[ADMN/FIX/EDIT] draw_i.js - World Edit CraftScript v0.1 [935]

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by John309, Jun 29, 2011.

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    I'm not sure if this is the right place to post, but anyway. If any of you use World Edit and the Craftscript draw.js you'll notice that, when drawing an image in vertical mode, it's always in the same direction, which can be quite annoying as it may destroy other buldings or not fit in the place you want it to be. The only fix to this, currently is the select it with World Edit and copy, rotate the paste in the desired place. This CraftScript makes it all easier. It's a little change in the draw.js file, that makes the image be drawn on another direction.

    How to use:
    If after using the draw.js script, you notice the drawing is in the wrong direction, simply use the draw_i.js script and it should be in the correct direction.

    /draw_i.js <Image Name> (v) [Pallete]

    <> = Required
    () = Optional(or leave blank)
    [] = Optional

    Image Name: Full name, with extension.
    Must be on root/drawings/ folder.

    root=Server folder

    v: Vertical or not. Leave blank for horizontal
    (This script is made for use on vertical mode)

    Pallete: Standard/Opt/OptHD
    Leave blank for Standard.


    World Edit mod, with Rhino.

    Link: [EDIT/SEC/ADMN] WorldEdit [4.6] World editing/de-griefing [860] | Bukkit Forums

    How to install:

    Put in root/craftscripts/

    Hope you liked it. ;)

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  2. Add an external download
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    Why is that needed? But ok, when I get home I'll do that.
  4. Because only bukkit members can download attachments.
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    Ok thanks!
    I'll upload it tomorrow, then ;)
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    Probably not a plugin. Wrong place (?)
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    This is not a bukkit plugin AFAIK, moving to bukkit discussion. If you think it's a bukkit tool, there is a section for that if you convince me :D
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    It's not a discussion either lol
    But I won't talk about this now since it's kind of inactive because of the launch of 1.7 and me having not much time now, so...
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