Inactive [ADMN/FUN] AdminRage 1.7 - Express your rage through weather [766]

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    AdminRage - Express your rage through weather
    Version: v1.7 - lastest Download [766]

    I lost my interest in making bukkit plugins, so this plugin needs someone who will maintain it in the future. If you are interested in, pn me.

    With this plugin you (admin) can express your rage for annoying people through weather.
    Your mood is seperated in 3 levels:
    • Low: Sky gets dark and it starts raining
    • High: raining, thunder
    • Deadful: rain, thunder and you can throw bolts on the player(s) (with mouse or chat) because of whom you are in rage!
    Uses permissions otherwise ops.

    • AdminRage:
    • /adminrage [on|off]
    • /adminrage override //overrides the angry admin (unrages the angry admin, doesn't matter who is it)
    • /adminrage level - display current rage level
    • /adminrage level [Low|High|Deadful]
      • Low: Sky gets dark and it starts raining
      • High: +thunder storm
      • Deadful: Play Zeus and toss deadful bolts with your hands!
    • /adminrage [throw|toss] [<player>|<EntityId>] (<amount>) - toss bolt on player (only on Deadful)
    • Express your rage through weather
    • notify all players on server about the rage of the admin. eg.
      • Somebody provoked an admin!
      • Admin got even more angry!
      • Admin calmed down a little bit.
      • ...
    • throw bolts with your hands
    • throw bolt automatically on player if out of range (less amusing)
    • adminrage.general
    • adminrage.override
    • leveldown=Admin calmed down a little bit.
    • on=Someone provoked an admin!
    • levelup=Admin got even more angry!
    • off=Admin calmed down
    • boltonplayer=Boom! Krapusch! ZZZZPZPZZZPZZZ--! crack!
    • boltonplayernum=10 #Number of bolts that will be throwen at command
    Note: It will NOT edit/delete the properties when new properties are available!

    • more/better broadcasting messages
    • add colours to (broadcasting) messages
    • make the night last forever if in rage
    • v1.7 configurable amount of bots that are throwen at a player on command
    • v1.6 properties file to customise messages ATTENTION: DELETE THE EXISTING FILE TO GENERATE A NEW ONE
    • v1.5 can't kill yourself anymore
    • v1.4 somebugfixes
    • v1.3 some bugfixes
    • v1.2 extended if
    • v1.1 fixed some bugs
    • v1.0 Release
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    Nice Plugin.
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    Works great on #1337
    But I can't find the properties file :x
    Where's he gone ? x)
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    i'm in the same case what we can do?
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    Sorry to be late. Wondering why this plugin is still in use...

    It "should" actually create in plugins/adminrage/. Is there any error in the console shown?
    I hardcoded (>.>) the path to File("plugins/"+plugin.pluginName+"/"+plugin.pluginName+".properties"); where pluginName is the return of pluginDescriptionFile.getName().

    Maybe you can find the file somewhere where it shouldn't be.
    Try to create the file yourself and fill it with te contents mentioned in the OP.

    PS: Haven't used bukkit for a very long time and don't know whats going on.
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    Thats a shame.. this was a neat plugin... Guess I gotta go see if ya have a repo. ;-)
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    Lol use weatherman plugin to change biomes its really good i use it :)

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