Inactive [ADMN][GEN] TimeKeeper v0.5 - Watch the Time a User is on a Server [1.2.5-R4.0]

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    TimeKeeper - Watch the Time a User is on a Server:
    Version: v0.9

    Limit the playtime on the Server. You can handle daily or weekly Time-Accounts
    or use both.

    • Kicks a Player after a amount of Time
    • Watches now time on weekly or daily Base
    • Switch to set weekly, daily or both
    • Checks the IP (configurable)
    • Add unused amount of time to the next day (configurable)
    • Posibility to disable TimeKepper per Player
    more Details and Download: on DevBukkit
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    A idea to change the purpose of this plugin/make a new plugin out of it, (without to much work?!)!

    As I guess the kick of a player is done via "/kick", I could imagine to make the command that gets executed configurable. So this would allow to "/give" or whatever every "x" minutes. MAybe the command and interval could be configured via a config file?
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    I agree with spike, Also how about some commands like /checktime to see how long someone has been playing on your server.
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    Sorry, I mostly watch the
    Page and not this one, so it could take time...

    Thats a good Idea, can you explain exactly whot you want?
    Give to all logged in players?
    Give always the same Item?

    You are looking for a Scheduler, I am right?

    Currently there is /listall to see the remaining time
    /checktime could be the better name, I think I will change to this and keep /listall as an alias

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    Yes, as kind of sheduler, as I want players which are active will be given reward every... lets say 60 minutes.
    In my idea it would always be a fixed amount of a fixed item, but if this is a possiblity in configuration... why not
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    I think this is not to be too difficult, the config cloud look like this.
        Item_id: xxx
        Amount: yyy
        Time: 60
        Item_id: xxx
        Amount: yyy
        Time: 5:00pm     
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    Love the plugin. :D Have .10 working on a 131 R2.0 server however I am having an issue with settings being saved in the config.yml file also I have a few suggestions.

    When I edit the config.yml file, specifically the enabled=false option, then do a reload or reset it converts back to true (have not tried all variations but can include specific combinations if needed). Other settings also will not stay such as timeacount settings for any group including default. It is like the config.yml file gets rewritten with default settings instead of just timeaccount and join time settings in case of reset and in the case of the reload the config.yml should only be copied to memory and not modified at all.

    Also a few suggestions -
    - Can you provide a '.bypass' permission so groups, i.e admins, are not affected by time limits instead of having to edit config for each group member?

    -Can you add an option to individually control daily, weekly, weekend limits for groups? For instance I would like to limit my Sons to 1 hour of play each week day but allow them 4 hours on weekends while allowing general players 4 hours everyday and allowing another group no weekday access but unlimited weekend access. The first variation, my Sons group, is of most interest to me.

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