[ADMN/GEN] AdminPanel v1.3 - A easy to use Spout panel for admins [REWRITTEN! CLICK ME!]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by MuisYa, Sep 25, 2011.

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    ----> Click Here <---
    AdminPanel has been rewritten, all bugs are fixed and the plugin is way faster now! Please check it out. I hope you like it!
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    Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo, I had the idea to do this when I first saw Spout's API, but never got around to it. Oh well, you did a much better job with it than I would have. Excellent work!
  4. What we need is the ability to add a "bar" to the right side of the screen (think WoW right side action bat) that you can add macros in that do preset functions.. for example there is already an addon for spout that allows shortcuts, which is axactly that except instead of binding those shortcuts to a key, I would like a nice fancy sidebar to click em on :)
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    @sddddgjd Thanks! Also for helping!
    @tips48 Thanks alot :D
    @oxguy3 Hahaha, too bad.. Well i hope you like it, and all suggestions are welcome dude :3

    @twf28hotmail.com You mean a bar in the right corner below, where you can click which will popup the AdminPanel? If that is possible i will try to add it this afternoon! Good idea :D
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    a good spout plugin :)
    add fire spread enable/disable ;p
    might be nice.
    or kill all fire.

    Nice work
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    @jeroende2e Nahh thats pretty useless. Tough killing all mobs is pretty handy, or removing all drops.
    I will look into it! Thanks!
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    Someone actually had the patience to learn Spout GUI stuff? Wow.
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    @iffa Hahaha, yepp. Think its pretty nice what you can do with Spout, and i see NO ONE doing it.
    Which really is a shame.

    Also everyone pay attention. I just noticed that the kick button is not workin!
    Im fixing it right now, and after that ill upload it as v1.1
    Im very sorry!
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    Well, I'm used to Java GUI stuff with the NetBeans editor, moving onto Spout with no editor... blah.
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    oooh, nice! definitely using this :)
    what about adding a button for teleporting??
    like type in the user you want to teleport to or teleport to you, and then hit the button ''TP'' or ''Teleport'' ?? :p
    anyways, nice plugin :D

    and also under the kick button make a ''kill'' button ? and ''BAN - IP'' ?
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    @FuturaEX Teleporting is on the to-do list already.
    Ban-ip and killing wasnt, will defenitely add that soon!
    Are the Text fields working for you btw? Because mine are glitching atm -_____-
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    i'm having a class at school as we speak so i haven't donwloaded and tested yet, but will do when i get home :p
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    @FuturaEX well, expect glitches with that. That came since 1.8 i think...
    So im trying to fix it right now, hope to update it soon. Sorry all!

    Oke, the plugin is working again. Spout crew fixed the problem.
    Also i made the Kick button work. I will focus on more buttons now.

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    Suggestion: make the name imput field accept more letters. Long names don't fit.
  16. Ooh having your worlds in ther and go ther with clicking them wouldbe awesome !
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    @TehAndrewRyan Sorry for that, its a bug. Im fixing it in the next update.

    How would you imagine that? I cant just say teleport to "CreativeWorld", i mean locations etc or?
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    I like the idea of this but when i press f4, nothing appears apart from the two left input bars and the adminpanel title. I'm using the newest exe spout client if that helps. Thanks :)

    EDIT: It seems to work fine for my friends so I'm guessing its local. :(
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    Eeh, yeh it probably is.
    On the same server? And try to redownload youre .exe it might help xD
    For the rest i think its a Spout problem, so you should leave a post there.

    @scrub88 No wait! That is youre texture pack probably.
    Try to change it to default, and see if it works than please.

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    Nope, its not my texture pack and i re-installed the exe, didn't change anything :(
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    Did you try to change to default? Wow weird.
    I cant really do anything about it... Try to contact the Spout crew on IRC: #Spout
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    Yeah I will :) thanks
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    Awesome plugin - works great! Look forward to more features being added. :)
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    This is damn lovely <3
    Looking forward for new features, youre System also would be Amazing to be widget able. Like i can write my own little snapins for youre gui to control for example permissions :D

    Edit:// Is it possible to get a copy of youre source? ^^
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    So hows about something that makes custom buttons that do custom stuffs?
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    @JoePrime Thanks! Glad you using it.

    @Seta @Atticusmas How would you image that? Because it isnt possible. If you want to make for instance a button which removes all drops. You will be able to put the button in the Popup, but it wont be able to do anything. Since i didnt descripe anywhere what to do...
    And if i want that to work, this plugin should listento all event, which means it causes alot of lagg. And the goal is to keep it leightweight as possible.

    @battlefielder128 @Seta Depens on what you guys are going to do with it?
    And battlefielder dont just type ''Source?'' but do it like @Seta did. This is kinda rude...

    Im happy you all like it :D
    Spent much time 'n effort in it.

    @twf28hotmail.com How do you want me to make that bar? I mean, if i put a bar on the right side on the screen.
    How can you click it?
    Since youre mouse always stays at the same spot, in the center....

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    I likey being an admin ;DDD
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    Well, i made it for BukkitPermissions but i will try to hook into PEX if you like.
    I will upgrade this afternoon if i can fix it :3

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