Inactive [ADMN/GEN/MISC] GUI Creator 1.6.6 - Make GUIs with no programming! [Spout][1.2.5-R4]

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    Full details on the BukkitDev page found here.

    Updated to support up to 80 custom buttons with no coding needed. Read the BukkitDev page to learn how.

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    I like the look of this when you say customizable can you change the colors of buttons??
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    No. The only properties of buttons that can be changed generally are the text colour and the highlighted colour (blue).

    Customizable here means that the screens can be generated by adding a few values to an .xml file, without having to edit the plugin itself.

    Update to 1.3. Now the whole GUI is customizable, still all through an XML file!

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    Updated to 1.4. A couple of nice things added. Please re-read the BukkitDev page for all the details.
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    Very interesting. I see alot of possibility for this.
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    This is awesome, should be approved.
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    this... is... awesome!
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    Thanks guys :)

    1.5 is out and adds the possibility of using as many screens as you want, and being able to link one screen to another to create hierarchies.
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    This is awesome. (I hope you're not tired of reading this)
    Thanks for the plugin.
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    Updated to include text boxes and subscreens (screens that can only be reached through link buttons). This allows for as simple or as complicated a menu system as you can possibly create!
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    Updated to 1.6.3.
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    How to show the admin screen ingame - i tryed to put in the exampel in the config file - but cant find out how to show command screen :-/
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    Copy a file from the example folder into the screens folder for a quick start.

    You also need to give yourself the permission Admin_GUI.can_open_GUI to be able to open it.

    The default key is ~.
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    sry im totally new at this - im setting up a nice server for my kids :-D so im not all into this permision thing :-D

    how to add this permission rule :-D

    sry if im noob ;-)
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    You'll need a permissions manager like Permissionsbukkit or bPermissions, etc.

    The command is slightly different on each of them, but for Permissionsbukkit you'd type
    /permissions player NAME setperm Admin_GUI.can_open_GUI true
    in the chat window and press enter. Replace NAME with your Minecraft name.

    I have to warn you though that this plugin doesn't do anything on its own - what it does is easily make buttons for commands other plugins use.
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    Thanks! But I have a problem with it. I have all the required plugins, even Permissionsbukkit, and I set myself in the permission, but when I press ~, nothing pops up. Help? Thanks!
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    What version of Spout and Spoutcraft are you using?

    If you've just downloaded it and installed it it doesn't do anything. You need to create a file in the screens folder to layout your commands.

    Have a look at the guide section on the BukkitDev webpage, or at the files in the examples folder.
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    How would I use the example files, would I copy them all over to the screens folder?
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    Yes. The one that makes the screenshot above is 3.xml. The BukkitDev page has more in-depth explanations but I think you'll be able to see how to edit the example file to your own needs.
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    Ok, one more thing, since I got Permissionsbukkit, how do I set permissions so me and a friend can build? AND I copied the files over, and nothing... can you make a video tutorial or something please? :eek:
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    Great Plugin! Love it!
    I dont understand how you open the GUI
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    For PermissionsBukkit use this:
    /permissions player NAME setperm Admin_GUI.can_open_GUI true
    Replacing NAME with whichever Minecraft player you want to allow use of the plugin.

    Please read this thread from the top to see some tips. Short version is: give yourself the permissions Admin_GUI.can_open_GUI and copy an example file from the example folder to the screens folder to get started.

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    Well, now it's
    /permissions player setperm NAME Admin_GUI.can_open_GUI true
    and has yet to still work. What files EXACTLY do I put in there?
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    Technically, you need to make your own file with the commands you use most, using the guide on the BukkitDev page.
    The example file are just ones I threw together to illustrate the file structure. They use Essentials commands, vanilla commands, Permissions3, etc.

    Place any of the files from the example folder in the screen folder if you just want to see how it works though.
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    Still nothing. I set permissions for myself, I put the plugins in the plugins folder, nothing... video?
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    Admin GUI and its folder go in the plugin folder, as well as Spout and PermissionsBukkit. You need to download and use Spoutcraft instead of the normal Minecraft program.

    Check the server console to see that Admin GUI has loaded properly and is not issuing any warnings.

    Updated to 1.6.5.

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    Alright, I got Spoutcraft, and I think it works. Thanks :)
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    So has anyone made an Essentials 2.x GUI yet?

    please note, i will hug you if you post it :D
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    I put up a thread asking if anyone could help make stuff like that and got no replies :(

    I've never used most of Essentials so I don't know how many commands there are but I'm sure it could easily be done.

    Updated to 1.6.6 as well.

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