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    GiveTo - Give Items (& Kits) to Others or Self, Permissions/Economy Support
    Version: v0.8
    CraftBukkit: 1000, 1060, 1185, 1240, 1337

    GiveTo is an easy way to give items to other players or yourself. Using Permissions or EssentialsGroupManager (w/ EssentialsGroupBridge) allows fine administrative control. GiveTo supports iConomy 4/5/6, BOSEconomy 7, MultiCurrency, and Essentials Economy via Register.

    You can give an item by ID or NAME. If no item matches directly, GiveTo attempts to search for a matching item. If there is more than one result, you are presented a list of matches.

    You can also specify an amount to give. Each item can have its own default and max amounts. Or GiveTo will use the global amounts configured.

    • Item ID or Name with searching & results
    • Global/Item-specific default and max amounts
    • Global/Item-specific costs
    • Global/Item-specific delays (cooldown)
    • Quick self-give command
    • Items can have multiple aliases and also act as a kit
    • Customizable messages
    • Configurable command names (with plugin.yml change)
    • Permissions Support (else OPs): command use, reload, specific items/kits, delay/cost exemptions

    GiveTo adds two commands: /giveto (/gto /give) and /giveme (/gme). Both accept "reload" as the first argument to trigger a reload of the config.yml. /gto has full functionality from the console.
    • /gto <player> <item> [count]
    • /gme <item> [count]
    The player can be a player name or "me." As long as there is only one match, you can enter part of a player name. Entering /gto ltg ... will give items to "ltguide."

    The item can be an ID number or text that includes spaces or * as a wildcard. For example, assume you have two items: cobblestone and cobblestone stairs. Entering /gme co st 3 will display the two items. However, /gme co sta 3 will give you 3 cobblestone stairs. You could also use c a, but it actually matching would depend on what other items you have added.

    You can also specify a "durability" that will override the one set in config. For example, /gme sapling:1 will give you a Spruce Sapling. This is useful for Maps since there are too many to conveniently list in the config.

    If you want to change the commands, then you need to change them in plugin.yml inside the .jar. (7-zip: open jar, right-click plugin.yml, "Edit")

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        max: 512
        def: 64
    delay: 0
    cost: 0
    updateinventory: ['someclientmoduser','anothersuchuser']
        arglength: '&5Syntax: &f%s'
        permission: '&cYou do not have permission.'
            alias: rock
            id: '1'
            def: 1
            max: 1
            permission: beginnerset
            delay: 600
            cost: 5
            - '276'
            - '277'
            - '278'
            - '279'
            - '259'
            - '288'
    That is a sample configuration. The full config.yml will be created in the plugins/GiveTo folder when you start the server. You can also download the full config.yml below. YML files requires spaces instead of tabs and the level of indention matters.

    If no amount is specified to /gto or /gme then the "def" value is used. The "max" value is the maximum amount that can be given per item.

    If no delay (cooldown) is specified in the item, then the global delay is used. The delay on a specific item can be less than the global.

    If a cost is specified in the config, then Register.jar will be created in the lib/ folder when you start the server. You will need to reload/restart the server or no money will be deducted from a player's account. The cost on a specific item can be less than the global.

    Update Inventory:
    Client mods for inventory (TooManyItems) require updateInventory() to visually update. However, this API method is deprecated so it shouldn't be used because a future update may remove it. Using this call resends the entire inventory to the player, so it requires more bandwidth from the server. By default the GiveTo plugin will not use it, but it can be enabled for certain users or globally with '*' if a lot of users request it.

