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    I released this plugin a while ago because I was really anxious to get it out to the public. I had worked on it for a few months on and off, and I believed it deserved to be released. I looked at it often and was quite satisfied and there was a general lack of interest from the community. I scoped out a lot of game servers to gain some info on what people really want and realized that the plugin couldn't live up to many expectations.

    This sparked my interest in completely revamping the code, inner-structure and functionality of the plugin. I added have added quite a few configuration options since and have completely changed the way games are handled as well as created. I have a lot of ideas in mind and wanted to get more, hence why I decided to create this WIP thread for the plugin.

    Current Features:
    • The ability to support multiple games per server, even world.
    • Each game has the ability to support an infinite number of "Game Maps" which can either be defined as regions or the entire world. These maps are where games take place.
    • Support for any number of teams.
    • Individual player stats that are publicly viewable.
    • Optional "No Admin Mode" where a game can completely run itself; this includes cycling through different maps, teleporting players to the game spawn, assigning players to teams, broadcasting itself, etc.
    • Any number of classes can be defined on a per-game basis; each class can be defined by whatever permission node you want, and a custom permission message (I.E. "This is a premium class! Purchase it here: Website Link Here")
    • Each class can have any array of "Powerups" which are hardcoded abilities that grant a class/player certain advantages (I.E. Invisibility, Thieving inventories)
    • Games can be hosted on any world; Multiple worlds/1 world
    • Advanced Objective System (optionally can be left out)
    • Let players choose their teams or have the game do it for them
    • Illegal Command List per game - Prevents all players from executing commands you define while playing a game
    • More stuff may be added since I may have forgotten some.

    Planned Features:
    • Chest Generators for every game. This would allow to define a Chest (with multiple customizable content lists) with a configurable number per chunk as well as a rarity factor for each individual inventory list.
    • Economy plugin(s) support for awards at the end of each game
    • Award system with definable items to be given as well as the concept of a tiered award system depending on player score
    • When a game has 2 teams and set to auto-assign teams, the game will balance the teams based on the participating players' scores so that both teams have a somewhat equal combined score.
    • Definable "Tiles" that are structures to be spawned in a Game Map. This would include configuration for rarity and max number.
    • Change out the current command system for a Conversations based one. This means less complicated commands and more intuitive ways of modifying game config without having access to the file or breaking stuff in the config.
    Please, suggest more stuff! This community is a great motivating factor and all of you are full of great ideas, so please, please, please suggest stuff you would like to see!


    There currently won't be any developmental downloads for a while since the code overhaul I have executed has left a lot of things broken functionality wise and therefore you probably won't be able to create a functioning game for your server.

    However, if a download of the latest bleeding-edge version is asked for enough, I will put a download link for a build that may not actually work as expected.


    Coming soon!

    Thanks to:

    Newstarburst - For support and suggestions, and keeping me motivated to code.
    critter1227 - For your constant onslaught of suggestions and feedback.

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  2. Sounds really cool, looking forward to images and downloads! :)
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    Got some work going on the planned Chest Generator mechanic that will serve as a way to generate random chests with customizable contents in your Game Maps. Here are some images showing off some of the generations I found while exploring a newly generated map.

    A chest generated in a cave, these are the most frequent generations.

    The occasional surface generation. These are pretty rare.

    Chests can spawn as close to 5 blocks a part (Extremely rare, I've only seen this once out of 50 or so test runs) or as far as a few hundred blocks. Of course, the frequency and rarity of chests will be configurable. For the sake of testing purposes, I hardcoded some numbers in. If you'd like to know: each chunk to be generated has a 5% chance of being selected for chest population. If a chunk is selected, a suitable location for a chest must be found. These conditions include: air on all 4 sides of the chest, air on top of the chest, and a solid block beneath the chest (no water/lava). If these conditions are met, there is a 10% chance that the chest will actually be put there. When the actual release comes out, both of these percentages will be configurable.
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    Currently Functional:

    - Creating a game, adding game maps, no admin mode, classes, team sorter, point calculation, tons of other stuff I forgot...

    Not Functional (The reasons why there is no download yet):

    - Objectives (I've been avoiding coding this system, such a hassle), mid/end game phases, saving player inventory/location before they join the game, per-class permission nodes, probably a few other things I forgot.
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    This is exactly what my server needs.
    I would like to thank you for putting so much time and effort into working on this plugin although, if I may, I would like to suggest a few features:
    • Chest and World Regeneration (so that people could add blocks to or remove blocks from the chests, as well as the map itself.)
    • PvP kits (so that, instead of giving class selections, you could give players a pre-determined kit in addition to potion effects, depending on the match, when they first spawn and every time that they re-spawn.)
    Still, even without the addition of the aforementioned features, this plugin could really bring a better PvP experience to so many servers that are out there.
    Also, regarding the objectives system, will we be able to create our own customized game types and/or objectives, or will we only be able to select from pre-defined games types?
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