players for lesser infractions not meriting a kick or ban
    • List a player's previous actions to track chronic violators
    • Supports partial name matching! (Squall, ed3, and LLSEE all match SquallSeeD31)
    • Supports SQLite or MySQL
    • Warnings can optionally root players, preventing all movement (including teleports)
    • Acknowledging your warning can optionally require a randomly-generated code, preventing automation and encouraging thorough review of the message
    • Commands can also be issued from the server console
    • Support for Permissions plugin, defining your own list of admins or just using Server Ops
    • Configurable display colors for messages, names, and key information

    Help Interface

    Warning List for a Given Player

    Player Receiving a Warning

    Active Warnings List


    HeroicRebuke works best with a database (SQLite or MySQL). The plugin is configured to look for the database connector "sqlitejdbc-v056.jar" (SQLite) or "mysql-connector-java-bin.jar" (MySQL) in the "/lib" directory of your server root. If you already have these files, you do not need to re-download them.
    1. Download latest .ZIP archive from the link at the top
    2. Extract the archive into your main server directory (archive contains directory mapping)
    3. Open /plugins/HeroicRebuke/config.yml and configure to taste
    4. Save configuration file and reload your server
    Using MySQL
    1. Check to be sure "mysql-connector-java-bin.jar" is in /lib (from server root)
    2. Set options.database to "mysql" in your config.yml
    3. Set options.mysql.location to the path (IP:port/DatabaseName) to your MySQL server
      1. It is not necessary to create a new Database for HeroicRebuke, but is recommended. The only table created currently is "warnings"
    4. Set options.mysql.username to a username that has access to the named Database on your MySQL server
    5. Set options.mysql.password to that user's password
    6. Save config.yml and reload your server

    The config file contains default text colors, options, and designated HeroicRebuke admins (if not using the Permissions plugin).

    This file is saved in the YAML format, so please be sure to maintain the formatting and change only the element values.
    Default configuration:

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    # HeroicRebuke Configuration
    ## Color options
    ## message: Text color of all notifications, wrapped around info and names.
    ## name: Color for player names.
    ## info: Color for informational elements to make them "pop", such as command usage
    #Color is defined according to the Bukkit enum ChatColor
    #Acceptable entries:
    #If color entered is inappropriate, HeroicRebuke will default to the following values:
    ##message: RED
    ##name: DARK_AQUA
    ##info: GOLD
        message: RED
        name: DARK_AQUA
        info: GOLD
    ###sqlite - Expects "sqlitejdbc-v056.jar" in the "/lib" directory of your server root, and uses SQLite.
    ###mysql - Expects "mysql-connector-java-bin.jar" in the "/lib" directory of your server root, and uses MySQL. MUST configure options.mysql section for this to work
    ###<anything else> - HeroicRebuke will not use a database and no data will persist
    ##permissions: String containing which permissions system to use.  Acceptable values:
    ###Permissions - Nijikokun's Permissions plugin
    ###Config - Define your own HeroicRebuke admins below under the "admins:" property
    ###Ops - Only Server Ops can use HeroicRebuke (Ops can use HeroicRebuke anyway regardless of setting)
    ###use: If true, a random alphanumeric code will be generated on warning, preventing users from automating the /warn acknowledge command.
    ###length: Length of random code string to use
    ##server_name: Name to display when warnings are issued from the server console
    ##block_move: Whether or not to restrict a user from moving (and teleporting) when being warned.  Move block is aggressive.
    ##only_warn_online: If true, you can only warn players who are online (enables partial matching)
    ##lines_per_page: How many warnings to display when using /warn active and /warn list commands
    ##timeformat: Uses format strings from Java SimpleDateFormat.  Read all here:
    ##MySQL - If using "database: mysql", you must define the location, username and password to your MySQL server
    ###location: IP:PORT/DATABASE
    ###username: Self-explanatory
    ###password: Self-explanatory
        database: sqlite
        permissions: permissions
            use: true
            length: 6
        server_name: SERVER
        block_move: true
        only_warn_online: true
        lines_per_page: 4
        timeformat: MM/dd/yyyy HH:mm:ss z
            location: localhost:3306/HeroicRebuke
            username: root
    #If you want to use the "Config" permissions system, define your admins here
    #Each line below "admins:" *MUST* be formatted as such-> "    - 'username'"
    #Four spaces, hyphen, space, single quote, name of the admin, single quote

