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    Thank you for taking the time to read this.
    I run a server on my home computer. (craftbukkit
    I installed Commandbin and started my server.
    The problem is a config file does not get generated. I mainly am using your plugin to be able to teleport from world to world.

    If I /createworld world1 and then /tpworld world1 works great! The problem is when the server is restarted the process needs to be repeated since there is no config file generated.

    Is there a default config file that I can download and use or is there a way to fix the fact that it doesn't generate one?
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    please update to 1.2.3-R0.1 :) I had this in my R4 but now tht minecraft 1.2.3 is out i need it again :p
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    Damn, I thought I fixed that?
    I'll have it fixed by v2.10. Thanks for reporting the bug!

    Also: No configuration to configure the plugin will be generated.
    The configuration file is only used to store Player Homes.
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    Just before 1.2 I started hosting a server for my friends and did some research on what command plugin to use. After researching a bit, I found this and it was much better then Essentials. I was very disappointed when I found that you hadn't updated to 1.2.3. What I am trying to say here is, thanks for updating!
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    I really like this plugin, I used it when my Server was at 1.1 and hoping for an update to 1.2.3, but before the R6 version I also used commandbin, and there was the ability to use /setwarp and /warp, but in the R6 version there are gone... so... why? ;D and also /tpworld only works with worlds which are made with /createworld, and not with worlds which was genrated "normally" before :-/
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    i need help is there anyway i can make a prebuilt world work without having to restart my server?
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    Yo i need the permission for your plugin please send me the permissions for it in a msg
    thank you
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    Just to let you all know I do not currently have main access to my Programming/Gaming PC at the moment, I only have access to my Macbook and I forgot to commit the latest changes so I can't update CommandBin from here.

    I'll have access tomorrow so I will fix the /createworld bug (I completely forgot about it) and release v2.10 tomorrow.
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    The multiple home system isn't working I don't think. I've tried it with a fresh config file and it still wont let me set multiple homes.
  10. How do you make the simple commands work for non-op players like tp and /lock because nobody can use any commands if i tp someone to me they cant accept it and it sucks I had this problem before but I dont remember how I fixed it...
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    Teleportation Request is not inside this plugin yet, however is a future feature. would be the permission node you would give for users to be able to use /tp
    CommandBin.lock would be the permission node you would give users to be able to use /lock

    Multiple Homes are not in this version of CommandBin.

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  12. Well the commands like sethome and home do not work none of the commands do for anyone but op's and I dont want my players to miss out on things but I dont want them banning people either. Is there a way to enable all the features meant for default users?
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    tp2p - tp p1 p2
    tp -tp p1
    DO IT!

    Nvm, even though u said u would change the tp commands ill just ask someone else to change the sourcecode. Ur commands counter=productive and need to be changed. But for some reason u dont. WHY!? Even when i told u so and you said Yes in clear text that u would.

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    Have you seen a CommandBin v2.10 yet? No.
    I have already done this in v2.10 but I still need to test other features.

    Now stop wining else I will have you blocked from this thread.

    CommandBin has been finally moved to Bukkit Dev. Support for CommandBin will be lead through the tickets.

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    Ive checked this page and it still says tp2p. And considering ive asked u upward of 5+ times, i think i have a right to whine. This is the only time uve answered my post about this in 2 months. So yes im a little ticked, did it get ur attention, hellz to the ya it did. Id say its a successful tactic. But what i expected to hear was oh ya ur that guy, dude sorry i said id do it but never got to it. Instead u threaten to removed the guy who wants to help improve this plugin.
    Im just stating the the facts in the last comment. Re-read and tell me how u'd feel.
    Also i checked this and there is no 2.10
    You automatically asume im the ahole trying to cause trouble when what i really wanted was for you to hold true on your word. I waited patiently for 1 month for you to change it, yet no. So ya, I whined a bit, that doesnt give you the right to go "stop your wining". Your the only one i know as of now who can change it, so guess what position im in. Not a very good one. So id you say you handled that situation poorly by insulting someone because you can. If the only way for me to get any response from you is to whine, and that whining pisses you off, HOW CAN I WIN? So no matter what, im in the losing circle here. And thats unfair of you. You should have been nicer, considering i didnt insult you, i was only trying to help. Also no i havent seen 2.10 because there is no way, at least that i can see, to see 2.10. So if anyone has been irrational here, its been you. Also considering that you said "quite your wining, and threatened to remove me for 2 short comments discussing a rational past discussion, your were looking to insult me and to start a fight. Well i wont start a fight with you. Im a nice guy in real life, and am not afraid to tell it as it is. I cant stand it when people behave rudely for no reason, I may have been rude, but not very, and i definitely had a good reason to do so.