    You can use Color Codes to control the colors in messages. You can flip the order of replacements by using %2$s and %1$s instead of %s. You don't have to use every replacement either, i.e. not showing balance.

    item name - can contain spaces, i.e. glowstone block
    • id - required - ID as string: '1' or ID as string list: ['276','277'] (or in long form; see above config); for durability values use a colon: '35:4'
    • alias - optional - another common name, i.e. netherstone for netherrack (can also be a list, see 'id' above)
    • def - optional - default amount
    • max - optional - maximum amount
    • delay - optional - delay seconds before giving item again(cooldown)
    • cost - optional - money amount
    • permission - optional - if specified, the user needs to have giveto.item.PERMISSION to give
    • giveto.others - /gto
    • giveto.self - /gme
    • giveto.reload - /g* reload
    • giveto.item.PERMISSION - required if you set an item specific permission
    • giveto.exempt.delay - exempt from delay period
    • giveto.exempt.cost - exempt from cost (all items FREE)
    You can assign the same permission to multiple items (i.e., permission: builder) then assign a user or group 'giveto.item.builder' It's probably a good idea to add a permission to lava, bedrock, etc.

    If any Permissions-like plugins are not available then Bukkit Permissions (SuperPerms) is used which, by default, will grant all access to OPs only.

    Download GiveTo Plugin (Static)
    Download GiveTo Plugin (version in filename)
    View Full Items List
    Source Code

    Version 0.8
    • added new items
    • updated Register support (no longer needed in /lib)
    • uses Bukkit Permissions (SuperPerms) if no Permissions-like plugin
    Version 0.7
    • added configurable updateInventory() for client mod fix
    • updated Register support (iConomy 6, MultiCurrency, BOSE7)
    • fix cost message showing previous balance
    Version 0.62
    • add new items
    Version 0.61
    • remove need for utf-8 encoded config.yml (now uses & for color instead of unicode)
    • updated economy support
    • fix default durability (fixes unable to craft with some spawned items)
    • fix name lookup with specified durability (yellow wool:5 is really Light Green Wool)
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    Version 0.6
    • customizable messages
    Version 0.5
    • able to specify custom durability on item (map:2)
    • economy support (cost)
    • delay periods/cooldown (delay)
    • permissions for cost/delay exemptions
    • multiple aliases per item
    Version 0.4
    • properly use command aliases in plugin.yml
    • remove unnecessary if from onCommand
    • override /give
    • inventory full message
    Version 0.3
    • No longer requires target as exact player name, will search
    Version 0.2
    • Displays loaded items onEnable and reload
    • Minor cleanup from pre-release
    Version 0.1
    • Initial release
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    wont load anything past id: 282. i try to put stuff the use the "/gme reload" command and it deletes things up to the gold sword but for gold sword it says- "Gold Sword: null". Ive redownloaded it too. whats wrong??

