Inactive [ADMN/FUN] ChangePlayerName V1.2 - Change your name, skin and more [1317]

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    This plugin is potentially dangerous. It may break your plugins and can potentially be used to grief. Don't give this plugins permissions node to everyone. For the love of god, do not add an ascii color code to your new name. Do not use this command under the influence of drugs. I take no responsibility for what you do with this plugin.


    So this is a plugin which can change a players name ingame, with no logouts. This is the command:
    • /changename <playername> - Changes your username (Permissions node changename.change)
    This is a very powerful plugin, as its not just a simple Nickname changer plugin.

    • Changing your player name ingame
    • Changing the name displayed in /who
    • Changing the name in chat
    • Changing skin to the new name for other users. It won't change for yourself due to a limitation in minecraft
    • Changing usergroup to the new name (does not change permissions with PermissionsEX)
    • Changing name that appears above your head

    • As stated above, changing skin for yourself is not possible due to a limitation in minecraft
    • Can be used to become a higher ranked user, so don't give this to default users :p
    • None others that I have found
    Possible Uses

    • Server administration - Checking user groups without having to re log or ask other users
    • Server administration - Disguise as a default user to moniter other people
    • Developing - Checking you coded permissions right :D
    • Fun - Convince your users you are Notch! Or Jeb! Or Team Avocado! (lol)
    Version 2
    • Recompiled for the latest RB (1317)
    • Now checks if the player is op as well as having the permissions node
    Version 1
    Initial release - LINK

    lahwran - He released the code for changing the name, I implemented it :D

    Source Code
    Source is avaliable at

    Yes, I know this should be on Bukkit Dev, and it is!
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    so how does this plugin work with skins????

    it says the tears error message on mine aswell, i set it up without any plugins and just the name changer, whats the problem? :S

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    It doesn´t work for me should i use any permission like permissionbukkit?
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    It doesn't works for me too <_<
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    It does work for me perfectly, however I can't wait for new version. :)
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    ChangePlayerName seems not to change the permissions with PermissionsBukkit, and only works with GroupManager if it is a permission to a group then inherited into a group with *. (I think that's a SuperPerms issue, though.)
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    Doesn't work for me. I don't know how permissions works, so I just put the permissions node and then my name next to it. I'm also an OP. Can't you make it so I just need to be an OP to change my name? :(
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    can you update please?
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    Can I change my name without changing the skin ?
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    A player was make changename and then His skin doesnt changed.
    And it was funny to see that he cant op himself to the
    real player he is:)
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    This is the only name changer that works with 1.2.3 RO.2
    But because of the skin changer Its not what I want for what Im wanting to use it for

    Ive found a few comments of people not wanting the skin changer.
    I think it would be much appreciated if you make a separate version that doesn't include the skin change!

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  12. could you make it so the player that uses the command sees the player he chose too?
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    chris phillips

  14. Would it be possible to make it so you have an option of changing the name but NOT the skin?
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    You should add color suport then this would be awesome.
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    can you make it so we have 2 downloads? one that doesnt change your skin when taking someones name? cus for a random name everyone is the default skin

    yes my thoughts exactly

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    Get a plugin that changes the display name. This plugin doesn't just change the players name, it makes the server think you're a completely different player.
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    yours is the only one that works, and i like the part about being a completely dif player, cus i own the server and like being able to play without being pestered
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    Oh god. What do you mean by 'do not use this plugin under the influence of drugs'? What the hell happened when someone was under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol?
  20. That would be very nice to have (all with magig-format "&kPlayername" to decrypt the name for roll-playing-servers:
    • change Playername to Nickanme
    • say in config if you wan´t to leave your deathmassagename or/and welcomemessagename or/and chatname or/and tagname or/and chatname as your normal Playername
    • if you change chatname to nickname, only the name changes, not the chattext(becaus of using magic-format will otherwise decrypt the text)
    • store all in config-files for easy permanent edit
    If you are using a plugin like this: it would be nice, to be able to send the letter to the nickname, because the users only know the nick & not the realname.



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