Inactive [ADMN/EDIT] RebuildPlugin 0.7 - Rebuild your arena on one click [1.0.1-R1]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by samoht2401, Sep 21, 2011.

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    very nice! original too! but please use :D
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    Sorry but I don't understand the use here, I'm so new.
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    DropBox is a personal database. it can be public too. just copy paste the public url.
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    Yeah I really don't get why people don't use dropbox or filedropper. Mediafire pisses me off with all its adds and waiting
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    Yes, that seems like a really, really nice idea. Thank you! This is going to get big.

    You should use it because it works faster and more beautiful then mediafire since it is a direct link. Also, you can easily replace the file in your dropbox. Aaaand, it's compatible with CraftBukkitUpToDate, then. :)

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    Thank you, it is edited
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    Version 0.2 was available.

    Now each players can choose a language between English and French.
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    What exactly is this doing? I assume it uses worldedit to copy the area and then it handles automatically pasting it in at the same spot every time? Then the save command puts it in a schematic, correct? Does that mean every arena is in memory twice as a schematic and the world itself?
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    I would love to have a redstone rebuild functionality, like:
    A Sign:1. Line [Rebuild] 2. Line [Name of Area]

    And if its powered trigger rebuild of the named region!
    This would be epic sinde you could rebuild regions by buttonpress or other redstone triggered events.
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    It's hard to explain but for answer in part, I save arenas in my own type of file. If you want I can publish my sources or send it to you.

    It's a very good idea, I'll try to do it soon but currently I work on a visualize system.

    Otherwise, have you tested my plugin? Did you find some bugs?

    Version 0.3 was available.​

    Now you can visualize arena with /rb visualize commande.​

    Now, I'm going to work on Kiste's idea. Thanks you.​

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    this is just the plugin i was looking for going to use it in a custom mine and then easily could refill it
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    Riggs Tooples

    Thank you so much for this. Haven't tried it yet, but if it works without a hitch, this will be perfect for our server's Spanish-vs-Aztec CTF scenario arena.

    With that said, does this properly rebuild redstone contraptions as well?
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    Wow, that was fast. Thank you!
    But no im not using it yet but im planning something like an arena server where this is going to be very usefull.
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    Is there any possibility to get this compatible with Regios? It has a similar cuboid world selection. World Guard for 1.8.1 is in some kind of beta-pre-release version.
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    My plugin rebuild redstone as well as any block. But there are some bugs with sand, gravel, torch, wire Redstone or any other block needing a block to support it. (I am working on)

    Could you develop, please?

    I had forgotten to said :

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    Does this plugin restore the contents of chests within the area, as well? :)
    Excellent, and very useful plugin! I look forward to implementing it soon on my server.
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    Not yet but I'm working on.

    I've just added a video of presentation. If the translation does not look correct, let me know.
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    Umm im haveing some trouble with this mod it is not letting me acsess the menu ? like i type /rb help and all the commands but nothing comes up
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    Are you OP? Have you got a permission plugin? Have you got permissions to use command?
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    Hey, version 0.5 was available.

    Watch change log.
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    Version 0.6 was available.
    And I have create a project on BukkitDEV, I invite you to go to see here.
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    I have a problem here. But first: Its great! But its very bad if my users are in the area of the arena, and they place blocks they get duplicated. the amount does never get down. And if they destroy something it doesnt drop . it should be possible to change that in a cvonfig. cause i want my pvp arena to do anything in there and have everything like in normal game. thx :) hope u can help
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    I intended to make a config file. This one will be available in next release. Meantime you can download the previous version here.
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    Version 0.7 was now available.
    I have added a config file with 3 variables.
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    Does it work with redstone testing courses?
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    Yes it work with redstone current.
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    your plugin has a problem. the command "/rb save [name]" does not work. i just spen the past three hours making additions and laying down redstone to my arena. then i used the save command, then i made a mistake, so i used the rebuild command and the whole arena reverted to the state it was in when i first created it with /rb create. this is really frustrating.
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    The command /rb save <name> doesn't save blocks in area but it save the data.
    But it's a good idea, when I will have some time, I will change this. Thanks and use /rb create when you have finished.

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