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    You may wonder, why so many tags? Well, that is because this plugin simply contains a lot of features that fall under those tags! I originally made (parts of) this plugin for our server, but it proofed to be a 'publishable' plugin as well. :)


    This plugin features everything related to worlds. Features:
    • Load, unload, copy, delete, save and create worlds
    • Show information of worlds and list available chunk generators and worlds
    • Set world game mode, difficulty, time, weather, autosaving, PvP
    • Set world mob spawn restrictions
    • Evacuate worlds to clear them from players
    • Repair broken worlds to some extend
    • Make portals cross-world, one-way, simple, no commands needed
    • World-specific chat rooms using permissions
    • Automatically load worlds when the server starts and persistent settings
    • Extensive permission system, you can even set who can enter what world
    • Can act as a tool for other plugins to teleport players from one world to the other
    • Simple teleportation commands
    • Set OP lists for specific worlds to make players operator on certain worlds
    • Easy-to-remember commands: with aliases and chat-message help
    A nice tutorial by FrozdY

    BukkitDev page

    For configuration, commands, etc, look on the BukkitDev page under Links.
    All documentation pages are now on Bukkit Dev.

    Known bugs:
    - None
    Disclaimer (because things CAN go wrong)

    I am not responsible for world damages done by this plugin or by certain commands this plugin performs. If you, for example, loaded 20 worlds and hosted it on a buggy computer with 30 players, odds are the server (and your computer) will crash and worlds become corrupted. Repair can fix worlds, but this does not recover damaged chunks, so don't think you are always covered. Also, never forget to make backups of your worlds, but I guess this is common sense...

    - Different inventories per world? No, you can use World Inventories for that.
    - Or try MultiInv while it is still maintained.
    - Repair ruined your world? Backup of region files can be found in the region folder, simply restore.

    Important links:

    Download the MyWorlds.jar from GitHub
    Look at the source at GitHub
    BukkitDev page


    Show your appreciation for my plugins by donating
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    wow I LOVE THIS PLUGIN:) IT SO AWESOME! especially since you told me how to disable monsters. some of mt worlds are gonna be monster free and i am going to have monster arenas! LOVE THIS PLUGIN. its the only simple one out there
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    But Berger killer could you help me with that, its really annoying
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    @BannerFigurezZz with what exactly? Spawn enabling/disabling is simple.
    /denyspawn animal
    /allowspawn mob
    /denyspawn all
    /allowspawn chicken
    /allowspawn cow
    /denyspawn creeper
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    All this needs now for me to use this instead of multiverse is to support Generators.
    Already using your other plugins in your sig, Traincarts,nolagg,Signlink.
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    @ledhead900 Generators as in, regenerate regions? If you mean custom world generation plugins, I know none, so in that case please link me one so I can test against it. :)
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    No that's not what i meant.
    I created portals as the way of going to different floors in my huge tower.
    The only problem (was haven't had it for an hour now) that it kept deleting the portals automatically.
    It gave me the message: [warning] myworlds has auto removed portal "admin" because it no longer exists.
    so my problem is that the mod is auto removing portals
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    @ledhead900 thanks, I'll definitely check it out. :)

    @BannerFigurezZz This means portals being managed internally no longer match those in the real world, thus they are removed. By any chance possible the signs changed position?
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    no that's not possible

    and also, when i remove a sign of an auto removed portal its says i just destroyed the portal
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    That it says that is normal, didn't add checks if the portal even existed there. :)

    No idea what is happening...obviously you see the sign but the plugin(s) don't see it...weird.
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    Yeah it is pretty weird.
    But imagine i had to replace my portals after 2 or 3 teleports for 2 days it just stopped today doing the auto remove thingy, but i am affraid it will come back.
    Funny thing is it deleted the same 2 and only those 2 portals over and over again while nothing changed, i tested stuff like different portal setups and different sing placements but it still deleted
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    @ledhead900 Checked it out and I see it is pretty simple to load a world using a certain generator. I will also add a way to display all possible generators on the server, and of course, generator matching.

    Only wondering if the environment is important when using a generator...
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    TBH I never tested environment much myself I used Banana Space with Skyland and Normal and it seemed to generated my only assumption would be that cloud would be at the bottom instead of the top lol.