    whole file-
    max: 512
    def: 64
    admin armor:
    def: 1
    max: 1
    permission: adminarmor
    - '310'
    - '311'
    - '312'
    - '313'
    - '276'
    id: '1'
    id: '2'
    id: '3'
    id: '4'
    Wooden Plank:
    id: '5'
    id: '6'
    Spruce Sapling:
    id: '6:1'
    Birch Sapling:
    id: '6:2'
    id: '7'
    id: '8'
    Stationary Water:
    alias: Source Water
    id: '9'
    id: '10'
    Stationary Lava:
    alias: Source Lava
    id: '11'
    id: '12'
    id: '13'
    Gold Ore:
    id: '14'
    Iron Ore:
    id: '15'
    Coal Ore:
    id: '16'
    id: '17'
    Spruce Wood:
    id: '17:1'
    Birch Wood:
    id: '17:2'
    id: '19'
    id: '20'
    Lapis Lazuli Ore:
    id: '21'
    Lapis Lazuli Block:
    id: '22'
    id: '23'
    id: '24'
    Note Block:
    id: '25'
    Powered Rail:
    id: '27'
    Detector Rail:
    id: '28'
    id: '30'
    id: '35'
    White Wool:
    id: '35:0'
    Orange Wool:
    id: '35:1'
    Magenta Wool:
    id: '35:2'
    Light Blue Wool:
    id: '35:3'
    Yellow Wool:
    id: '35:4'
    Light Green Wool:
    id: '35:5'
    Pink Wool:
    id: '35:6'
    Gray Wool:
    id: '35:7'
    Light Gray Wool:
    id: '35:8'
    Cyan Wool:
    id: '35:9'
    Purple Wool:
    id: '35:10'
    Blue Wool:
    id: '35:11'
    Brown Wool:
    id: '35:12'
    Dark Green Wool:
    id: '35:13'
    Red Wool:
    id: '35:14'
    Black Wool:
    id: '35:15'
    Yellow Flower:
    id: '37'
    Red Rose:
    id: '38'
    Brown Mushroom:
    id: '39'
    Red Mushroom:
    id: '40'
    Gold Block:
    id: '41'
    Iron Block:
    id: '42'
    Stone Double Slab:
    id: '43'
    Sandstone Double Slab:
    id: '43:1'
    Wooden Double Slab:
    id: '43:2'
    Cobblestone Double Slab:
    id: '43:3'
    Stone Slab:
    id: '44'
    Sandstone Slab:
    id: '44:1'
    Wooden Slab:
    id: '44:2'
    Cobblestone Slab:
    id: '44:3'
    Brick Block:
    id: '45'
    id: '46'
    id: '47'
    Moss Stone:
    id: '48'
    id: '49'
    id: '50'
    id: '51'
    Monster Spawner:
    id: '52'
    Wooden Stairs:
    id: '53'
    id: '54'
    Diamond Ore:
    id: '56'
    Diamond Block:
    id: '57'
    Crafting Table:
    alias: Workbench
    id: '58'
    id: '59'
    alias: Soil
    id: '60'
    id: '61'
    Burning Furnace:
    alias: Lit Furnace
    id: '62'
    Wooden Door:
    id: '324'
    id: '65'
    alias: Minecart Track
    id: '66'
    Cobblestone Stairs:
    id: '67'
    alias: Switch
    id: '69'
    Stone Pressure Plate:
    id: '70'
    Iron Door:
    id: '71'
    Wooden Pressure Plate:
    id: '72'
    Redstone Ore:
    id: '73'
    Glowing Redstone Ore:
    id: '74'
    Redstone Torch:
    id: '76'
    Stone Button:
    id: '77'
    id: '78'
    id: '79'
    Snow Block:
    id: '80'
    id: '81'
    Clay Block:
    id: '82'
    Sugar Cane:
    id: '338'
    id: '84'
    id: '85'
    id: '86'
    alias: Netherstone
    id: '87'
    Soul Sand:
    id: '88'
    Glowstone Block:
    alias: Lightstone
    id: '89'
    id: '90'
    id: '91'
    Cake Block:
    id: '92'
    Iron Shovel:
    def: 1
    id: '256'
    Iron Pickaxe:
    def: 1
    id: '257'
    Iron Axe:
    def: 1
    id: '258'
    Flint and Steel:
    def: 1
    id: '259'
    id: '260'
    id: '261'
    id: '262'
    id: '263'
    id: '263:1'
    id: '264'
    Iron Ingot:
    id: '265'
    Gold Ingot:
    id: '266'
    Iron Sword:
    id: '267'
    Wooden Sword:
    def: 1
    id: '268'
    Wooden Shovel:
    def: 1
    id: '269'
    Wooden Pickaxe:
    def: 1
    id: '270'
    Wooden Axe:
    def: 1
    id: '271'
    Stone Sword:
    def: 1
    id: '272'
    Stone Shovel:
    def: 1
    id: '273'
    Stone Pickaxe:
    def: 1
    id: '274'
    Stone Axe:
    def: 1
    id: '275'
    Diamond Sword:
    def: 1
    id: '276'
    Diamond Shovel:
    def: 1
    id: '277'
    Diamond Pickaxe:
    def: 1
    id: '278'
    Diamond Axe:
    def: 1
    id: '279'
    id: '280'
    id: '281'
    Mushroom Soup:
    id: '282'
    Gold Sword: null
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    please help
    i downloaded it for my server and dragged it (GiveTo.jar) into my plugins folder, and when i play i do the code
    (/gme 272 4) for example and it says No matching items. i trieds lots of items but none work
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    Did you download the full config.yml and overwrite the automatically generated one?
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    Clever Trevor

