Inactive [ADMN/FUN/GEN/TP] CommandsEX v2.0 - Modular all-in-one admin plugin [1.4.5-R1.0]

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  1. CommandsEX - Modular all-in-one admin plugin
    Latest Version: Beta 2.0

    iKeirNez - Author - Twitter
    @Jnorr44 - Contributor
    kezz101 - Contributor
    zathrus - Former Author

    We have a dev version which is exactly the same as CommandsEX 2.0 but adds support for CraftBukkit 1.4.6 (Build #2552).
    Builder for 2.1 DEV
    Jenkins (#41 and beyond)


    This project has now been taken over by iKeirNez, who will continue work on CommandsEX in the same fashion I did - and even better! It was a pleasure to create this tiny little thingy for you guys. Have some great Minecraft days in there and see you all in another life :) zathrus_writer

    Build your very own plugin set - Lego style!
    If you ever needed a single function but had to download a massive plugin that contained it, you will probably know the feeling. It could be hard to pick up the right plugin-set for a server with all the plugins currently in existence. Especially since many of them conflict with each other.
    That is the idea behind CommandsEX project - to allow server administrators to choose which commands and functions they really need and let them trash all the rest.

    Download latest version (2.0)
    Source Code (GitHub)

    Planned features
    • Extended user authentication
    More information
    Need help?
    Sometimes we livestream while coding to allow our audience to decide what features they would like, we will try our best to let you know in advance. If you have a UStream account you can follow me and be notified whenever I start streaming.


    + = Addition
    - = Removal
    @ = Change
    * = Bug fix
    ~ = New bug
    # = Note

    Beta 2.0

    The latest version of Vault is compatible with this version of CommandsEX for Economy!​

    + added the long awaited Economy Support, with Vault integration!​
    + added AFK support, players can go AFK by using /afk or automatically by staying idle​
    + added AFK Auto-Kick, players who stay idle too long are kicked​
    + added auto link shortening and /shorten command​
    + added /sudo command, execute a command as another player​
    + added /csudo command, chat as another player​
    + added some basic command signs​
    + added complete message sending API, including events​
    + added complete Economy API and did some cleanup of the Economy code​
    + added complete AFK API​

    - removed the shutdown custom kick message feature, this was broken and replaced by a feature in CraftBukkit​

    @ /balance will now display your balance with two decimal places​
    @ /broadcast is now executable from the console​
    @ renamed Economy class to Econ in favor of Economy API​

    * fixed string collecting in /r​
    * fixed /message and /r inheriting colors from a players Nickname​
    * fixed NPE when a block ignite's and a player is frozen​
    * fixed error when setting a TAB list name longer than 16 characters​
    * fixed any player being able to set the time without the permission node​
    * fixed /whois giving an NPE when Nicknames functionality is disabled​
    * fixed NPE when a player joins​
    * fixed 2 players using the same nickname and causing errors​
    * fixed NPE when a player is damaged​

    # new perm cex.economy​
    # new perm cex.economy.balance​
    # new perm cex.economy.others​
    # new perm cex.economy.spawn​
    # new perm​
    # new perm cex.economy.take​
    # new perm cex.economy.request​
    # new perm cex.economy.request.accept​
    # new perm cex.economy.request.deny​
    # new perm cex.economy.purge​
    # new perm​
    # new perm cex.economy.clear​
    # new perm cex.afk​
    # new perm​
    # new perm cex.afk.kick​
    # new perm cex.sign.create.balance​
    # new perm​
    # new perm cex.sign.create.item​
    # new perm cex.sign.use.balance​
    # new perm​
    # new perm cex.sign.use.item​
    # new perm cex.cmdu​
    # new perm cex.shorten​
    # new perm​
    # new perm cex.csudo​

    Beta 1.98

    @ Setting the spawn location now works without a Database, however yaw and pitch's will not be saved without a database​

    * fixed join condensing throwing an NPE with null join/quit messages​

    Show Spoiler

    Beta 1.97

    + added a CommandBook converter, currently it will convert Homes and Warps​
    + added command /fireball, like a ghast​

    - removed sk language from default config as we no longer have that translation​

    @ Condensed Joins and /online now also check to see if a player is invisible with VanishNoPacket​

