[ADMN] GiveArmor v0.5 - get/give all types of Armor easily [Permissions] [1060]

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    GiveArmor - get/give all types of Armor easily
    Version: v0.5

    Requires BukkitPermissions or Permissions 2.7+ / 3.0+ !

    This is my very first plugin. Tell me if you like it or if you have any suggestions to improve it!

    • Get the different Armors via Command
    • Give Armors to other users (with console support)
    • Permissions support!

    • /ga [dia/gold/iron/leather/chain] - get a full [diamond/gold/iron/leather/chain] armor.
    • /gato [dia/gold/iron/leather/chain] <Player> - give a full [diamond/gold/iron/leather/chain] armor to <Player>.
    Permission nodes:

    • ga.* - give all Permission nodes!
    • ga.armor.give.* - allow getting armors (* could be replaced by [diamond/gold/iron/leather/chain])
    • ga.armor.giveto.* - allow giving armors to others (* could be replaced by [diamond/gold/iron/leather/chain])
    Download (BukkitPermissions) GiveArmor v0.5
    Download (Permissions 2.7+ / 3.0+ => not going to be updated) GiveArmor v0.4



    Version 0.5
    • BukkitPermissions support!! (Permissions 3.x is not going to be supported in the future)
    Version 0.4
    • Bug fixes (permissions bug)
    • added console support for /gato
    • added individual Permissions for the Armors
    Version 0.3

    • added command to give armors to others (with permission)
    Version 0.2

    • possibility to get all armors (diamond/gold/iron/leather/chain)
    Version 0.1

    • Releasing the plugin
    • Permissions for the different Armors
    • Give armors to other players
    • let players pay for armors (iConomy)

    If you got an Error please use this
    Error Report Template: (Replace # with numbers; Please answer each issue.)
    [b]Craftbukkit Version:[/b] b###
    [b]GiveArmor version:[/b] #.#.#
    [b]Current Issue / Error:[/b]
    [b]Console Output w/ Full Error[/b] (Preferably using http://pastie.org or http://pastebin.com):
    [i]What you were doing?[/i]
    [i]Is this a reoccuring issue?[/i]
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    How about letting the person give armor to other people, instead of only giving it to themselves. And maybe you could add the other armors- chain, gold, iron, leather?
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    Thanks! I'm working on it ;)

    EDIT: Done
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    Lol I was going to make a plugin like this. You beat me to it! :p Keep up the good work
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    chainmail armor?
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    chain armor added.
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    Hmm weird when i type in game it says i have no promission... And if i type in console i type: ( i tried with / and without / and got the same thing) it says ga (diamond/gold/iron/leather/chain) i was like okay And tried ga iron myname... And it didn't work any help ?
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    permissions bug should be fixed and console support was added ;)
    if you want to give armor to someone else you have to type /gato [dia/gold..] <Playername>
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    Quick suggestion: Maybe make the armor auto equip if the slots are open? (Can you do that?)

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