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    You may wonder, why so many tags? Well, that is because this plugin simply contains a lot of features that fall under those tags! I originally made (parts of) this plugin for our server, but it proofed to be a 'publishable' plugin as well. :)


    This plugin features everything related to worlds. Features:
    • Load, unload, copy, delete, save and create worlds
    • Show information of worlds and list available chunk generators and worlds
    • Set world game mode, difficulty, time, weather, autosaving, PvP
    • Set world mob spawn restrictions
    • Evacuate worlds to clear them from players
    • Repair broken worlds to some extend
    • Make portals cross-world, one-way, simple, no commands needed
    • World-specific chat rooms using permissions
    • Automatically load worlds when the server starts and persistent settings
    • Extensive permission system, you can even set who can enter what world
    • Can act as a tool for other plugins to teleport players from one world to the other
    • Simple teleportation commands
    • Set OP lists for specific worlds to make players operator on certain worlds
    • Easy-to-remember commands: with aliases and chat-message help
    A nice tutorial by FrozdY

    BukkitDev page

    For configuration, commands, etc, look on the BukkitDev page under Links.
    All documentation pages are now on Bukkit Dev.

    Known bugs:
    - None
    Disclaimer (because things CAN go wrong)

    I am not responsible for world damages done by this plugin or by certain commands this plugin performs. If you, for example, loaded 20 worlds and hosted it on a buggy computer with 30 players, odds are the server (and your computer) will crash and worlds become corrupted. Repair can fix worlds, but this does not recover damaged chunks, so don't think you are always covered. Also, never forget to make backups of your worlds, but I guess this is common sense...

    - Different inventories per world? No, you can use World Inventories for that.
    - Or try MultiInv while it is still maintained.
    - Repair ruined your world? Backup of region files can be found in the region folder, simply restore.

    Important links:

    Download the MyWorlds.jar from GitHub
    Look at the source at GitHub
    BukkitDev page


    Show your appreciation for my plugins by donating
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    Pleas update this one fast! We are making something nice for it :p
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    @Sixosable bet 1060 works for 1185 too, since this plugin purely relies on the Bukkit library and not the Craftbukkit library. Only haven't got time to add some new stuff to it..
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    We tested the plugin in our server and it lagged so hard.
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    my friend made a world but i want to delete it but when i unload it and delete it. it says: failed to (completely) remove the world and then i delete the folder and when i restart the server. the folder will be made by itself and the world is still there:( please help! and sorry for my bad english.
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    @Sixosable must be because of mismatches between the plugin and the build should fix that.
    Also, added /world gamemode setting to set world-specific gamemodes. (or clear them)

    @Olaros96 I know, unfortunately the server keeps 'handles' to some files open, making it impossible to remove the worlds. Haven't found a real solution to it yet, I'll see what I can do to 'improve' the unload command to unload these handles too.

    Good news: I managed to remove the references to the files!
    Finally a GOOD world unload command. :)


    Updated to v1.1, which adds a /world gamemode command and properly unloads worlds. After a world is unloaded you can now delete / move the folder. :)

    I removed the built-in defaults if the node was not found, so to properly update your localizations, add them. To regenerate these localization lines, remove default.txt and reload

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    Sorry, I'm a bt behind on Bukkit. But, is this 1.8 yet?

    Edit: Nvm, I see the support. Fail on me xD
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    am i the only one that has this error?

    14:41:26 [INFO] [MyWorlds] File not found, it is not loaded: plugins\My Worlds\L
    14:41:26 [INFO] [MyWorlds] File not found, it is not loaded: plugins\My Worlds\W
    14:41:26 [INFO] [MyWorlds] File not found, it is not loaded: plugins\My Worlds\W
    14:41:26 [INFO] [MyWorlds] File not found, it is not loaded: plugins\My Worlds\T
    14:41:26 [INFO] [MyWorlds] File not found, it is not loaded: plugins\My Worlds\P
    14:41:26 [INFO] [MyWorlds] File not found, it is not loaded: plugins\My Worlds\p
    14:41:26 [INFO] [MyWorlds] File not found, it is not loaded: plugins\My Worlds\g
    14:41:26 [INFO] [MyWorlds] File not found, it is not loaded: plugins\My Worlds\d
    14:41:26 [INFO] [MyWorlds] Successfully bound variable to region file cache.
    14:41:26 [INFO] [MyWorlds] File references to unloaded worlds will be cleared!
    14:41:26 [INFO] My Worlds version 1.1 is enabled!

    Edit- Nevermind, im stupid lol
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    I'm getting the same thing that jesse's getting, all those file not found (I checked and I don't have them). I just started a server and figured this was a sweet thing to add, and it is. BUT, every time I put the down for any reason, I turn it back on, and only my main world loads. Due to this, even if I load the others manually, none of my portals work at all. Not sure why that is. On top of that, none of the settings save. Mobs spawn when I previously turned them off, days progress when I locked the time, it rains when it's set to sun. I really don't want to get another multi-world App because I love the way this one works, I just need some kinks taken care of. Get back to me please. Thanks.
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    The file not found is simply a built-in feature for bug-tracking. When first using the plugin it will always say this, since the files are not there.

