[ADMN/EDIT] InstaBreaker v1.0.0 - Instantly Breaks Blocks! [1.0.1-R1]

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    *Intantly break any blocks
    * Helps with server managment
    * Fun
    Version: 1.0.0
    CraftBukkit Build #(1185 / 1.0.1-R1)

    With InstaBreaker your able to Break any blocks in the game with one click. This is a super light weight, SuperPick alternative. However this is not a greifing tool, It supports Permissions 3x. If you don't use Permissions it will auto go to Op's. Just toggle it on with the simple command, and click what you want to be destroyed. This is the only updated InstaBreaker plugin, no source or code was taken from "InstaBreak".
    This plugin will be fully updated every build, and constantly managed.


    • Don't need to use any tool, You use your hand!
    • Instantly Break any block with only one click.
    • Will automatically go to Op's if no Permissions is detected.
    • Support for the Permissions plugin (tested with3.1.6)
    • Works with GroupManager
    • Simple toggle on and off
    • One permission node
    • You can even destroy Bedrock instantly
    Permissions Node(s):

    /InstaBreaker(That will toggle it on, and off)

    Change Log:
    (*) Successfully added InstaBreaker

    How to Install/Installation:
    • Download and place "InstaBreaker.jar" file into the "plugin" directory of the server.
    • Start/restart the server to have the plugin loaded.
    • (if using Permissions)Grant desired permission nodes to users or groups
    DOWNLOAD (.Jar)

    Leave any suggestions for future releases, and what you would like to see added
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    Does this plugin use the event playerBreak or does it change the block from # to 0?

    Umm.. I didnt understand myself there either, in short can players bypass regions such as worldguard/towny ect.

    Thanks in advance, and great plugin

    ~ Danny ~
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    It use's the second method.
    Basically what it does is, OnBlockDamage- Change to ID= 0
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    Arm were using the superpick made by the logblock author as for yours I don't know if its logable.
    I was merely responding to comments above with why superpick is a viable for server but as everyone is in the same with superpick and guests whining on mining time were all trying to help our players and there issues either as a server admin or a developer.

    But for us I posted before if you add register support and a block break cost on either type of global then a permission to use that or have it free for the rank above economy pick it would be what we need.

    EG (not specific to our server but just a example)
    Member - economy pick - instabreaker.use
    Advbuilder - FREE economy pick - instabreaker.free

    Example of block stuff
    Dirt - 10 moneys
    Stone - 5 moneys
    Gravel - 3 moneys

    We have a very help out build good bigger and better and help out to rank up for better stuff approach rather than how much money you donate.
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    Oh, thanks for a great plugin but I can't use it for what I wish to :( I want to give this as a gift to people for donating, I can't because I would be worried if they were using it to destroy protected stuff such as the spawn.

    If you change this it would be a tons better plugin and I would be very greatful to you :)
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    Is it... umm possible to create a plugin that doesn't set the block id to 0 and just get's the user to break it so they can't bypass protected areas?
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    Yeah, Sure thing!
    I will do this for the 1.1 update
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    Thank you very very much :) It's most appreciated :)
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    Nothing drops when you break the blocks? would it be possible to make a toggle for blocks dropping or not?

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