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    What is HelpTicket?
    Most of the time on server's you will see user's persistently asking for help because someone had griefed or stolen from them. This plugin allows those users to file a ticket that staff can then look at and deal with as they see fit. If a staff member cannot deal with the situation they can assign the ticket to a staff member who can. When you port to a ticket you are not only assigned to the ticket but teleported and the situation is brought up on screen for you to see.

    • MySQL support
    • Tickets are assigned a unique ID # which can be used to track the ticket
    • Tickets can also be assigned a priority from 0-4 with the default being 2 (Medium)
    • Comment System
    • Teleporting to location that ticket is made, viewing the situation just as the person who created the ticket
    • Notifications of staff as well as members when ticket is modified
    • Offline players will get notified of updates to their tickets when they join
    • Search tickets to see who created a ticket
    • '/pe' being an alias for '/ticket' for people moving from PetitionPlugin to this

    • Permissions(NOT BukkitPermissions)
    • MySQL

    1) Place HelpTicket within your plugins folder
    2) Config will generate when the plugin loads (Error may occur due to database not being correct)
    3) Enter the correct information into the config and restart your server for it to take effect
    4) Add permission nodes to users where relevant

    Permission Nodes:
    • helpticket.help - required to request assistance (open, comment, close[own], view[own])
    • helpticket.mod - required for answering tickets (inheirt's helpticket.ticket permissions + open, reopen, comment, view, port, [un]assign, close)
    • helpticket.admin - at the moment, same as helpticket.mod, However may be used in the future

    How-to operate:
    After your set-up is all complete you are ready to start using it. You can use '/ticket ?' or '/ticket help' in-game to view a list of commands that can be used.

    Version: 0.03
    Notify staff on ticket close; Silence ticket output on player join if no tickets
    Aliases to port: warp/tp

    Version: 0.02
    Removed Forcing Assign before Closing
    Correction of ticket reopening

    ChangeLog History (open)

    Version: 0.01
    Added User comments
    Added Priorities

    Version: 0.00
    Original Upload
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    Chris Hackett

    Shall i be the first to test it!? I shall!
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    This looks cool
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    Nice plugin. Hope this does well as I have little to no time to maintain PetitonPlugin.
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    Yea me and ImDeity will be maintaining/developing this one further as it was originally developed to better suit what we needed on our server, but Deity thought it would be nice if we shared some "secrets" to our server for others to use as well.
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    after testing .....
    before i used this pulgin my servers cpu was running at ~6%
    when i use it ~79%
    sorry .... but no [cake] for you :(

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    this will be the next modreq just need to add more this will become a nice plugin when its fully done
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    Please upgrade to latest RB
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    Why no use of permissionsBukkit?
    To include it use:
    getPluginManager().addPermission(new Permission(.....))
    And to test for permission it's really easy:
    That's it xD, surely you can include that :p
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    Why MySQL? This doesn't seem very disk intensive. ;)
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    By using /ticket search PLAYER for old tickets, there are no IDs given. So its impossible to reopen old tickets.
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    Just preference. Ill add some support for this is a future update.

    Comfortably, and the fact that MySQL is more efficient then using flatfiles/SQLite

    Was aware of this, have it fixed in a dev version, will update it soon with the patch.
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    Please do, I wish to replace ModTRS with this. But since you use the PEX API I am afraid I can't.
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    1597 Version (RB version) update?
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    my heart broke when i read NO bukkitpermissions ;_;
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    No bukkit permissions. What does that mean?

    I use PermissionsEX. Is that bukkitpermissions?
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    wizzy86:No bukkitpermissions is the bukkit-integrated permissionssystem, as well. If you use PEX(=PermissionsEX) it should work fine.
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    vanZeben Will there be an update for Helpticket that fixes /ticket close any time soon? :)
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    Long time no see vanZeben. You will notice that this thread has now been placed into the Inactive Plugin subforum.
    If you wish to revive this plugin, please ensure that you update and test compatibility with the latest recommended Bukkit build before reporting your original post, asking for it to be moved back to the release forum.

    Thanks for your time.
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    Yeah, I moved over to maintaining it on BukkitDev only. Much simpler system to maintain.
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