    @TrIggA64 any errors in the log when disabling the plugin? (/reload and check for exceptions in the log)
    And to properly save the data, use /stop, and don't close the console!
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    @bergerkiller Yeah I was closing the server by exiting it. I wasn't even thinking about that, but if I do the /stop it should save everything correctly? I was doing the "/world save all" frequently, but I guess that doesn't really matter if I wasn't letting it close correctly.
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    @TrIggA64 yup, if you do /stop all plugins get to save correctly. /save-all only saves the loaded worlds and player information, not the plugins.
    Note: a good server GUI wrapper should have this feature built-in (I pass /stop to the server when I close my simple GUI window, and if you do x again it will kill the process anyway for when the server froze)
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    Looking for a plugin where I can have 2 worlds: one for survival, and one for creating. The survival is kinda ruined because you can bring in your creative-world items into the survival world :(
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    if the bringing stuff back from Creative could be fixed this pluging would be complete for me.
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    MultiInv doesn't work for myworlds. Can you add the feature of multiple inventory's
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    Hey bergerkiller...or anyone...I have created seperate worlds and when I go into that world it does not allow me to destroy or place blocks, even though I am admin and op. Anyone know why?
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    @Smashinsam I am not sure, perhaps you use a protection plugin where you set a default to turn world mutability (changeable) on/off?
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    You mean something like world guard?

    @bergerkiller I've deleted the world guard.jar, still can't :(

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    @Smashinsam Post a list of plugins you use, I may be able to pick the one out that can cause it. Or remove all plugins and add them until the same happens again.
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    Hello Bergerkiller

    First I wanna say i love the my worlds mod.
    Secondly I have a problem/bug with it though.

    what's the case: well i keep making portals for 2 of the highest room in my tower, but my worlds is auto removing them

    the message i get is the following: "my world's removed portal admin because it no longer exists."

    problem is the damn thing stille exists even with the sign and all

    could you please help me with this?
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    Yeah I know, I was using that plugin before, but for some reason it doen't work anymore. I don't know wether this is because of 1.8 or because it just doesn't work with myworlds.

    Edit: Nevermind, I updated MultiInv. It works now :)
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    @jespertheend afraid it's related to his plugin; it is still 1060. 1185 adds more data to be stored in the player inventory files, such as game mode, experience and food. Afraid the lack of all this causes it to fail.
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    instead of making deny and allow spawning creatures, can you add a feature that will turn off monsters in a world? thx
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    @mindystorm That IS deny spawning, simply do this command while in the world:
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    oh thx i thought i had to do each one
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    bergerkiller i have just a few questions, i have read through the entire 9 pages of this post and i need some varification.

    1. Does Permissions work with MyWorlds?

    2. Does Essentials work with MyWorlds

    3.Could you please, (If not already done so) add support for Citizens?

    4. What are the uncompatible plugins (Common Ones) because i want to know which to avoid, as there is no way i am avoiding your plugins as they are AWESOME! :D

    5. Can i have a list of all of your plugins :3

    Thanks Myhijim
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    1. It uses both the 'Permission' plugin as Bukkit permissions; you can set which to use in the configuration
    2. It does work, but to me essentials is essentially a pile of commands clogging up the plugin system
    3. What support did you have in mind?
    4. I don't know that many plugins, but it should be compatible with all plugins. (since it doesn't alter data)
    It could, however, influence mob spawning plugins if the mob is denied from spawning (you can allow it of course)
    5. List:
    Plugins: ColorMe, CommandBook, CraftBookCommon, CraftBookCircuits, CraftBookMechanisms, CraftBookVehicles, HeroicRebuke, My Worlds, NoLagg, SignLink, VoidMage, WorldEdit, WorldGuard, Train Carts
    Only use the plugins I really need for testing, occasionally add a plugin if I need to do some compatibility testing. :)
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    Thanks a heap.

    With the support, i know this is not your issue, but i too also was using multi verse, and very regularaly it crashes, not allowing me to use its commands, i also think it is at an incompatibility flaw with citizens.

    I shall be using all of those plugins than, but with NoLagg (Sorry sort of wrong post here but hey..) on a scale of (Starting to sound childish now ;)) 1-10 how much reduction of lag do you think i could expect, as when people connect to my server they complain about falling endlessly into the void, very annoying making them connect then reconnect.

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    @Myhijim I am current implementing forced chunk sending to the players: it will send the main chunk a player is on when joining (delayed, configurable) and when walking across chunks. However, I first need to fix an existing bug where chunks seem to 'forget' to load.
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    Hmm i see, well that plugin will be a definate yes for me then

    Thanks again for your help

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