Inactive [ADMN/GEN/MISC] GUI Creator 1.6.6 - Make GUIs with no programming! [Spout][1.2.5-R4]

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    Full details on the BukkitDev page found here.

    Updated to support up to 80 custom buttons with no coding needed. Read the BukkitDev page to learn how.

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    There is one problem though, even when you are chatting... when you press the menu key it comes up.
    Can you please code it so it only come up when a user pressed a defined button and there is no window overlapping.
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    Hmm, never noticed that :)

    Shouldn't be too hard to do, I'll try and get it done now.
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    How do I confugire this plugin?
    I don't see the GUI. :/
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    Please read the guide on the BukkitDev page. To see the GUI you need to give yourself the permission Admin_GUI.can_open_GUI and have a layout file in the screens folder (there's one already there in the download).
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    Hey cold and tired I getting this for a server but i'm going to modify it slightly i want to know if your fine with that.
    I'm going to go ahead and modify it then if u don't want me to I'll just take it off the server and use normal version
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    Sure, have fun :)
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    Updated to 1.6.7 with a few minor fixes.
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    Firstly, Thank you. your plugin is what I have been waiting for.
    Below is just a general wish list. Ignore, use, whatever. :D

    Would it be possible to have the screens display text?
    As admin, it would be useful to have all information and controls accessible through this plugin. I would really like the ability to use your plugin to not only allow players to access commands quickly but also browse a User Guide. Some sort of line syntax would be nice, <textline msg="Herpy derpy...."/>, which would display text across one line and start the next item on a new line.
    Also, a page break item if it is at all possible. An image that can be placed that would split the screen into sections.
    In essence, a button that cant be clicked stretching the length of the screen. It would allow for arrangement of screens into better sections.
    Note: That an additional "nice to have" feature of the screen break would be the ability to set properties of any of the buttons/text below the screen break. A global properties if you will. something like:
    25,77,99" command_button_color="66,24,86" />

    Again, Thanks!
    Note: Apologies on my rambling. :oops:
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    This plugin looks awesome!
    I going to try it:)
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    Text is possible. I quite like this idea and I'll have a look at the best way of implementing it.
    Didn't quite understand this part. It's already possible to insert a blank row to separate groups of buttons. Do you mean a way to separate columns of buttons?
    I'm adding a way to override the size and auto-layout of widgets (but it's a lot of work :) ) - is this what you meant?
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    Thanks for the response. :D
    Will love this feature.
    I was trying to convey a way of breaking up the screen into sections vertically. The suggestion was to use an image that stretches the length of the screen to segment the screen.
    Say the money tab that your players have access to has:
    [Balance] [Trade]
    ============= <-- Screen break.
    [Pay][ ]

    Yep, that's what I mean.

    Thanks heaps.
    Since I got into server hosting I have been waiting for something like this.
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    Change they from ~ to something easier? Because the GUI is not showing up upon clicking ` or ~
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    Do you have the right permission set? You won't see anything if you don't have the permission Admin_GUI.can_open_GUI and are using Spoutcraft.

    The key can be changed to anything in the config.
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    Hello sir,
    Been trying for an hour to setup your plugin. I have everything setup properly, I know it's not the permission node I'm having trouble with, it's the config files, like most of us. Could you please give us a setup for the config.yml file? Especially the open_key.. This plugin is useless without knowledge on how to setup the config file, mines blank D: Please help.
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    Check the tutorial page for the possible settings. The config file is supposed to be blank unless a setting is being overridden.
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    I've checked everywhere, don't see where I can set the open_key? Could you please just tell me?
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    In the config file. open_key: KEY_F4, for example.
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    Is there a place where i can find already made GUI's? or can someone make an essentials GUI? that would be SO CoOoOL
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    This plugin has already revolutionized admin interaction with the server, but it has the potential to revolutionize ALL user interaction with the server!

    Text boxes are important, but I would give my left chalupa to be able to have certain screens available to certain users. That way admins can have their control panels with kicks, bans, etc, and regular users can interact with their plugins... access shops, look at their available funds (ooh! tie-ins with economy systems! 'You have %econ% available to spend'), etc.

    Down with the slash key!
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    Also images.
    See this:


    Oh, and for all you admins with some small skill in coding I highly recommend commandhelper when using this plugin. You can create some powerful/hidden commands that do entertaining things.
    I just created an admin teleport button that is rather dramatic. When I am warned of griefing I storm in with my ban hammer. Literally storm in. I set up a command that teleports me to player, starts a storm, strikes lightening, broadcasts to all players "Your God is Angry" and to the offending player says "Flee puny mortal for your doom is nigh". All with one button!
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    Sorry, forgot about this thread :) I could make a few myself but I've hardly ever used any plugins so I have no real idea which commands are useful and which order they should be in on a GUI. If you want to make one yourself and send it to me I'll add it to the zip and credit you for it.

    That's already there. Just add a permission to a screen you want to hide, and only give that permission to players you want to be able to see it (admins, etc.). Also works with buttons if you only need to hide one or two.

    My thoughts exactly! :)

    Doesn't need any other plugin for that. Just separate commands with a ; and they will be run one after another.

    Images are on the list but I'm waiting for the next RB of Spout and Spoutcraft before doing too many big changes.

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    My left chalupa, it's yours!
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    Now I'll have three! \o/ ;)

    Check the Screen page for an example.
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    Is it me or is opening the GUI on a mac impossible? Grave didn't do anything, and my attempts to use config.yml were fruitless as well. Any advice on how to get this going would be greatly appreciated.

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    Set open_key: KEY_F4 (for example) in the config file.

    I'm changing this next version (never knew Macs didn't have that key - what do they use to open the TF2 console?)
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    The key is there, it just doesn't work correctly in mine/spout craft. Tab is another one, you have to be in full screen to use it. And F row keys require holding fn down.
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    How am I supposed to edit the config file? All of the buttons (actually, the entire menu) is far off scale and it even gives me a warning that it is not the default size. HELP?!
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    It hasn't been fully updated for the newest Spout RB yet. It's coming though! :)
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    The GUI is offset and is mostly off of the screen. I'm even gettings errors when attempting to use it saying that it is not the correct (or default) size. I noticed that there is a config file, but nothing will generate in it. How can I fix this problem? I would love to use this plugin on my server!
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    Oops, forgot to update the link on this thread. :( It's done now.

    The offset GUI should be fixed in 1.6.7.

    The default size error message is a new Spout error message that I need to find a workaround for (it has no affect on the plugin's function).

    The config should be empty because all the values have a default. If you want to override some settings see this page.

    Check the BukkitDev page for some examples (or look in the examples folder in the zip file)/

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