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    LibertasLoader - The Map Preloader:
    Version: v1.2
    With LibertasLoader, you can preload an infinite amount of chunks in any direction with the click of a key!

    I have been away from my gaming/coding rig for the past 3 weeks, but I am currently available and can fully access my code.
    Feel free to post problems/ask for help, or for a quick response PM me.

    To put it simply, LibertasLoader allows you to, with one command, generate as many chunks of the map as you want.

    This is can be useful to both low- and high-end server admins, as you can cut down on future lag created by adventuring players.
    Another use is for map modders who need to generate large amounts of the map quickly.

    My policy, when it comes to both code and life, is that things should be simple and no larger than necessary. That's why when I wrote this plugin I didn't throw in a bunch of fancy features and unnecessary utilities, because you don't need them! And if you do, I'm sure there's somewhere else to find what you're looking for. :)

    ♣One simple command
    ♣No configuration
    ♣No unnecessary files
    Permissions support
    ♣Bukkit permissions support
    ♣Multiworld support
    ♣Choose to monitor or silence the process


    Command Example:
    /ll world -200 -150 300 100 true

    Command Breakdown:

    Server restart/reload required after each use.

    [​IMG]Major thanks to phaed for cleaning up, revising, and correcting this plugin.

    Permalink - Download
    (Only major builds are archived)
    Version 1.2.1 - Download
    - Added support for Bukkit permissions
    - Minor Fixes

    Version 1.1 - Download
    - Minor Bug fixes
    - Major Bug fixes
    - Squishy Bug fixes

    Show Spoiler
    Version 1.0 (phaed) - Download
    - Major overhaul

    Version 0.2 - Download
    - Minor code revisions
    - Added chunk unloading. You'll run out of memory MUCH slower. ;)

    Version 0.1.1 - Download
    - Plugin entering Beta, looking for bugs. :D
    -Added command alias /ll (0.1.1)
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    maybe make the command smaller?

    such as /ll ?
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    Which part are you refering to?

    EDIT: AH. Righto, good point sir. :)
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    /libertasloader is kinda long ;)
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    Mwuahaha Just ran a little test on a.... normal sized area (4000 blocks by 4000 blocks) ... and used up 1.2GB of RAM in a few minutes. Decided it would be good to add Chunk Unloading after loading each chunk. ;)
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    I am getting 404 on the v0.2 download. Sounds like a great plugin. As soon as the link is working I will try it out!
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    Sorry, it's fixed now. :)
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    tha d0ctor

    could you make a feature so it renders out in a sphere with a radius of X for those of us who use circular borderguard?
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    My next goal is set!
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    So basically - does this support running from the command line?
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    hello there, this plugin are generating tree also on the chunks ?
    thanks ;)
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    tha d0ctor

    thanks man, I was actually thinking of how this could be done the other day and coincidentally I saw this thread after wards. The only thing I could really think of was having a NPC with auto-generated routes traverse the area within your boarder

    good luck, sick plugin!
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    please update to latest recommended build
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    [x,y] - beginning coordinates
    [x2,y2] - ending coordinates

    How can i select a square by tellin it 2 x coordinates and no z at all??
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    Mike A

    /ll world -200,-150 300,100 true

    So if I use the above command, will it load that many CHUNKS (16x16) or what many blocks?
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    The chunks associated with that many blocks. :)

    Derp. That should be [x,z] [x2,z2]
    I was thinking of z instead of y, my bad. :)

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    Title needs to include the latest release build ie. [953]
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    le fixed.
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    When i do the command, it says it is starting chunk loading [normally] and after that i get immediately an
    java error. I can post the error here if you want, im not on the host computer atm so i cant relly post it ín this reply. lol
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    how long to the circle?
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    I'm currently away from my computer, and will be for the next fee weeks, so until I find a way to access it, it may be a while.But I'm certainly trying!
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    Okay man, i tried the regular way, and its very low use on the memory. Nice plugin
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    Thanks!! You should've seen in v0.1, no chunk unloading at all. ;P
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    After running this on a new world, "/ll sandbox -2000,-2000 2000,2000" I then run "/dynmap fullrender sandbox"
    However, Dynmap doesn't seem to recognize any of the newly generated chunks... Any idea why?
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    Hmmm.... very intriguing. I'll look into it, as I use dynmap as well.
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    I am having the same problem as HunterAP. It generates the chunks, but it will not render in Minecraft Overviewer.
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    This is because the chunks have been created but not generated.
    Don't you worry, I'm working on a fix!
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    This is exactly what I was looking for - except - please allow it to be used from the server console.
    (Don't treat the CommandSender as a Player unequivocally; the permission check can be completely waived if it's not a Player, methinks?)

    >ll world -2241,-1000 1350,1277 false
    23:46:35 [SEVERE] GroupManager - SEVERE - A plugin is asking permission 'libertasloader' for a null player... Which plugin does that? Bastards!
    23:46:35 [SEVERE] GroupManager - SEVERE - A plugin is asking permission 'libertasloader' for a null player... Which plugin does that? Bastards!
    23:46:35 [INFO] /ll [world] [x,y] [x2,y2] {quietmode}
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    I hope you get a fix for dynmap soon, as this is exactly what i have been looking for. Although i have one question, if i tell it to gen say -7k,-7k to 7k, 7k is it going to wipe the map of everything, or only gen the chunks that are not rendered yet? As I would love to just have the server render the stuff over night but I hope it can leave the chunks that are already loaded untouched.
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    If a chunk exists, it does not change it.

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