[ADMN/FUN] Wrath v1.2.0 - Kill players in various horrific ways! (Multiworld, Permissions) [953]

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    Wrath: v1.2.0
    Kill players in various horrific ways!

    Latest Download: v1.2.0 (Source)
    Copy the .jar into your "plugins" folder and reload your server.

    Older Releases: v1.1.0 (740), v1.0.0 (740)

    Kill players in various ways, with the option to display custom messages when you do:

    • /wrath explode <player> [-s]
      • Counts down from a configurable number and explodes the player.
    • /wrath strike <player> [-s]
      • Strikes the player with lightning, killing them instantly.
    If you have any suggestions, please reply to this thread.

    • -s: Makes the command silent (won't display a message).
    Permissions Integration:
    Here are the permissions that you should allow for certain actions:
    • wrath.*
      • Grants permission to use all Wrath functionality.
    • wrath.explode
      • Grants permission to make players explode after a countdown.
    • wrath.strike
      • Grants permission to strike down players with lightning.
    You can also just use *

    Coming Soon:
    • Allow messages to be displayed when a Wrath command is used:
    • "/wrath ignite player" to burn the player slowly, with no chance of dousing the flame.
    • "/wrath ravage player" to call a pack of wolves to ravage the player until dead.
    • "/wrath drown player" to force the player underwater until they die.
    • "/wrath impale player" to impale the player with arrows until they are dead.

    • v1.2.0
      • Added a basic version of "explode" to kill the player after a certain amount of seconds.
    • v1.1.0
      • Fixed permissions (the plugin was never linked in).
      • Reworked the system to allow new "wrath" commands to be added easily.
      • Added the ability for a command to produce a message.
    • v1.0.0
      • Initial release.

    Considering adding a "flood" and "hellfire" to this. Think of exciting ways to kill players with godly powers and post them here. :)

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    Some ideas:
    1. Have a pack of creepers spawn around them and then explode.
    2. Zombie or Skeleton mob right around them.
    3. Have like a Saw-like message given to them, such as if they jumped, they were going to die. If they jump, they die.
    4. Tell them to look down, and as soon as they do, it deletes three blocks down, and places a lava block on the third block down.
    5. Shoot an arrow from each direction, NESW, until they die.
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    Random ideas off the top of my head, instantly teleport someone to maximum altitude, then negate gravity on them for 5 seconds, just to watch them sit there until they realize theyr gonna fall :D.
    Teleport every non-admin on the map to a predetermined location, then send a message saying something like "You cant leave this area till everyone else inside is dead" Then blast whoever survives with lightning.
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    I'm not getting this mod until the wolves are added... Still, AWESOME mod! I like the explode feature
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    Reptiliam Ryan

    Maybe send players flying into the air and then plumiting to there doom?
    just a suggestion :p
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    If you add iConomy, you could do something like "/horde <target><mobname><amount>" which would call a horde of mobs on the target, with a pay-per-mob system. With permissions. So people could just randomly throw hordes of Ghast at each other, but it would be quite expensive
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    any news on this? Like when impale will be out? :D
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    Waiting for the update... :D
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    • "/wrath ravage player" to call a pack of wolves to ravage the player until dead.
    • "/wrath drown player" to force the player underwater until they die.

    lol, you're sick, but it is awesome :D
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    i like the tp to the void, if that is possible. sand is also a new one. but the peg with eggs seems cool too.
    i like the different mobs. just wolves seems boring after 3-4 times. the Saw message is just sick, but it's awesome (if possible). the 4th option is sick, i like it.
    that second one sounds like a book i read once.

    anyway, make more of the thriller-themed deaths. like the admins are severe psychopaths or something like that :p
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    how is the coming soon part going?
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    Jake Radcliff

    Here is a suggestion I thought of. You could add a /wrath fall to make the player go up to the very top of they world, and they die from fall damage.
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    Or better yet, make a 1x1 hole to bedrock below them, then close it up :)
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    Jake Radcliff

    Or, just in case they move, make a 3x3 hole below them, then wait for them to fall under the bedrock, then re-close the hole :D
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    Can you kill by pointing at the person you want to kill?
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    you can freeze them in place, then have the hole open up, then let them 'move' again and they fall to their death :)
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    maybe have your victims instantly teleported to the nether, far away from any portals. they are as good as dead then.
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    make the ground open...the player fall into void then the ground close again.
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    to go with the ground opening... have it so that the ground opens and they fall into a pit of lava, and then reclose the roof above them. after death restore what was there to avoid random lava pits everywhere haha.

    would be bad if they were making a sky scraper and had to redo a 3x3 column of the whole thing :p
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    This plugin is no longer going to be supported. There are much better ones available and I don't have time to maintain more than 1 or 2. The source is available should someone wish to take over the project.
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    This is epic!!!
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    that's a shame :( i was looking forward to the coming soon things

    if you would finish the coming soon it would defintely be the best plugin i know to kill players...
    i really want the angry wolves part :(
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    Perhaps one that traps them in bedrock or unbreakable glass and have it slowly fill up and drown them
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    mattattack rawr

    You should make another death were monsters spawn next to them and disappear after the person dies Oh yah and make it so you can chose thenumber of monster nd choose what monsters!
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    Cognito guy

    can you make it so that the lightning doesn't create fire
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    this plugin is one of the best, most well made plugins EVER
    I have just one idea, however, you should make an option to
    either insta-kill or make a way out or a way to survive!
    keep up the good work!
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    How much longer for your so called 'UPDATE' Do you realize how long its been? Now i dont mind waiting for good things but this is just rediculous
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    He mentioned this a while back...
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    The Ravage Command Wont Work For Me It Says Cannot Execute The Command 'Ravage'
    Could It Be Because I Have Animals Turned Off?
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    Does anyone know of a similar plugin which is updated/maintained?
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    Suffocation: Spawns a 3x3x3 cube of sand that follows the player until he dies suffocated.

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