    * fixed some issues while going invisible with VanishNoPacket disabled​

    Beta 1.96

    + added spawning api​

    @ moved argument collecting to Utils​
    @ rewrote /time command​
    @ rewrote /ptime command​
    @ updated the UpdateAlerter class​
    @ version updates are now reported correctly​

    * fixed tpaccept messages​
    * fixed economy and timed promotions when used with promoteTime​
    * fixed NPE in Spawning​
    * fixed sending join and quit messages when another plugin has cancelled them​

    # removed perm cex.ptime.set​

    # new perm cex.ptime.others​

    Beta 1.95

    + began work on an API for other plugins to use​
    + added command /nametag to change your nametag/skin, TagAPI required​
    + added command /workbench to open a virtual workbench​
    + added command /enchantingtable to open a virtual enchanting table​
    + added command /email, email any email address from within Minecraft​
    + added command /message and /reply, send a private message to any player​
    + added command /amessage, send an anonymous message to a player​
    + added command /tpworld, teleport to any worlds spawn​
    + added command /urbandictionary, lookup any word in the Urban Dictionary​
    + added a feature to allow players with the permission "cex.joinfull" to join even when the server is full​

    @ updated the UpdateAlerter to h31ix's version​
    @ added promoteSet to the config, this will set a players group on promote rather than add​
    @ world spawns are now stored in the database and so the spawns.yml file in the database is no longer of use​

    * fixed a bug allowing any player to teleport to anyones home​
    * fixed teleporting messages reporting incorrect players​
    * fixed fake join and leave messages when using /inv​
    * fixed ClassNotFoundException when using tp commands​
    * fixed Nicknames and Database when CommandsEX is disabled​
    * fixed chat spy messages being sent if the reciever is offline or is the sender of the command​
    * fixed some minor bugs with string -> item matching​

    # version formatting has changed slightly​
    # replaced perm cex.update.announce with cex.update.alert​

    # new perm cex.nametag​
    # new perm cex.nametag.color​
    # new perm cex.nametag.others​
    # new perm cex.workbench​
    # new perm cex.workbench.others​
    # new perm cex.enchantingtable​
    # new perm cex.enchantingtable.others​
    # new perm cex.joinfull​
    # new perm cex.message​
    # new perm cex.amessage​
    # new perm cex.urbandictionary​

    # new config node promoteSet​
    # new config node aMessagePrefix​

    Beta 1.90

    # support for CraftBukkit 1.3.1 RB R2.0​

    + added command /enchant for all enchanting needs​
    + added command /seed to show the seed of any world, even from the console​
    + added command /nick to set a players nickname​
    + added command /whois to find out the username behind a nickname​
    + added command /enderchest to open a players Ender Chest​
    + added AutoSave functionality to auto-save players, worlds & nicknames​
    + added VanishNoPacket support, if a player does /inv when VanishNoPacket is installed VanishNoPacket will be used instead​
    + added function to keep inventories, experience and armor​
    + when a temp/perm banned player tries to join they will recieve information such as who banned them, why and how long their ban has left (if applicable)​
    + players with permission can now teleport other players to any warp they have permission to​
    + the warp command now has support for per-warp permissions​
    + the spawn command can now be used to teleport other players to the global/per world spawn​

    @ merged functions from /item and /give into one class file, this will make it easier to change them in the future​
    @ /give and /item command now works the vanilla way too (/give iKeirNez 90 5 2) meaning you won't have to edit TooManyItem's settings if you use that​
    @ /time command can now be used from the console and multiple worlds​
    @ if an invisible player accepts a tp request while invisible, the requesting player will not be notified​

    * fixed tones of tiny bugs everywhere by using the FindBugs plugin for Eclipse​
    * fixed delayed removals of /back locations​
    * fixed 2 bugs in /butcher command​
    * fixed message when being notified that someone has used /burn on you​
    * fixed some bad code in /clear command​
    * fixed /inv not working if fakeJoin and/or fakeLeave messages are disabled​
    * fixed seeJoins and seeLeaves permission nodes being ignored when sending fakeJoins and fakeLeaves with /inv when Condense Joins is disabled​
    * fixed single join and leave messages not appearing in the correct language​
    * fixed some teleport messages​
    * fixed some bad code in /repair​
    * fixed invisible players showing in the /tpaall count​
    * fixed some bad code in /ownerstatus​
    * fixed some bad code in unmuting​
    * fixed XMPP join messages being re-relayed through XMPP​
    * fixed join and quit colors​
    * fixed broken Minecraft -> XMPP chat​
    * fixed all MySQL databases​