    This does not support powered rails, detector rails, or leaves. :(
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    Using the full config.yml, powered rails and detector rails work. The problem with leaves is the type is not stored in the inventory data.
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    Clever Trevor

    Where do I get a full config.yml? The one you listed does not have them.
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    That's strange. I downloaded it using that link and it had them.
  9. Offline

    Clever Trevor

    herp derp. Notepad++ wasn't finding it and I am blind when I read. Anyways, thanks for the awesome plugin!
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    Sure, no problem :)
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    Only allows me to load 135 items. Redownloaded everything. same problem.... why?
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    What CB version are you running?
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    It wont work for me, the server does not recognise that the GiveTo plugin even exists, even though it is in the Plugin Directory. All other plugins and the server itself work fine. Help?
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    What CB version are you running? Does it show up in the log saying it was enabled?
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    respect :)
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    Leaves don't retain their damage value when in inventory? Any clue why that's different from wool, wood and such?
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    I'm not sure. If you set durability on leaves, they appear with a health bar like tools (level of decay?). I figure to change leaf type, you would need a plugin to change the block once it is placed in the world.
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    Thank you for your work, ltguide! I'm a fan of the plugin.

    Also, just in case anyone is wondering, version 0.4 of this plugin works as-is on Bukkit 766 and 803.
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    I hope it works for 818!!!
  20. Hey love the plugin :). Can i just add the new items like maps and so to the config file? will that work?
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    Yeah. because of the way maps work, I recommend naming the maps like map_0 (alias: map) id 358:0 def 1. I hope that makes sense. I'm on a boat right now.
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    Does this work with permissions 3? I can't seem to get the 'give.item.permission' feature to work
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    I just tested it with permissions 3 to make sure. Are you using 'giveto.item.permission' in your config?
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    Whenever I have this plugin installed along with certain other plugins (MobBounty, iConomyChestShop, SimpleShop) and I try to put in commands, I get this: An internal error occured while attempting to preform this command. I also can't destroy or build anything. GiveTo works perfectly on it's own, and all of the other plugins work when GiveTo is not installed. Could someone explain to me what I'm doing wrong?

    EDIT: I had permissions configured incorrectly. Everything is fixed and it works perfectly.
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    Can you paste the full error message from the server console? And what version of CB and those plugins?
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    Amazing plugin ;)

    However, if you can add a setting to add a delay between each give, it would be fantastic !

    Anyway, thanks for this plugin, no, this add-on ^^
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    Absolutely love this plugin... but I have a request:

    Can you tweak it so that it accepts the damage parameter when I enter the command in game?

    i.e. /gme 358:2

    More then that, would it be possible to make it that a listed item can have more info for it?

    i.e. /gme Map:2

    Just curious? Keep up the awesome work on the plugin!
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    indeed amazing plugin :)
    one "bug" i noticed though..
    in the example/full config.yml, there are two iron doors.
    one with item ID 330 and one with ID 71.
    ID 71 only spawns half iron doors ingame, which disappear when logging out. it also looks strange in the inventory (as if the door is stretched to the whole width of the inventory slot)
    when placing two of the "broken" half-doors next to each other they automatically get destroyed and leave two normal iron doors to be picked up (which then work normally)

    (crappy) example video
    edit: what i meant was.. both have the same name. a user trying /giveme iron door always gets the buggy one(s) :/
    so you might want to remove ID71 from the full list (can still be spawned via ID, allthough i don't really know why one would want buggy doors lol)
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    @jsschmitt That sounds like a good idea. It'll fix the issue with maps for sure.

    @Bambooz yeah, I noticed that the other day. When I release the new version, it'll be changed :0
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    Any chance of iConomy support for costs and cooldowns?
  31. Offline


    Could you add the ability to specify multiple aliases?

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