[ADMN/GEN/SEC] SimpleBan v2.1 - Best Ban plugin ever created! [1240]

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    This plugin will not be updated by me anymore.

    SimpleBan- Best Ban Plugin ever created!
    Version - 2.2 (1185 / 1240)
    Download -
    SimpleBan [Jar]

    Requires- Permissions 2x/ 3x or GroupManager and GroupManagerBridge
    Plugin will deactivate itself if it does not find one.

    BukkitDev Link - Here <- Fixed


    • Ban a player's ip, From their name.
    • GroupManager Support {New} and {old}
    • Keeps a BannedIP list, Which you can check at any time.
    • Ban a player, and all accounts on that same ip.
    • Permissions 2x and !new! 3x Support.
    • When you ban a player's ip, It will stop them from coming back on a new Port.
    • Ban an offline player
    • Unban ip's and Player's in game, (Check the List!)
    • If a player's ip is banned, and he logs on with a new one (same in game name) his new ip will be banned

    Commands and Permissions Nodes:

        description: Ban player name and IP. (It has player name matching)
        usage: /<command> <playerName>
        permission: simpleban.simpleban
        description: Ban a player which is not online using IP history.
        usage: /<command> <playerName>
        permission: simpleban.banlist
        description: Ban an specific IP.
        usage: /<command> <ip>
        permission: simpleban.ipban
        description: Ban an specific IP using a player name.
        usage: /<command> <playerName>
        permission: simpleban.ipbanname
        description: Unban the player with given name.
        usage: /<command> <playerName>
        permission: simpleban.simpleunban
        description: Remove all matching IPs from ban list.
        usage: /<command> <ip>
        permission: simpleban.ipunban
        description: Reload bans file.
        usage: /<command>
        permission: simpleban.simplereload


    • Download SimpleBan.Jar
    • Put into plugins Directory
    • Success!


    Version 2.2:
    • Fixed all permissions
    • {New} GroupManager Support added
    • Fixed all permission nodes
    • Done!
    Version 2.1:
    • Added Permissions 3x Support
    • Updated to Bukkit Build #1060
    • Fixed outdated code
    • Cleaned code
    • Added new features
    • Fixed ALL current bugs
    • Added SimpleBan

    Original work by @AnjoCaido

    Redone by me.

    (stopped working in the 500's)

    Now all of his plugins have been taken over except AnjoSecurity, but xAuth covers that :)

    Thanks to

    @ElgarL for taking over GroupManager

    @ArtemisTheSecond For Taking over Roles

    Anjo was a really cool guy, and im glad his work lives on :)


    Please leave your feed back!

    Thank you

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    Put in vote banning+kicking and you will have beat 99% of all other plugins that do the same thing.
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    Will start working on an update very soon, Still got to update iop >.>
    I have a lot of plans to add to this, also almost all ban plugins are inactive :confused:

    Fixed Permissions!
    Updated- New GroupManager Now working
    All permission nodes now work, Fixed

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  4. Nice work Chase :)
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    Looks at email, Sir.Jimbo has Liked this post >.>
    *cough= idea*
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    This sounds great! I may use it on my server when the time comes. Hope it stays active.
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    nice plugin:)
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    Thank you :>
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    PEX Suport would be great thanks :D
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    Maybe next update.
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    does this support banning an IP by like xxx.xxx.*, would be awesome to have range/ISP support!
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    You can have Ports.
    Ban xxx.xxx.xxx:*
    So then all the ports after it are banned, which is what most people who switch there ip do.
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    Hmm, it's giving me that annoying "bukkit will leak tears :'(" error, I don't see any errors logged @ console though, and I've checked the permissions.
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    Yeah, That isn't an issue with SimpleBan but one with bukkit
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    Hmm, well I tried a reload and restart, no luck, I can't seem to find any conflicts.
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    Awesome! Trying her out tonight.
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    It should be working, Its working fine on the few test servers that are using it (real servers that allow me to test it)

    This plugin won't have any real updates any time soon though :l

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    you think you can add like a short command, if a hacker join i need to type quick mabey something like /sb <playername> ?? :)
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    i do not think an alias is really needed for that :confused:
    Maybe next update.
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    hm okey xD
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    "bukkit sad. Bukkit want you to access command, but bukkit cannot let you. Bukkit will leak tears :'("

    This is what I get when trying to /simpleban someone.

    CB 1317
    SB 2.1
    Using PEX, with permissions bridge.
    Op can't use commands, nor can Mods, who have simplaban.* node.
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    ^ yes same for me. and i even tried putting in the permissions as written (no .*). As well it doesnt auto-create a simpleban folder. not sure if it is supposed to.. i presume so. I am using 1185.
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    Everything seems to be working for me, However i do not plan to update this any further for right now.
  25. @Mrchasez Add another version that doesn't use permissions. Make another download that uses the OP default system not the permissions :p
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    Oh rly best plugin? And where the subnet bans?
  27. @Mrchasez
    Their is a problem on line 423 of SimpleBan.java
    1. File playersFolder = new File(w.getName() + File.separator + "players");

    Now in Bukkit 1337, their is a possibility that the server using the plugin use a world-container folder. Please check this.
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    I didn't have any plans on updating this any further.
    Well, not really.
  29. That's just a very little update, for those using this plugin :)
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    Could you add a feature that lets you temp ban offline players please

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