    Id definitely like to here your response to this., and how you think im wrong. Or what you might do i just remove me from this thread without challenging or even qualifying my response because you A)dont want to admit it B)dont feel like dealing with me C)Dont want to be wrong
    or least likely D)because you want to be a jerk and remove me anyway because you can.

    But to sum it up, yes im glad you have edited and yes very much appreciate it that you have changed the commands.
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    I do not have anything to say other than re-read the reply I gave to you.
    The /tp feature is in CommandBin v2.10 which has not been released yet and is still in testing.

    I aim to have it up by tonight / tomorrow.
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    hi again. I have a new problem. How can i disable commandbin /sethome /home commands&functions? Because it conflicts with myhome plugin. I can't solve this problem with permissions.
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    I like this plugin a lot, especially because of the more worlds thingy, but I would be really happy to see an update which allows the player to set more than one home, like in essentials, for our mining out post or second house. Thx
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    Any idea when 2.10's going to be finished by? I really need the multiple worlds feature.
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    [quote uid=90631937 name="ToxicKilla" post=1013848]Any idea when 2.10's going to be finished by? I really need the multiple worlds feature.[/quote]
    2.10 is already released on the Bukkit Dev page.
    Or at <Edit by Moderator: Redacted bit url>

    CommandBin 2.11 uploaded to BukkitDev.

    Features a teleportation request system! \o/

    /ask, /accept and /deny
    also a bonus: /explosionbow !

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    I just want to let you know that this is my command plugin of choice.
    Can i request that you add
    /clearmob or /clear - to clear all mobs on the server one time
    also im going to read the facts but i cant find the /help command to see the list in game, right now my /help command sends me to the griefer help protection that i have installed.

    Once you go commandbin! You just stick with it cuz its awesome.
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    can someone help me?
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    Version 2.12

    • Fixed Null Pointer when a skeleton shoots an arrow
    • Fixed vanish players not being vanished when killed
    • Added new /enablehardcore command
    • Added new /disablehardcore command
    Also, Tutimane thank you for the comment. I will consider putting /clearmobs in CommandBin soon.
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    When i try to use /createworld or any other command from my console, it does not work... when i use /createworld it just says "/createworld <name>" and the world doesnt load... can u please re-enable the ability to do this it was INCREDIBLY helpful but now i miss it... please put it back in
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    Updated to 2.15.
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    Download the latest version of CommandBin (As of now, 2.15) and remove the commands from the plugin.yml.

    description: 'Teleport to your home'
    usage: /home

    You would remove all of that in the plugin.yml.
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    can you make it compatible with bukkit 1.2.3?
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    IT is.

    Updated to v2.16!

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  29. hi, i tried it and really liked some of the fun commands (pretending your someone else). however it totally over rides essentials which is not good because of permissions. Also i tried uncompressing it and do the stuff in the config.yml but i cant compress it or anything. anychance u could make me a version that just has : /createworld , /drunk , /freeze , unlock , unloadworld , unfreeze , tpworld , tent , isvanished , fsay. those are the main ones i want..
    plzz any helpwould be great.
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    wow, Just wow. Great plugin!!! Couldent ask for any better!!![diamond]

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