    Now the question is how fast is your plugin versus multiverse
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    First things first, thanks for the mod! It's a good, easy-to-use plugin that does it's job well.

    Sooo, I had an idea: what if you put a list in the config.yml of worlds to be loaded on server start-up? I would find that very helpful.
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    @ledhead900 I guess it is pretty much the same, but do note that a lot of features are missing in MultiVerse, such as world repair, copying, deleting, and of course, being able to remove worlds after you unload them. It's been a pain when you can't restore a world because 'a file is in use by another program'. This plugin fixes that too.

    And my commands are by far easier to remember than MultiVerse...
    And of course I'll add some nifty generator matching which MultiVerse doesn't have, such as:
    @ncurley999 good news for you, I replaced the .txt files by a single worlds.yml file containing all world properties, including if its loaded, weather locked, locked time, denied creatures and more.
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    I used multiverse currently as I need all worlds to unload if no one is on them. To save ram. So maybe you could implement a player check on the worlds in the config and if no players are on the world for xx interval of time Unload the all the chunks. Basically what we need is a world Hibernation mode that can resume once a player visits the world again.

    Also you may wish to look at the this post on github regarding a talk I had with a generator devloper.

    He has a possible solution that could end all the issues between world managers and generators not talking properly. His idea is to combine them with an ID and assign worlds based on ID instead of the current method anyway read his words for better understanding. might be able get in contact with him as its his plugin I specifically need to function with this.
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    When the players die in the creative world, they respawn in survival world with creative mode... Help! (I'm French sry for my bad english...)
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    Hey bergerkiller, I'm having the same problem as BannerFigurezZz. I keep getting the message in the console:
    What happens is I make a new portal, it will function maybe two or three times, and then just stop working. The above text is shown in console.

    I'm using Portal Tile portals, not water stream portals.

    Occasionally, stepping into the portal who's destination was automatically removed by the server would teleport me to a different map on my server, even though there were no portals created on that map at all. Sometimes a few stone blocks from one portal's frames would be replaced by sandstone blocks from the destination portal's frame, too. Very strange, but kind of neat in a sci-fi\horror movie kind of way, but definitely not preferable!

    The other plugins I'm running are:

    My host is Redstone Hosting LLC
    My server is a 256MB 10-man server which had only four players online when this happened. Four is the most players I ever have.
    Could it be a memory issue?

    I'm going to delete all maps except for my main map from my server and see if this helps. I'll also try some water portals. Just wanted you to know that BannerFigurezZz isn't the only one having this problem, and that I can confirm no signs were moved, nothing was changed or altered about the portals in any way. I literally had another player standing in front of the portal that was removed, looking at the sign, making sure it still said what it was supposed to and was in the correct position when the problem occurred.
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    I investigated the sign issue, and I think I found it out...or somewhat. It is possible that the chunk is not yet loaded during the loadChunkEvent event, so this would fail:
            int cx = signblock.getLocation().getBlockX() >> 4;
            int cz = signblock.getLocation().getBlockZ() >> 4;
            if (!signblock.getWorld().isChunkLoaded(cx, cz)) {
                if (loadchunk) {
                    signblock.getWorld().loadChunk(cx, cz);
                } else {
                    return null;
    It shouldn't be too hard to fix, only needs some code swapping.
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    Excellent. My players are very eager to make use of this plugin, and were disappointed last night after it started failing.

    In the time since I posted, I removed my extra maps and tried making water portals instead of portal tile portals. I had the same result, two portals removed in a very short time.

    I appreciate you looking into this, as your plugin has the potential to be the best thing to happen to my server if I can get it to work!
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    I made it a bit more secure for one. If the block location got changed 'for realz' it is going to be hard to fix it...then the sign isn't there in the first place. :)

    @ledhead900 Worlds hardly add RAM if no one is on there, plus, if it's kept unloaded, someone can easily crash the server by joining and leaving the server frequently. It's a way to reduce RAM, but will increase disk usage, thus increasing the chance of the server crashing.

