[ADMN/GEN]AdminCmd 7.3.5-time, give, tp, repair,kill, warp,weather,afk,OpenInv [1.5.1]

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    AdminCmd - Fork of PlgEssentials:
    [​IMG] Website : www.admincmd.com
    [​IMG] Wiki : http://wiki.admincmd.com
    [​IMG] BugTracker : http://bug.admincmd.com
    [​IMG] Downloads : HERE
    [​IMG] GitHub : http://github.com/Belphemur/AdminCmd

    AdminCMD is a powerful plug-in that brings you commands that can give you total management over your server. Featuring the most widely used commands in Bukkit server management such as: inventory management, banishment of bad players, limitation to teleporting, setting spawn and home way points, and much, much more! Blockface approved and rated as one of the best plug-in by server owners.
    Unleash the power of Bukkit!

    For the blog : www.admincmd.com
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    Okay I'll resolve the bug, I see where it is.

    For god mode I don't know for now if I'm gonna add it.

    And for the item names like I said earlier I'm not the one who set it. It's the official BUKKIT names, I have no control over it, and I'll not add a config file to have custom names. If you are not happy with the official name, use the code or go ask the bukkit team.

    @Sorken : was done in 4.6 :)

    @King_Koopa : corrected

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    REQ: /tp location (coords)

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    added in last version 4.7

    Version 4.7 OUT

    4.7.1 OUT

    Just to avoid an error in the log, nothing else.

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    Mh, I can't add colored wool or other objects (like 17:2, 6:2, 35:15 or black)
    Is it possible to add something like this: /i 35:15 64 cause I really like this plugin :>

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    you can add colored object
    unlike doing /i 35:15 64 do /i 35 64 YourPseudo 15
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    'this I like'

    Thanks for adding this so quickly!
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    I got it when it was updated, thanks though.
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    Nifty Monkey

    Any idea why /wclear might fail? It seems to work sometimes and other times it only says "The sky has been cleared." but doesn't do anything.

    Is there some kind of targeting mechanism where I have to tell it what chunk of the world to stop the rain in?
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    It always take some second to process the weather change ^^. And always begin from your position.

    I can't do anything else because it's the Bukkit command that I use ^^
    But if nothing happend, can you send me the log ?
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    Can an admin see the all sent messages in the game?
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    Nop they aren't registered then you can't see it.

    Don't forget that this plugin has been made for admin first.
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    Question - even though I give the Members - admincmd.item.add in my freebuild world they can spawn items fine but they get the "you don't have permission error" even though the spawning of the items still works

    any ideas what might cause that?
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    I set my permissions to every body can send message with /msg command and now i want to set all admins can see the private messages. How can i do that?
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    Because I'm using some kind of permission cache, you must restart the server when you change a permission node ^^' If you do so, normally everything will be okay :)

    It's impossible like I said earlier. The messages sent are not registered anywhere. It's not like an Private Message, it's like a private chat. When you use the command, it's sending the message to the player instantly (if he's connected).
    There are other chat plugin here than can do what you want.
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    sorry, new guy here.

    Got everything installed, works great!

    Only problem is that I can add items to the blacklist but then I and other people can still spawn them. I don't think that's how it's suppose to work?

    any chance you can shed some light on what I'm doing wrong?
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    How did you set the permissions ? because if you have this node :
    You aren't affected by the blacklist.
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    ah. Got it! Thanks! all is well :)
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    Thankyou for the help!
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    get an error when i try to use /wstorm and /strike

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    Wich version of Bukkit are you using ?

    Because the weather command don't works with bukkit under 733.
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    thank you! I needed to upgrade, I use Brohoster a TcAdmin server and it wasnt really clear on how to update it :/ but after update everything works fine. Your plugin is very handy and really enjoyable makes everything easy to use. Thank you very much again for doing a great job.
  24. I have an problem.
    When I write /wclear I got message "Sky cleared" but it still raining!
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    Like I said earlier, it's normal, it always take some time to process. I can't do anything for it, I'm using the bukkit API.

    Is there something in the log ?
  26. Using /wstorm I get alot of rain, but no real storming, no thunder or anything.. just alot of boring rain. :(
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    "You've filled me with happiness, my sweet walrus"
    -If you don't get it, YouTube "The Cloak"​

    All I had to do to test this was "/day" and that alone made me happy ^_^
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    Does this have op support? because I perfer this than plg.
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    Yes of course, if permission is not found, it automatically fallback to OP.

    I'm happy that you are happy (and thanks for the video :p)
  30. Not that any LOG which lists who has ever added anything ?
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    I recently found that non ops can't use the msg command?

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