    Admin Definition Example:
    Show Spoiler
        - 'SquallSeeD31'
        - 'DThielke'
        - 'Kainzo'

    heroicrebuke.add (use /warn add)
    heroicrebuke.clear (use /warn clear)
    heroicrebuke.delete (use /warn delete) (use /warn active) (use /warn info)
    heroicrebuke.list (use /warn list - Displays only YOUR previous warnings)
    heroicrebuke.list.others (use /warn list <name> to display OTHER players' warnings)
    Recommended Settings:
    - 'heroicrebuke.*'

    - 'heroicrebuke.list'

    - 'heroicrebuke.add'
    - 'heroicrebuke.clear'
    - ''
    - ''
    - 'heroicrebuke.list.others'

    Changelog (Download Full Changelog)

    Version 1.2.7
    • Updated listener to use PlayerMoveEvent.setTo for the "bind" effect.
    Version 1.2.6
    • Updated to 617, added author to plugin.yml
    Version 1.2.5
    • Updated to Recommended Build 600/602
    • Changed type of code column to TEXT
    Version 1.2.4
    • Bugfix: Fixed potential NullPointerException in /warn clear command.
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    well its nice and simple, while being able to surport both at the same time is so good.
    However ever, i would simply say get improved chat mod, as script is your best bet to adding perms while making sure it dosent throw errors
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    Can you explain what you mean there? What kind of script are you talking about?
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    improved chat script
    Its a mod, or a script program you can run
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    i using pex and this does not work. even thougj i have proper permissions assigned. people can only see warnings
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    The Permissions plugin will only be recognized if "permissions: Permissions" is set in config.yml, what is that property set to in config.yml?
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    permissions. but pex bridges eveything that usese perms to pex and then to superperms. and i thought this plugin doesnt support pex. if it does what is the proper thing to put in config file

    OMG im so sorry i realized in config i mispelled permissions and never really looked until now. :p. works perfectly now

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    This plugin only supports Permissions (TheYeti/niji) as far as permissions plugins are concerned, but most of those bridges are functional. If you have "permissions: Permissions" in config.yml, I guess it'd really come down to what behavior are you expecting, what behavior are you witnessing, and what permissions does that user/group have?

    EDIT: Oops, we both replied at the same time! Yeah, sorry about that; when I wrote this plugin, Permissions wasn't even the dominant force, so it was actually just an option and most server admins preferred to define their own allowed users or just use ops.
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    lol but yeah works exactly way i need. ty great plugin
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    I was just wondering, i am not sure if i have missed it at all but, is this plugin configured/can be configured so that after 3 warning the player gets kicked, 5 tempban, 6 permban?
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    How exactly does this plugin ban the player? Does is send the command "/ban [player' through the console?
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    This is me being a noob, but I'm stumped on figuring out how to delete a users warning. :/
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    you /warn delete warningnumber
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    sometimes when i warn people i get this if theyve already had warnings. if i delete the database it works fine

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    I would advise not using this plugin in it's current state, it's still using an onMove for the stun (to my knowledge)

    We may revive it from the dead, I'm not sure where Squall has buggered off to.
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    1.2 update?
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    I had a build for 1.1 that I added some of my stuff and a bunch of fixes to, I'm working on redoing the events for 1.2. I'll post it on as an adoption.
    I don't really know how this ended up abandoned, I haven't seen anything with this sort of functionality in any other plugins...

    Edit: I fixed the easy stuff so it would build, the jar is here. Note it has not been tested in any way.
    Edit 2:
    Heroic Rebuke Reloaded page.
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    Update this please

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