    # new perm cex.warp.others​
    # new perm cex.warp.*​
    # new perm cex.spawn.others​
    # new perm cex.seed​
    # new perm cex.whois​
    # new perm cex.whois.ip​
    # new perm cex.enderchest​
    # new perm cex.enderchest.others​
    # new perm cex.death.keep​
    # new perm cex.death.keep.*​
    # new perm cex.death.keep.inventory​
    # new perm cex.death.keep.inventory.*​
    # new perm cex.death.keep.inventory.<block>​
    # new perm cex.death.keep.armor​
    # new perm cex.death.keep.armor.*​
    # new perm cex.death.keep.armor.helmet​
    # new perm cex.death.keep.armor.chestplate​
    # new perm cex.death.keep.armor.leggings​
    # new perm​
    # new perm cex.death.keep.xp​
    # new perm cex.enchant​
    # new perm cex.enchant.*​
    # new perm cex.enchant.<enchantment name>​
    # new perm cex.enchant.all​
    # new perm cex.enchant.remove​
    # new perm cex.enchant.clear​

    Beta 1.85

    # support for CraftBukkit 1.3.1 RB​

    + added /cannonall to cannon all online players​
    + added /butcher command to kill nearby mobs​

    @ spawning items now work better, item names now spawn what you would expect them to​
    @ completely rewrote the /gm command​
    @ minor performance tweaks​
    @ all chat related functions now use Asynchonous Chat​
    @ added doubleslab to Material matching​
    @ added a config option to select whether to use a global spawn or a per world spawn​
    @ changed ticket link in /cex to github​

    * fixed experience setting, adding and taking for 1.3.1​

    # new perm cex.gamemode​
    # new perm cex.gamemode.others​
    # new perm cex.cannon.all​
    # new perm cex.butcher​

    # removed perm​

    Beta 1.80a

    * fixed ClassNotFoundExceptions when using a tpa command​

    Beta 1.80

    @ updated to support CraftBukkit R5.0​

    + /burn [player] [seconds], command to burn a player for a certain amount of time​
    + /invsee <player>, opens a players inventory and allows editing​
    + /tpaall, sends a teleport request to all online players​
    + players can now create signs and use color codes to format them​

    @ /cannon now works for entities like TNT and items!​
    @ /item and /give now work for color damage values with wool, /give iKeirNez wool:red​
    @ /mob command was completely rewritten and now has support for things like /mob chicken:baby or /mob sheep:red and even /mob wolf:angry​
    @ leave messages now send before join messages to avoid confusion​
    @ changed some incorrect death messages​
    @ smoke now appears when a player teleports​

    * fixed OPs not having access to all commands, like /time set​
    * improved the Update Alerter, it can now cleverly tell the difference between Alpha 1.75a and Beta 1.75b and such like​
    * fixed warping to worlds that no longer exist​
    * fixed teleporting to homes where the world no longer exists​
    * fixed a NullPointerException when a player dies and there is no death group configuration​
    * fixed a potencial NullPointerException with Explosion handling​
    * fixed join messages being sent if the player is invisible, joins the server and then turns invisibility off​
    * fixed PvP and Entity Attacks conflicting with each other in Death Messages resulting in an NPE.​

    # new perm cex.burn​
    # new perm cex.burn.others​
    # new perm cex.invsee​
    # new perm cex.tpa.all​

    Beta 1.76
    • fixed update alerter, no longer alerts you of a new update when BukGet is out of sync


    Donations help keep CommandsEX alive, updated and improved. If you use CommandsEX and would like to help the authors continue working on CommandsEX then you may want to consider donating. You can donate what you want to donate using the donate button below.

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    wow just read all the different things this plugin does, im amazed. most of the things i have been looking for or have found but needed to download a whole plugin just for one benifit. this is great thank u. :) will try to implement this to my new server im remaking
  4. Thank you!
    Awesome, glad it helped you! If there is anything missing that you would like me to add then do let me know and I hope the server goes well!
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    Looks very nice, next time I set up a server I may try this.
  6. Awesome seeing these the replies I am getting on here and BukkitDev, thanks guys! Really keeps me motivated to continue adding new features!
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    excuse for my previous statement, im totally knew to replying to quotes :p so i dont know how to do so. thts my wht i said earlier is all in a quote box

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  8. We may add some of those features in the future, it should be easy to do as we have done something similiar with temp bans.

