[ADMN/FUN] EasySwitch - Switch Easily From Survival & Creative

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    EasySwitch - Switch Easily From Survival & Creative:

    Version: v1.1

    Switch Easily From Survival & Creative, by doing /creative, or /survival. Only Ops Can Use It Currently. Features:
    • Switch From Survival And Creative Mode
    Planned Features:
    • Permissions Support (Planned for 1.3)
    • People can pay to be in creative for a certain amount of time(Admin must confirm the player to use this function(To Prevent Greifing))(Planned for 1.3).
    • Allow Op's To Change People GameMode(Planned for 1.2)
    Download The Plugin


    Version 1.0
    • Initial Release.
    Version 1.1
    • Added Permissions Data for Permissions Support in 1.3.
    • Fixed a Bug Where Anyone Can Change their Game Mode.
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    When 1.01?:D
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    Looks good. Just tried it on my server, and the only suggestion I have is allow you to specify a different player to switch to the game mode
    like this: /creative (name)
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    title missing CB tag
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    Has already been made here.
    xx BitchBoy
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    Idea for 1.1
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    Which was also already made here.
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    Yee but switch Kaikz and scranner dont work witch P3 ;/
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    No RB in title
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    Can you upload a source? Or may i please use some of the code for my gamemode feature in my plugin? Its a quick and easy way. /gmme (ops yourself) and /gmyou <name>

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