[ADMN/FIX] NoSpeedKick v0.3 - prevent kicking for moving too fast [1317]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by oxguy3, Aug 3, 2011.

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    NoSpeedKick: prevent kicking for moving too fast

    This plugin is now on BukkitDev: click here
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    Thanks for the plugin that was what i needed
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    Sorry for the delay in submission approvals, I've been away for a while.
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    Grammar Troll

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    i want people to be avle to go to nether without kicking but i dont want them to be able to use speedhacks. how can i do this
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    Use my plugin in combination with the plugin NoCheat. NoCheat prevents speed hacking very well; I use it on my server.
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    but what about speedhacks all together wont urs override
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    Um, what? NoCheat will absolutely prevent speed hackers from hacking. The way NoCheat works, it simply refuses to allow hackers to move too fast or fly, rather than kicking them. My plugin just fixes the occasional MultiVerse portal glitch or whatever. They don't overlap at all, so you can have NoCheat preventing hacking, and NoSpeedKick prevent kicking glitchs.

    I use both of these plugins on my own server, so I know they can be used together and work.
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    ok ty
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    I'm attempting to use your plugin on a small server that isn't running any sort of permissions (since it's just my trusted friends, it'd be unused/unnecessary) and you've stated "If you don't have Permissions, everyone will be logged and prevented from getting kicked"...
    However... we still seem to be running into errors with it kicking people for moving too fast. Is it definitely working without permissions?

    Edit: Decided to try the permissions within Essentials / Group Manager, got the perms and groups all set up right, and it's still kicking people. Quite unsure why.
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    My plugin only works with Permissions 2.x/3.x, not Group Manager. However, I'll make it work with Bukkit's built-in permissions and post a new version in a few minutes.

    I'll investigate people getting kicked when you don't have any Permissions - that might be a bug, or I might have changed it and forgotten to put the change up here.

    EDIT: I got a bit carried away making these changes. :) The plugin will now support Bukkit's permissions AND have its own built-in basic permissions (you can set all, op, or none) that you can also use. Also doing a couple other changes, should be done soon!
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    Definitely still being kicked. Main culprit is when trying to use the CommandBook '/rocket'.
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    Still getting kicked (re-downloaded in case you had updated.)

    I'm willing to try a different Permissions system (I was just trying Group Manager since I already had Essentials for other purposes), but the only Permissions 3 link I've been able to find seems to imply it's inactive/outdated. A particular post there seems to indicate that there's only 3 other alternative Permissions around...

    If you have any recommendations, I'd love to give 'em a try.

    If it helps any, my particular use for your plugin is for Mo Creatures horses. We did some more testing using bPermissions and it seems like now it only kicks us whenever we jump, the rest of the time we can go fast without being kicked. Apparently the MoCrea dudes had an error in the fall code, so maybe that had something to do with the jumping... (Edit: Turns out it did. Full speed ahead, woot.)
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    Oh shoot, so sorry, I forgot to finish up the new version. Here, I haven't 100% tested it, but I doubt there are bugs in the parts I haven't tested. I'll post it here as an "alpha release": <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>

    The permissions nodes now also work in Bukkit's built-in permissions, or if you don't want to use that, it can be done via the config file (config.yml) I added. Here is a version of that config file with descriptions of everything:

    #this value used by the plugin to check what version this config was generated for
    #if it is outdated, the plugin will add all the config nodes that have been added since the old version
    #if you change this value, the plugin won't know to do that, and it will break!!!
    #tl;dr - DON'T CHANGE THIS!!!!!
    plugin_version: '0.3'
    #if true, ops have all permissions (only applies if you're using Permissions 2/3, or Bukkit's built-in perms)
    op_has_all_perms: false
        #if false, will use Permissions 2/3 or Bukkit's built-in perms. if true, will use plugin's built-in perms
        use_these_perms: false
        #set these to "all", "op", or "none" to set who has what permissions
        preventkick: all
        alertchat: none
    Hope this helps you out!

    EDIT: Oh yeah, also, the permission node "NoSpeedKick.log" no longer works in this version. Actually, in the past it didn't work right either, so I just removed it this time. If you still have the node in your permissions, there will be a warning in the console whenever someone who has it moves too fast.

    EDIT 2: I'm a bit busy with school, but I'm hoping to finish testing v0.3 some time this week so I can officially release it.
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    doesnt work on the new bukkit
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    Yeah I'll fix it asap, sorry about that :p
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    Also idk about anyone else but It does not generate a config file or folder

    Error log :/ Cant go to nether with out getting kicked -.-
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    Can you update this?
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    @Redstorm3265 @crazyegoist Argh! I have been racking my brains away for several hours at making this work with the new 1.8 builds, and I've only gotten part of the way there. Dev build 0.3b is <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url> - it mostly works (RB 1317), but there's an odd NullPointerException when it gets disabled - I'll have to put that one to the community for help. If you still get kicked on this version, 0.3a, or any older version - TELL ME!!! I need to know the plugins you have, any relevant console logs, your NoSpeedKick config.yml file, and anything else you think may be useful. I have seen these bugs happen on my public server, but I can't seem to reproduce them on my test server, so if you guys can give me awesome bug reports, maybe I can find the problem. Thanks so much, and sorry for the delay and unprofessionalism lol.
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    @oxguy3 I will test it out :p Thanks!

    Update: Tested it on a copy of current server no problems! I am now using it on my Public server and no problems so far!
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    That's awesome, great news! :D

    I'll make a help post in the Plugin Dev forum and get that NullPointerException resolved.

    EDIT: Turns out it's a bug with 1317. :p Since everything else appears to be working, I'll go ahead and declare this the release version.

    This plugin is moving to BukkitDev! I have created a new discussion thread on BukkitDev here, so start using that thread instead of this one for all discussion. (maybe I'll see about getting a moderator to lock this thread...)

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