[ADMN/FIX] PluginManager 1.3 - Manage your plugins (Now with an API!) [1337]

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    PluginManager (version 1.3)
    By Technius

    *Important* I am not developing this
    anymore. Someone can pick this up, using the "PluginManager" name. But you MUST put "originally by Technius".

    • Plugin Manager enables/disables plugins with a single command!
    • Now supporting load support!
    • Enable/disable plugins with one easy command.
    • Load plugins that you just downloaded without even turning off your server (or using /reload)!
    • YOU CAN NOW UNLOAD PLUGINS, huge thanks to MadJawa!

    Read or skip to tl;dr (open)
    I don't want to have my thread spammed with "can you enable plugins per world". And don't ask that question now. READ ON. The plugin you want to "enable per world" needs to have MULTIVERSE/MULTIWORLD whatever support. GOT IT?

    tl;dr : You cannot enable plugins per world, that plugin needs to have multiworld/multiverse/whatever multiworld plugin support.

    Commands (open)

    /plman enable <plugin name> - enables a plugin
    /plman disable <plugin name> - disables a plugin
    /plman disable * - disables ALL plugins(including PluginManager!)
    /plman disable -* - disables ALL plugins EXCEPT PluginManager!
    /plman load <plugin name> - Loads a plugin that is not loaded.
    /plman help - shows ingame help
    /plman secload - loads all plugins in PluginManager's folder
    /plman unload <plugin name> - Unloads a plugin that is loaded

    See the wiki for more information.

    Please note that this plugin currently only disables commands, but does not disable any kind of event listener. AND NO, /plman disable will NOT disable your permissions plugin. It will only disable its commands.

    Permission Node(SuperPerms): PluginManager.use

    ADDED AN API!! (Information on Wiki)

    Credits (open)

    I would like to say...

    Wiki (Yes, it's on github. No, I will not give you the source.)

    1.3 added /plman unload, HUGE THANKS to MadJawa!
    1.o added checks to see if a plugin is already loaded when using /load ,PME now supports load (called with LoadPlugin)
    0.9 added an API(called PluginManagerEngine)
    More Changelog (open)

    0.8.3 added SuperPerms support
    0.8 added PEX support
    0.7 added a WORKING WHITELIST, fixed some command issues.
    0.7dev added a whitelist but it cannot see if you are on the whitelist.... fix coming soon!
    0.6 added /plman help and /plman secload
    0.5 Console notification when a player types a PluginManager command, added /plman load
    0.4 Fixed all console errors, added /plman disable *, now using dropbox links!
    0.3.1 Fixed an error when entering the command in the console
    0.3 Added Op support.
    0.2 Release to the public, added /plman enable
    0.1 Initial development, added /plman disable

    To do: (open)

    Add everything to PME
    Add plugin listing
    Add pluginlisting perms option
    Add plugin reporting
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    Nope. As I said, when I unload a plugin then Bukkit keeps holding on to it and I cannot remove the file. Does that only apply to me? I made no Typos. I don't think I spelled WorldEdit wrong several times.
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    I've got the same problem.
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    @Technius I don't know if you are still supporting this plugin, but if you are, how about "/plman reload <plugin>"

    I've got so many plugins that DON't have their own reload commands, but have configs that can go wrong very easily. It's just me being lazy really, as i can't be bothered to type out load and unload every time i need to do it.

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    Sorry, but I don't develop this anymore. Someone else can pick this up. Why don't you make a plugin request?
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    Max Maton

    Eh, you've stopped developing this plugin, perhaps you could upload the source to github nao?

    http://pastebin.com/0vG9EFDz - 1.0.1R1 CB 1597

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    For the last time, plz if you want the source, use a jar decompiler.
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