    As for the plots though, I don't think it will be added to CommandsEX. There are good plugins though like PlotMe (I think that's the name of it).

    If there are anymore features you would like added though, please let me know :)
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    could u add a feature where you can hide the name of this plugin? or even, when a untrusted person tries to do /pl /plugins /? or anything of tht sort, i can set wht they can see. I dont want prying eyes to see wht plugins the server has, but i still want players to know which commands they can do
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    I can look into adding this, I'm quite new with CommandsEX and all the hooks and what not... So I might leave this to Keir but for the mean time try this plugin.

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    That plugin seems outa date according to all the comments :( perhaps il find another in the meanwhile
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    Well if you just want to keep it unavaible for players just remove the permissions via:
    Remove this for /pl or /plugins
    Remove this for /version

    For more just check here for default Bukkit permissions. Hopefully this helped! I'm currenlty looking into custom message with those commands you listed, But it's not at the top of my interest list at this current moment as I'm working on a plugin I may or may not plan to release seeing how it goes.
    But cheers for finding a answer to your question! ;)

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    haha thanks for replying aand putting time to the ideas! wish i could learn how to make plugins :p but i have no clue where to start or who to find as my teacher! but thanks again!

    oh another suggestion. regarding your chat system. can you make it so players can mmake their own chat room such as /channel buy and they can only hear others that join that channel and no one else including channel global. they can also force others to the channel. such as /force name buy :p just an idea. sorry for all these feature suggestions! If u want more I'll list em!
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    Not that I'm the best but I could help you get started with Java... If you're up for it just add me on Skype CarlosArias604
    But chat rooms sounds remind me of IRC... xP In which I like it! But I currently don't have the time to develop full blown features like that... Could you maybe list some other ideas you had or pm me and I can seem what I can do.

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    yeah sure! il talk to u on skype, sent the request
  17. I learned Java from TheNewBoston and I learned a lot of Bukkit stuff from betterphp and GTOTechnology and I am sure there are tones of other YouTubers who can help you and the Bukkit forums are here for you if you need any help.

    We have a new developer, callum_white1997 , please welcome him :D

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    Just started my own server and love this plugin. Has everything I could ask for but I need help with a few things. I can take a PC apart and put it back together in no time but I only know the basics about programing.

    1. Where do I edit to allow TNT explosions?
    2. Where do I edit Message of the Day?

    Sorry in advance if I'm asking dumb questions.
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    In the config there should be two options, One called "motd" and "motdNewPlayer". Self explanatory on what they do, Check here if you need more info.
    For tnt explosion go to the very bottom of the config, There should a list called explosions, Then under where it says "tnt" replace true with false. Check out here if you need more about this topic.

    Any more questions? Feel free to ask!

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    Thanks for the help!
  21. Did it work? And yeah if you have anymore questions then feel free to ask. There are some other settings you can change there too. We are working on improving disabling explosions too
  22. not to be a hater but isn't this pretty much essentials
  23. Yes but it should be less laggy, with the ability for multiple languages, some unique features and did I mention it is COMPLETELY MODULAR meaning you can choose exactly what features you want via the plugin builder.
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    Yes, I was able to enable the TNT. I like the disabling of explosions but I just wanted TNT enable to help blow up mountains.

    I very much agree with iKeirNez. I use to play on my friends server and her server was so buggy and laggy that I didn't have any fun. Now I run my own with this plugin and I have not had one problem except not knowing how to edit certain features.

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  25. Awesome!
    Yeah, if you need any help there is also a wiki:
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    Can you explain "permissions" I read everything on the wiki but I am still confused as ever on how that works and how to use those programs for CommandsEx.
  27. Permissions isn't plugin specific, so there should be some YouTube videos and all sorts going about showing you how to work Permisions. Unfortunately I can't tell you because it is such a big thing and it would be pointless when there are tones of other well written tutorials out there.
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    cool but how do i donload????:confused:
  29. Click the blue text that says Download Latest Version or if you want a customised version then click the plugin builder link.
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