    Also, there are many MANY ways to check if a plugin has a chunk generator. You can look at the fields using reflection, check if it loads at startup and even dismantle the plugin to look for chunkgenerator extending classes. Believe me, lots is possible. :)


    I just wrote this up:
    "    public static String[] getGeneratorPlugins() throws ClassNotFoundException {
            ArrayList<String> gens = new ArrayList<String>();
            for (Plugin plugin : Bukkit.getServer().getPluginManager().getPlugins()) {
                String mainclass = plugin.getDescription().getMain();
                Class cmain = Class.forName(mainclass);
                System.out.println("Parsing main class: " + cmain.getSimpleName());
                for (Field field : cmain.getFields()) {
                    System.out.println("Member name: " + field.getName() + " of type: " + field.getType().getSimpleName());
            return gens.toArray(new String[0]);
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    so you updated it with the temporaily fix?
    Do i update the plugin just by swapping the old myworlds.jar with the new one?
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    @BannerFigurezZz sorry, you got to wait a bit longer. Current version got changed a lot so it needs a lot of debugging first. Won't take long, don't worry. :)

    Hehe I feel like such an hacker right now :)
    17:02:46 [INFO] Parsing main class: ColorMe
    17:02:46 [INFO] Member name: colors of type: Property
    17:02:46 [INFO] Member name: pName of type: String
    17:02:46 [INFO] Member name: df of type: File
    17:02:46 [INFO] Parsing main class: CommandBookPlugin
    17:02:46 [INFO] Member name: verifyNameFormat of type: boolean
    17:02:46 [INFO] Member name: broadcastChanges of type: boolean
    17:02:46 [INFO] Member name: useItemPermissionsOnly of type: boolean
    17:02:46 [INFO] Member name: allowedItems of type: Set
    17:02:46 [INFO] Member name: disallowedItems of type: Set
    17:02:46 [INFO] Member name: itemNames of type: Map
    17:02:46 [INFO] Member name: kits of type: KitManager
    17:02:46 [INFO] Member name: banMessage of type: String
    17:02:46 [INFO] Member name: opPermissions of type: boolean
    17:02:46 [INFO] Member name: useDisplayNames of type: boolean
    17:02:46 [INFO] Member name: consoleSayFormat of type: String
    17:02:46 [INFO] Member name: broadcastFormat of type: String
    17:02:46 [INFO] Member name: defaultItemStackSize of type: int
    17:02:46 [INFO] Member name: exactSpawn of type: boolean
    17:02:46 [INFO] Parsing main class: CraftBookPlugin
    17:02:46 [INFO] Parsing main class: CircuitsPlugin
    17:02:46 [INFO] Parsing main class: MechanismsPlugin
    17:02:46 [INFO] Parsing main class: VehiclesPlugin
    17:02:46 [INFO] Parsing main class: HeroicRebuke
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    but when it is updated, do I just replace tje old myworlds.jar or what?
    thanks for responding and fixing!
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    Yup, all you have to do is replace the myworlds.jar. Do note that I changed the setting saving/loading system, so locked times, weather, spawn restrictions and other are lost. You can try to restore it manually through the .txt files, placing them in the worlds.yml, but it's quicker to do this in-game.

    Portals are still loaded from and saved to the portals.txt, so don't worry about that.
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    With the Sign issue the sign is there the text just will not show until u update the chunk by pressing a button hitting the sign or placing blocks. That's how it works for me right now.

    P.S thank for taking the time to add the generator support and things like that. I'm curious how this performs vs multiverse.
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    Sweet. Is the new version up? I certainly don't mean to be a pest, but your post recent post was ambiguous.
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    @ledhead900 I now managed to get all classes on the server, making it easy to sort them on package (obtained from plugin), and then checking if this plugin has a chunkgenerator extending class. I'll get there. :)

    And once again: Command plugins like these don't 'perform', they simply 'execute' what they have to. MultiVerse will probably have the same performance as MyWorlds, the question is, is it easy to use?

    @suicydking Not yet, adding and implementing the chunk generator world property first. Once this works I'll update.
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    But this is what I'm trying to tell you this other people say its this plugin but I dont have this installed yet. and the sign issue still happens and the chunk issue I'm going to paste you some screenshots of a new bug I found, Mob ghosting !.

    On your NoLagg plugin thread as that is what caused the issues on my end, as it only started happening since u combined it with spout.
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    Thaat's it ima switch to Nolagg now...what's the need to post the same player_move error 6 times?...

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