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    The extensible logging framework,​
    and the official successor to the somewhat popular Log plugin.​
    Also see BukkitDev.
    exLog is the official successor to my Log plugin. To explain why I created exLog, it is necessary to give a brief overview of the history of the original Log. Log was created to be a lightweight alternative to BigBrother, for people who just wanted basic block logging capabilities without the bloatware of BigBrother's wide repertoire of features and the hassle of SQL databases. And that's all that Log did: it logged block placements and destructions to a flat-file ‘database’. As time went on, however, people began requesting more and more features. Bucket interactions, door openings, creeper destructions, SQL support and so on. If I added these features, however, it would begin the transition of Log becoming what it did not want to become – a bloated piece of software with a huge configuration file for features 99% of its users wouldn't need.​
    We've all had the annoying experience of downloading a plugin and then having to dig through a huge configuration file to enable only the one or two out of 100 features that we actually want. exLog is different. It is a logging platform which, on its own, provides no visible functionality. The functionality of logging sources and data providers is provided by separate modules, in a manner similar to Bukkit and its plugin architecture.

    In this way, exLog can remain as lightweight as required without sacrificing functionality for those who desire it.
    Available Modules
    • exLog core
    • JSON data provider
    • basic block logging source (block placement and destruction)
    Planned Modules
    • binary data provider
    • SQL(ite) data provider
    • redstone logging source (door/button/lever operation)
    • mob logging source (creeper/enderman/wither block interaction)
    • WorldEdit logging source
    There will, in addition, be a documented API available for anyone who wishes to implement their own logging source or data provider using the exLog framework.​
    GitHub Link
    You can monitor my development progress (though I've no idea why you'd want to do that) over on my GitHub repository.​
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